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  1. I've done that a few times, best bit is explaining it to the internal powers. I keep the new aquisition in the garage they proclaim (when it has been discovered) 'its been there weeks '!
  2. During the building of my hilux i lost the rubber side strip, does anyone have one they do not intend to use ? thanks, lee
  3. My trucks get run over the army training ground near fleet in hampshire
  4. Apart from the bruiser which other models came with those tyres as standard ?
  5. At least you dont have to worry about cleaning out all of the sand from the beach
  6. Great idea for a prezzie and what a lot of cars !
  7. I want to change the smoked factory glass for 'clear' anyone have spare clear glass ?
  8. been told by the internal powers to 'tidy up' where on earth do you put everything that you acrew !
  9. Well, just goes to show how diverse 'our' hobby is,and how like everything is driven by personal choice, me i like trucks
  10. Now i'm setting myself up for a real pasting here. Could i be described as odd as i have never liked any of the buggies !
  11. The real thing is awesome ! I run an 08 plate extended cab ( small rear seat arrangement) in silver. 2.5 turbo diesel. The 2.4 is under powered the 3.0 a bit thirsty. Previously before getting my new one i ran an R reg (97) from new selling it with 250,000 miles on the clock. Original engine, gearbox replaced at 60.000. As i said awesome, and this from a land rover enthusiast
  12. Well after 2 days building the hilux is finnished, well sort of. I'm now weighing up the final look, it's been painted rover pagent blue, i'm thinking about adding some silver bruiser repro decals, will post some pics when done
  13. Squirrel hi, i dont live down there but will be visiting my daughter in the summer, dont know when yet
  14. I've got a set of blackfoot xtreme wheels to start with. The truck should arrive tomorrow (friday) i cannot wait to get started !
  15. Thanks guys for all of your sugesstions, apologies for the delay in replying but the evening i ordered my hilux my laptop died, so the plastic has now well and truly been incinerated !
  16. No / very little time during the week, i try at least to get out with the trucks for an hour on Sunday mornings
  17. Just burnt the plastic an ordered a hilift hilux. I want to change the wheels to bigger ones. I'm open to suggestions as to what to get and any requirements regarding the fitting. Over to the experts !!
  18. Crooky hi, any pictures of the outside track ?
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