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  1. Tamiya sport tuned motors getting this hot is because they are no where near the claimed 350 g-cm of torque, atleast the black cans arent. The torque tuned motor is more powerful and could be a better choice for the MB especially when using it with the stock gearing
  2. BTW (old post iknow but...) is the kyosho monster tracker and mad van using the same size wheels and tires as the tamiya lunchbox?
  3. So the tble 02 might even work with dual stock motors in a clod? as they are geared down pretty low
  4. I like these motors too impressive collection you have!
  5. Maybe (just maybe) your right the list getting longer; sticker, color, timing and softer brushes I remember from some old magazine, that they recomend you to go with a smaller pinion if upgrading your buggy with a sport tuned motor(!).... jeeez! wonder why? couldnt it be because they are exacly the same piece of hardware like the standard 540, but with advanced timing set (hence the more rpm, but less torque) Torque of the most common Tamiya kit motors are at the very same, if not better, than the sport tuned: http://www.rct.jp/contents/lab/motor/lab033.html#gyakuten
  6. Isnt that kinda expected outcome with a motor that has advanced timing set? (my bad... paint, sticker, AND timing)
  7. I think they're all about the same. Mabuchi has their reference motor at their web page (6527 motor) and it is out from this one all others are made. Sure Tamiya can use some fancy black colors of the can or the endbell, give them some new names, make up some new sci-fi datas, have stickers or non stickers on the motor etc, but that doesnt improve performance at all. Their claimed performance of the sport tuned motor are laughable as it has more like 260-300 g-cm and 17,000 rpm, instead of their false advertised 350 g-cm and 18,300 rpm http://www.rct.jp/contents/lab/motor/lab020.html
  8. So it isnt just a myth?! best guess is that the 23 turn one is probably just the old motor with no timing set(has nothing to do with europe/usa) while the 27 turn one is the new one with timing... and there seems to be two different versions after all, judging by shaft length: http://www.rct.jp/contents/lab/motor/photo/lab004/spotune-shaft.gif (or maybe Greg is right) btw, safe to run tamiya 25t rated esc with a 550 motor? (like 19 turns or so)
  9. wow thats one awesome truck 80 inch tires.... thats like 203 cm!
  10. The two different versions of the sport tuned motor was probarly made out from a different piece of hardware since they also has a different length of the shaft. If you havent notice, the motor dispayed on the box still shows the long shaft version (23t?) http://www.toyking.c...rt/53068htm.jpg while the motor "nowadays"(=since the last 15-20 years?) comes with a short shaft. So i think the 23t Europe and 27t USA/Asia is a myth. 23t version was probarly just the old one and had no timing set, and was later replaced with the 27 which has a timing set. Here's some data for the two different versions http://www.rct.jp/co...tor/lab004.html
  11. nah, not if your using the chart simulation just click on the "6527(*1)" and set the voltage to 7.2 http://www.mabuchi-m...CAT_ID=rs_540sh where did you got your data from?!
  12. Thats wrong... since volt isnt mathematical you cannot just asume that a 9,6v motor will be 75% at 7.2v... i suggest you to use the simulation chart to see which data you will get. here it is: at 7,2v: 14,710 rpm at best efficiency 268 g-cm torque at 14,710 rpm no load rpm: 17,550 rpm stall current draw 42.8 amps current 8.27 amps at max eff current 1.6 amps at no load Output power 40.4 watts
  13. None is, actually its a scandal. Tamiya has gone beyond laughable with all their Blackfoots thats a FACT, i bet there's a bigger risk/chance that we will see a Blackfoot IIII before we will see a new Monster Beetle
  14. They could use the clod chassi & tires and put on a new van body to create a 1/10 Lunchbox with chromed shocks and gold wheels
  15. Not only does the steering sux, but also the steering on the front axle is usually very poor while the rear axle turns without problems. The recomend tie rod length in the manual(same length for both) doesnt get the best steering since the front tie rod goes very horizontal while the one to the rear servo saver goes in a angle slighty upwards, What i did to improve the front steering on my super clod was to make the front tie rod shorter (5-6 turns) and now the front turns almost as much as the rear
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