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  1. Grasshopper or Hornet it is! which one...! It's getting the paddle style tyres either way and possibly a second beetle shell Will it need a wheelie bar since I'll be chucking a 17t motor in it? I think I've got the parts list for chucking a 540 motor in the grasshopper right... proper excited now....!
  2. Yeh - I was originally thinking of simply having a holiday buggy + beetle shell (flogging the HB body) but tbh the upgrades won't be so much - not fussed about oil dampers etc... just wanna rag it. Then started looking at all these sweet conversions people had done - making the models look more realistic. And I start to get picky!!! Ideally I'd have a "scorcher lite" - holiday buggy with bearings + 540 motor mount stuff. (good basic base) - grasshopper/scorcher wheels + tyres (they look sweet) - that cool rear cage thingy people have on the scorchers - maybe a grasshopper front bumper or something a bit old school instead of the black plastic? basically mixing the old school "realistic" looks with modern performance (not race winning but just more stable!) Yeh I realised I've got more picky as the the few days have gone on!
  3. AHA! I have a plan! Holiday buggy - ditch the body + ESC on ebay buy parma beetle bodyshell (paint it black I think...or combination of some sweet black orange red and yellow stickers (from a monster beetle I think) JOBS GOOD! Beetle FTW (not a fan of truggy wide arms either!) Ballrace it and mod some big brill/bumper things for the front and back as and when! WIN. Thanks for all the help and advice - it's a (fun) minefield!
  4. Isn't there hefty import tax (if they check) from HK -> UK?
  5. What's the difference between the stadium blitzer + beetle? just the shell? Also everywhere seems out of stock of blitzer beetles at the moment!
  6. I forgot to add - doesn't need stripping down to repair every 1/2 hour! I love the look of the Grasshopper - that on a slightly better handling chassis would be sick. Not so good it takes the berzerker out of it though haha. Does a wider wheelbase mod exist? What about slight wider (still paddle rear) tyres/wheels combo?
  7. All good ideas - The holiday buggy seems like a good setup - but the body is Ugly! (IMO) Got an idea! Would it be possible to pop a Hornet or Grasshopper body on to the DT-02 chassis of the DT-02? The stock Grasshopper/Hornet has huge character but I think it'd get frustrating having it flip all the time, like a bipolar monkey.
  8. The videos online are deceiving - with slowmo and tight crops you forget the car is on a smoothish surface
  9. Which gearbox and buggy is tougher and can handle the motor better - the hornet or grasshopper? I hear stories of gearboxes imploding ...
  10. Hmmm... I do like the look of hornets, but as you say, anything bigger than a pebble and they're crashing faster than a drunk in a robin reliant - what do you reckon of the hornet with the 17t motor? Kamikaze? I can always change tyres to something more suitable - I live near loads of beaches and the car will probably be used on sand a lot - I hear the hornet can get clogged up easily (not sure what gets clogged up though!) Been looking at that Slash XL 1/16th (brushed) which is cheap as and comes with radio gear etc... I'll search up to see if that's any good. thanks andy and peoples
  11. Thanks for the replies! I'd been blinkered on some kind of vintage tamiya model - grasshopper/restored madcap but that traxxas slash looks awesome! Mind you there's about 13 different variations and I haven't a clue about any of them - half of them aren't listed on the traxxas website! Problem with re-shimming is that it keeps happening! it doesn't seem to hold. Also I can see the front end is wobbly with the steering - Might be a classic but seems like a money pit, better let someone with more time/inclination to tinker (i.e. not my dad!) Looks like I'll have a madcap to sell :-/ thanks peoples!
  12. Hi all! Been trying to restore my madcap for my dad - it keeps suffering from slipping diffs after 15-20 minutes and I don't want to hand it over to him unless I can find a long(ish) term solution. Looking at the astute diff modifications, I am not sure that will be solid enough as the car is running a 17t x 2 orion motor and ESC so power wise, this may keep melting the differential! Basically, I may well sell the Madcap and keep the electronics + motor and get another model. THE QUESTION! What model would you recommend for bashing about on various terrain - and something which will handle the power of the 17t motor, not overly fussed about amazing handling, but something bordering on uncontrollable haha £140 max ideally -give or take. Otherwise - what options do I have for the differential of the Madcap (list ebay listings if possible as I am fairly clueless and have to spend hours searching for stuff) Much appreciated guys - LOVING the site and nostalgia - I'm of the Beatties generation
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