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  1. Hey guys, it’s been a long while since I’ve been on, found this super champ I was working on but have since lost interest. I’m wanting to sell my super champ, it should be complete and I even have a NOS decal sheet so was thinking I’d sell it by itself and the car on its own. I can’t find a price on the decals and the car seems to range widely... any help would be appreciated.
  2. I have a super champ that needs to be reassembled if youre interested. Im also in Tx.
  3. i have a radio........... and motor... let me look..... well it looks like its 90% there. It still has a tble02 esc and a team checkpoint 19T mod motor.... and steering servo. I might even have an old school am radio that could go in it.... will see.
  4. OH no I still have it.... and my vintage original LB, its a shelf queen and Id hate to drive it lol. the LB2 id drive but I dont have any electronics any more
  5. Ok, I'll post some finished pics of it.... never ran it as Ive gotten out of RC stuff.... but I only added a few more things to it.
  6. OMG guys sorry, can't believe its been 2 yrs. not sure I should even update this. Been out of RC for some time now but still have this guy.
  7. Tires/wheels some new, some used some hardly used. Asking 13 shipped per set. Hpi foams I'll do 8 per set The tamiya spire spikes, one wheel has a tear in it and can be repaired... I just didnt care to mess with it. buy 2 sets of wheels and ill throw them in. Will be shipping them the cheapest way possible as PP fees and buying envelopes, packing materials will cost me... just FYI.
  8. sure, it'd cost a couple bucks more if youre ok with that.
  9. Hey guys, I had started a thread but figured a new one would make more sense as 95% of all I have is Vintage Tamiya. Here's the start (it's late but Ill add more tomorrow. Tamiya TA02 Ball diff part #53070, newly rebuilt and never run since rebuild asking 15 shipped TA03 Ball diff # 53267 same as before newly rebuilt and never run since asking 15 shipped Tamiya spare bits- everything in the pic asking 15 shipped Tamiya 49545 Fluorescent Green Adjuster Set ( 6 5 4mm Top Force F102 TA02 01 ) very rare, only used a few bits asking 15 shipped for them Ill add more tomorrow
  10. long gone brotha, someone gave me an offer I couldnt refuse. Sorry!
  11. lol I love it, as i do all my cars, just hate that they sit here...... it's been totally rebuilt along with the wheels/shocks upgrade.
  12. i Was hoping for 275 on the rough rider, the fast attack maybe 150
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