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  1. I think yearly may take the edge edge of it a bit, but certainly love to go to another one
  2. I'll be there, unless it pee's it down Saturday morning. Its an hour for me and my brother, so will pay on the gate
  3. Do you have any pictures of it?
  4. Hi all. The front hubs on my bruiser done seem to lock and turn the front wheels when in 1st gear. The prop is tight. Some times they will but most the time they are free wheeling. Thanks Dean
  5. Hi all im after abit of info regarding the blazer pinion. I have counted the teeth and its a 10t pinion, but its the type thats fixed on to the shaft and not with a grub screw. Does anybody know where i could get a replacement or what pitch i will need. Thanks Dean
  6. Sounds like a good idea, can you let us have some details
  7. Correction, its normally a sausage roll. ;-)
  8. Hi all. Im after a new location somwhere between the midlands (coventry/Hinckley) and leeds. Suitable for slashes and a few tamiyas. Meeting up with other TC members would also be good and could be a good turn out Thanks Dean
  9. That is harsh, and a real shame to us all, his service and stock was amazing
  10. Could some one from the retro bash please correct me if im wrong. But we turn up all with siver can motors, non are modified have a good afternoons racing and a laugh. And non of the regular racers in our group take it that seriously, Its just a good afternoon out. Freindly people great atmosphere = great fun
  11. I aggree with Richard, in the winter off road season we all had the same motors and no one was complaining, it was equal and there was no one trying to make their silver can faster, its just a friendly afternoons racing with the usual amount of crashes and laughs.
  12. will be good to see your willy again next week, it was funny. that is if you decide to get it out
  13. Ill get the transit in the next set of pics. Hopefully we will get a good turn out of LB's and MP's for a proper funny race, with a few willys aswell
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