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  1. Thank you for your suggestions, will pick up a TRF201 Body set in Japan. I don't have a problem with a little trimming if needed.
  2. What body kit would fit Dyna Storm other than Dyna Storm? Can't seem to locate mine. Thanks. Daniel
  3. Once we get closer to the Tamiyaclub event, would be nice to see a list of members coming to the event and where they reside.
  4. That would make life a little easier Cheers. Daniel
  5. Tamiyaclub members from outside UK, will they be able to/ or offered to charge batteries on site? or should we arrange our own means of juice for batteries? Maybe there will be some generous UK members, who could perhaps assist in this? Thanks. Daniel
  6. For the meet in August I have decided to either Bring a Mini or Dynastorm. Will there be a limit on motor turns or can we just come as we are with whatever configuration we have in the car. At the moment my Mini has a 23T motor or do we all have to use stock?
  7. Thank you for the useful information but I think I will most likely be driving, gives me more freedom.Cheers.Daniel
  8. I have Fox and Wild One Pin Spike Tire and Wheel Set http://www.tamiyaclu...id=54858&id=120 Fox Front Stabilizer NIB http://www.tamiyaclu...id=54844&id=120 Used to have more but they were sold. Should have a NIB Body kit lying around but can't yet find it.
  9. I propose an official Tamiyaclub tattoo with bar code so we can get scanned at the entrance and have our id verified
  10. Thank you for the info, that is not very long so might just do that.
  11. I am not sure if I am going to bring any cars to the meet but will for sure bring camera and take lots of pictures. Also have to figure out how to get there. No direct flights to East Midlands Airport from CPH. Maybe land at Stansted and rent a car from there? Hmmmm, well need to think about it. Anyone know how long a drive from Stansted Airport to Nottingham? I used to live in Cambridge but that was many years ago and did drive to Nottingham but can't recall the time it took.
  12. If you are not going to build it might as well sell it and get a real rc to build. NIB Kubelwagen go for around USD200-USD230 on ebay. Cheers. Daniel
  13. To sell my NIB Mountaineer or not

  14. I have one runner and it does run like a toy but was fun to build. The build is like a static Tamiya kit so a lot of detail. If you do build and run it, be gentle as a crash can easily brake something.
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