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  1. As title says, new or used. UK preferably but please email me from worldwide if you have any. I have PayPal. Thanks, Joe
  2. Wait for the re-release, cheap body and arms then ;-)
  3. As title says, either a complete old chassis or just the back end, complete hub to hub with all gearbox complete. UK please. PM me with details of what you have. Thanks.
  4. Yeah, 'T-bars' came to mind when i saw the lack of bumpers. At the moment it just look's like you havent put the bumper on yet :-) Not overly keen on the spoiler, but each to their own. Needs a nice 'exhaust' on it now and some American plates from Rogue Elements. Check them out, nice items!
  5. Dare i say this on a Tamiya site...but Mardave bits are cheap, readily available, and tough. FRP chassis plate so you can cut it to whatever length/width/shape you want. Have a look at parts on ebay. HPI vintage wheels would look good, such a shame Tamiya didn't make a 1/10 Lunchbox body, imagine it on a Clod chassis! I'd be doing a Rolling Thunder replica straight away!
  6. Sod's law, i sold some spare Scorcher chassis bits on ebay a few weeks ago....and now i need some parts that i would have found in the lot i sold! I am after a gear case half (the side with the motor housing), and also the middle gear and shaft. Paypal waiting, UK please as need the part asap. Thanks.
  7. Shell Island near north Wales could be ideal? Make a weekend of it? There's plenty of room, sand dunes, and flat areas. Lovely setting, and although the campsite tends to be fairly popular, you can go all weekend and hardly see anyone. There are pics on Tamiya101.com from previous visits. Great idea though, i think it would be good even without the transponders etc. Who needs organization? Just make sure the crystals don't clash and have fun, that's what these cars were built for. I'm up for it depending on location.
  8. Looks good Rich! A way off at the mo, but what kind of paint are you thinking? Would look great with a visor over the screen. Would be nice to have the servo horn protruding from the side of the bonnet sides, and a long steering arm link going to the front axle. Nice work :-)
  9. Price reduced....please take this as i don't need it and don't want to bin it!!!!
  10. Re-release manual and decals for FAV. Missing half the dashboard sticker and also a couple of the military codes, but otherwise brand new. £5 posted to UK
  11. Cheers for the reply, i'll have a look and see. I never thought of it to be honest!
  12. I am after a set of original Blackfoot tires, the proper ones like the style on the Bruiser. I am happy to swap a set of good King Blackfoot tires (with spikes, same as Monster Beetle). UK only please. I have a King BF and want an old-school feel to it, hence wanting these tires. The tires i have are in very good condition, with good spikes.
  13. http://monsterphoto.iwarp.com/alien.htm considering the size and weight of those wheels, amazing to see that thing flying through the air in the 4th pic down. Old school monsters are still the best.
  14. Wanting a set of 4 tires from the Kyosho USA1 please. UK preferably thanks.
  15. TRT is probably short for 'Tart', as the truck looks a bit feminine for a monster truck.
  16. I'm in the UK yes :-( ha. Plenty of rust-free Volkswagens over there I've heard...sounds like heaven!
  17. I've used one of those twin motor esc's in a Clod and ran great. Very happy with it.
  18. Not a problem. Still hate you for living in a warmer country though :-)
  19. Sorry Tamiya, but what the badword is the TXT about when it comes to the body and wheels? The chassis looks good, i like it, but that body? It's a monster truck, not a short course truck. And those wheels look like they've been stolen from a Nikko toy for an 8 year old. Poor..again.
  20. It was new to me anyway :-) I would be tempted if it was a bit cheaper.
  21. Just needing one, bought a Bullhead chassis off ebay and that was the only part missing. Has anyone got one? UK preferably... If you can PM me with a price posted we can go from there :-) Thanks, Joe
  22. Just come across this on a random ebay search... Total copy but i'm not complaining! http://www.ebay.co.u...=item1e6e6d205a Price seems very good, especially when the same seller is listing NIB re-re Bullheads for the same price as the 'TXT' combined with shipping..
  23. If you are good with a knife and sand paper, maybe you could cut the plastic 'lens' out of the grille and bond in a light bucket and surround from a Clodbuster grille?
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