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  1. hi, when voting in the competition do we vote for 3 images?? ie1st,2nd and 3rd??? thanks
  2. <p><p>here are some pics of my audi restoration, i bought this a few months back, the bodyshell was well past it, the chassis just needed a good clean up, the wheels needed some work as were very tatty... i have bought front and rear bumpers and a ***** repro bodyshell.. my aim is a ashes to ashes tamiya audi quattro, for those not familiar with the car ive included some photos of it... the project is nearly done, just need to detail the bumpersthe car as i got itchassis cleaned upwheel refurbwheels and chassis sortednew bumpersnew repro bodythe ashes to ashes audi quattrobody painted
  3. today i got my ss10 really muddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. finally got to get out and have some fun!!!!!!!!!! vids pics
  5. finally finised the scorcher ss10 today, took pictures when i finished it, then took it outside and rolled it!!! ah well i bought it to use so mu original could sit pretty!! i did swap the sexhausts tho so my original has the proper 1 before i broke it
  6. cheers dude, 20mm too short, back to the rawing board!!!!
  7. hi, can anybody with an m04l chassis tell me the distance from wheelnut to wheelnut? i want to use the beetle body on something else but want to make sure itl fit 1st. many thanks
  8. yeh, it could have been a lot worse, he painted it at work with car paint (it got put in with a yellow seat ibiza) it was just painted on with no primer so just peeled off, been picking it off all evening. going to do it myself this time. will plastic prime 1st an then go over it as im sure there will be some wet n dry required!!!!!
  9. heres the update you have all been waiting for.. got the body back from my mates body shop, in a gorgeous yellow, perfect finish!!!!! masked it off and painted the red, spot on finish!!!! started removing the masking tape and DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! the yellow just peeled off like the shell on a hard boiled egg, am so frustrated with it now have to pic it all off and start again.
  10. yes, fitted a kamtec mk1 escort shell to my m03, had to shorten the chassis by 8mm for a decent fit, and changed it from fwd to rwd..it is a mk1 escort so it had to be done!!!!
  11. this has been going on for ages and with my ss10 body being finished at my mates accident repair centre i have time to spare so i thought id do some work on it. chassis is going to be left as it is, i did put brat wheels on it which look really good. i just need a shaft for the gear box and cant find one anywhere.....hint the body is good, only brocken bits being the windscreen pillers (suprise suprise) who knows, they might re release this and make things easier for me!!!!!!!!! lol heres some pics
  12. This is one of my srb's. its an original rough rider with a superchamp rear end, sand scorcher wheels, re re bodyset and front arms, superchamp steering set up and a kamtec radio box. my mate at work has decided to have a go at photography and is going to take pics of most of my collection for practice, heres his 1st effort..
  13. the originals are delicate little items mounted on a small bracket, fitted with tiny fitting holes, the re res are chunky looking and have a large mounting hole that you push the end of the mirror through and hold it on with a rubber o ring.
  14. yeh, sold it last feb, drove around gloucester daily, was a monster in all that snow we had!!
  15. hmmm the exhaust is the same driver sunroof is but you can see the filled in arial hole on the underside the windows, light lenses ect i think the nose cone is the same vw badge and front lights wheels and tyres radio box the shell is obviously different mirrors number plates (what a shame they are not original style!) dampers front arms main chassis front body post
  16. i would buy an origional kit/car rather than a re release as there are differences in the kits, but im not made of money and i will use re release parts if they are the same. my origional hotshot has a re re factory finish body set and re re wishbones and the red suspenion links. my origional scorcher has re re radio crate and gear box covers brand new i paid £12.50 for the set. also a re re bumper, theres an origional bumper on ebay at the mo for £45. its not goin to be run so why pay £45 for a bumper becouse its grey not black?? my black 1 was £6.50 and looks just as good. and if you are going to run it surely even if nip parts are used they probably would be around 20 years old and the plastic may have deterierated. its all the same moulds, same plastic, from tamiya....
  17. cheers dude! heres a video of its maiden voyage, runing on a little 2800 lipo
  18. thats luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurvely!!!!!! i love the work thats gone into the body, mines as my dad did it in 83 so i wont touch it, has no piant on the shell at all, its has been kept in a damp place at some point and the bodys gn a bit hazy/spotty?? still looks nice but bugs me. id love the paint the letters on the tyres but i never get it right.
  19. after searching this thread and others i pretty certain mine is a swb, was bought in 1983
  20. i found out the mot was an issue after i had found the body kit, cut up the car and fitted it, lol was ok though, it nearly had to be q plated but i found some1 who was happy that it was legal and it passed
  21. iv heard this before but know nothing about it, how much difference is there between lwb and swb? how can i tell if mine is lwb or short? and which is rarer?
  22. the good people at tamiya drilled the mounting holes in the wrong place.... heres more pics taken with my origional scorcher
  23. i started a 1:1 scorcher november 2008, i drove it through the winter and had to sell it. wouldve looked great when finished but it was a money pit!!! video clip
  24. on the shelves... origional wild willy bought by my dad when i was born hardly got used and now a shelf queen origional hotshot bought by my dad, used when new in the tamiya series, now restored shelf queen re release brat, birthday present from the girly freind, gets used origional scorcher built from bits to a high standard with my dads origional shell origional ford ranger, with blackfoot shell, gets used and abused! re release rough rider body on origonal chassis with superchamp rear end, gets used and now the re release scorcher which will get used
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