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  1. hi all, got this ending today on ebay, http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251146142897?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 take a look
  2. First is the hyper 7 black, fitted with a .21 3 port engine,its in full working order and has only been run a hand full of times and its condition shows this,there are a few scraps and scuffs here and there but only what you would expect on a used buggy of this type The engine has lost a couple of fins (see photos) from the cooling head but this has not effected it and still runs fine, the head can be replaced for around £10, on flee bay all servos and RX work fine and have been tested as i had the car out today to make sure all was ok,Its been run on 25% nitro fuel and there is some left in the tin that i will throw in,oh the battery cover is missing from the transmitter but tape works fine, its around here somewhere and if found will be added or posted on There is almost a complete secound hyper 7 TQ in bits for spares,including servos The second buggy is a Thunder Tiger EB4 s2 that is in spare or repair condition,from what i can remember the engine is fine just needs new pull start or be started on a starter box,engine need refitting,the front shocks need remounting, and radio gear fitting, i think thats about it, but as i say this one is sold as spare or repair, there is also a glow start and charger these are only 3 weeks old, spare wheels 2 sets the white rim tyres are very worn the black rims have some wear, £160 the lot OVNO Due to size i'm going to have to say collection only Thanks for looking now the photo's
  3. Hilux 58028 for sale

  4. hi all, i have for sale this Tamiya 3 speed toyota Hilux, Open to offers i have an idea of its worth so no low balls please, as you will see from the photo's its in need of TLC, i'll be honest i forgot i had it, its been in storage for some years now along with some other bits, however, it would make a good runner if you want to put the time in and restore it to running order: Please look over the photo's what you see is what you get, it has its original servo's and rx unit however these are untested as i dont have the tx but see no reason that they would not work, please ask if you need any more info, may look at trades for something along the lines of txt,emaxx,rock crawler style 4x4 but cash is king lol thanks for looking
  5. hi stu thx for showing sorry it was a bit on the cold side but it was fun, crazy fits the bill i think cos it was f**king cold. We will be planning a another meet later in the year went the wether getting a little better. thx to everyone who came was good to meet you all at last. lets hope trhe wether is better next time. regards steve A.K.A wolfieuk
  6. Hi all This map gives the route from the A38 to where we will be, steve
  7. Here are some more details for anyone that would like to join us. on the saturday(28th) steve orange man will be at Tesco's in Lee Mill Bridge on the A38 to plymouth from 9.30 until 10.30 approx and will then lead the way to the site as he knows the area.Look for someone running a ca myself and Orang man and whoever else will be camping at the site which is close to a small village called Hemerdon so if anyone want to meet up on the friday and camp let us know and Orange man will meet up with you and get you to where we are
  8. Hi all Please re read the first post as it has been revised, i wanted to point out that this was not meant to seen as a big bash but more as a few members getting together and having an open invite if anyone wanted join us. We are still getting the details together and will get them posted asap please bear with us regards steve
  9. nice one mike will be good to see you down there, should be the best £50 you spend this yearLOL As for giving me a run for my money not a hope my Cat 3k will eat you alive.....[] If anyone thats comming has got any cones or something to mark out a track of some kind that would be great
  10. well it's looking to be a good weekend, i think so far there is about 5-6 comming, we will be posting more detail as we sort things out so anyone intreasted watch this space thanks again for looking
  11. Hi all myself,orange man,1proteus1 are planning a bit of a get together down in devon, it's not a big bash, but if anyone wants to join us your welcome, we'll be meet close to plymouth, but i will get better details posted in the next couple of days, Orangeman is setting the venue this time round and i'm told the running will be mainly off road but there should be some where to run on road cars with rally tyres. And i've now been told there is some lakes so if you got a boat bring it. If anyone has a TLT or other crawler type truck standard or modded please bring them along, would be cool to have some crawler action myself will be heading down on the friday and camping over cos of how far i'm comming so pack your camping kit and join us. i'll be bringing my TLT's ,cougar2 team,stom/cougar basher,cat3000,Losixxxbk2,cougar 2000 team95, contact numbers wolfieuk(steve) 07800877265 wolfieuk666@yahoo.co.uk Orange man(steve)07886085149 Please contact us if you would like to join us Thanks for looking and please come and join us regards steve AKA wolfieuk
  12. hi all, has anyone got a link to where this meet takes place please, regards steve
  13. hi there, i must say RESPECT to you MR.Twinset, thats looking stunning, the servo mounts look great, would look better on mine tho....[] and i'm loving the link set up, just wish i had the cash and skill[^][^][^] regards steve
  14. hi all well my answer is send me any info about the deal and his address, then me and and my Staffie go and knock on his door, would love to see him talk his way out of that...... TC trading is based on trust and things like this make it hard for the honest collectors. Anyway just wanted to add my bit....LOL regards steve AKA wolfieuk P.s offer there just email me the details[]
  15. hi neo, thanks for that, i've just been having a look on there site, but couldn't fine any blue ones but got a set of stainless coming, going to fastrax for the blue i think thanks agian [][8D][] steve
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