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  1. You thought this car was sought after and hard to get before? With the passing of Hannu Mikkola, this model is going to become a shrine for a lot of people... RIP Hannu...
  2. Weirdly, Tamiya don't list that as an option for the MF-01X on the Parts Matching List....
  3. According to Tamiya's own RC Parts Matching List (HERE), the MF-01X takes CVA Super Minis - part number 50746. The old 54000 M-Chassis Aluminium Damper Set is also an option, as well as TRF Shorts (42273) if you really must spend megabucks. Alex
  4. @yogi-bear I'm looking at you here... you're my go-to decal guy....
  5. Definitely need someone to do a decal update for the standard livery, to match Aussie team Greg Carr / Fred Gocentas in the 1979 RAC... Of course, a better job would be their 1978 Burmah Rally livery..... but a bit more work! Still, would work with the white base colour.... Alex
  6. No, it's short and narrow, for a Mini chassis. 225mm wheelbase. If you want a Mk.2 for a TT01/2 or XV01, best to go to L&L Models.... Alex
  7. I managed to buy a new chassis kit sans body for my first one, and for the second one, just ordered the MF-01X specific parts sprues and added them to my stash of other Mini and TL01 parts. Job done, and cheap, just the way I like it . I don't think there would be a large market for the chassis on it's own.... people are only buying it now because of the body, and a number of those are considering a different chassis even before arrival. Alex
  8. At $300 delivered, I think I'll grab one of the bodysets when they get released, and put it on the MF-01X chassis I already have....
  9. Lately? I heard the dinosaurs had to buy overseas, due to an ineffective Tamiya distributor Downunder...
  10. Tow bar was on it when I got it. Never towed anything.... but couldn't be stuffed taking it off, so there it stayed.
  11. Some more memories, whilst waiting for this kit (or at least, the body) to drop.......
  12. Same here in Oz, pretty much.... 4-door square-headlight Ghias, the lamest of the lame, command prices $10K+.... makes me very sad about what I sold my 2-door for way back when
  13. I think Tamiya must have had an inkling, because they released it in the first place..... that it will prove to be as popular as it seems so far, is something they maybe wouldn't predict, coming from their perspective. In my opinion, the market for a Mk2 Escort is mostly going to be the UK (where every second car is a Mk2 Escort), the Commonwealth / Colonial countries (where every second car stolen is a Mk2 Escort ), the European rally countries (Finland, I'm looking at you here), and then rally fans the world over. I;m not sure how many Mk2 Escorts would have been sold in Japan back in the day... Of course, I'm still happy Tamiya has seen to release this! Just waiting on them to do a Toyota C-HR body now... Alex
  14. Close, the 1150s are correct, but two of the 850s should be flanged i.e. 1150 (5x11x4) = 20 pcs 850 (5x8x2.5) = 2 pcs 850 Flanged (5x8x2.5 F) = 2 pcs It's just a smaller TL-01, so the same number of bearings..... but smaller ones on the prop shaft. Alex
  15. I reckon we're due another Prodrive-blue WRX, and a yellow/ gold vibrating Hornet / Grasshopper.... they've done just about every other colour!
  16. Yup, my hand is up.... 2L Escort Rally Pack. My second car, great fun, plenty went wrong, but as long as I kept replacing the broken seat rails (from the rusted out floor), all was good! And yes, it looked so much better once I removed the overriders from the front bumperettes... and the rear louvre fell off! What a great car..... Alex
  17. I pretty much have only Tamiya PS rattle cans in the paint box.... makes it kind of limiting, for anything other than lexan.... I probably should send you something back for the bodies you've already sent, before you send more ... besides, you'll be flat out pumping out RHD rally cockpits soon, so best to keep on your good side... Alex
  18. Oooh.... them's fighting words!!!!! If I had the paint, I'd give the Mk2 I have from you a go.... but it's PETG from memory, and I don't have the correct paint . I do have quite a few projects on the go at the moment.... so...
  19. Looking forward to seeing updates for this over the next few weeks.... come on @yogi-bear, let's see some more magnificence! What else is Christmas for??? We can go head-to-head, see who can complete the most. I've still got to finish up the last few details on my Mk.1 Escort..... but sadly, my money is on you Alex
  20. Pretty certain my wallet ran away at the thought of that........ Anyway, I don't see the Mk1 models in the future, but rather what the MF-01X was originally designed for.... as the chassis for a re-re of a couple of other iconic Tamiya rally car bodies This release raises the popularity of the MF-01X, and makes the tooling for THOSE TWO worth the expense.... Alex
  21. Luckily for you guys, there are other options out in the market
  22. Yup, blue Minilites.... I win the Internet
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