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  1. To throw another option into the mix, I used an Axial transmission and a 5mm pinion gear to give me a 2.7:1 reduction transfer box on my King Hauler 6x6 Here are the pics of the casing i designed: https://stegs4x4.co.uk/product/tbox-tamiya3speed/
  2. nice rig where did you get the hex spacers? thanks Nick
  3. i would love to see the result after you have
  4. More turns of the motor = more torque, _____ heat, lower top speed? Bigger wheels = less torque, less heat, higher top speed
  5. well it looks similar to the ta02 and tl01 shocks
  6. nice one... these should work with most tamiya coilovers shouldnt they?
  7. yea i wanted the shaft as a power equaliser haha i was thinkin two twinmotor ta02s back to backed...4 motors 8x8 and 4 wheel steering... thanks Nick
  8. yea i was thinking that...it would be fun though....
  9. i was thinking a rear whole diff and housing on the front and then use the front suspension linkages... but i would want to use the driveshaft like you did the belt... to compensate for extra grip or motor speeds not beings quite equal...
  10. sweet how dya reckon it would work on a TA01/02?
  11. how did you do the twin motor set up on the chassis?
  12. thanks guys needed this... cant wait to get my project goin...
  13. sweet is that a standard twin engine if not how did you do it?
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