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  1. Sounds like it gonna be a good meet i will have to make the next one
  2. Thankyou for that, i think i will risk it
  3. had a nice meet yesterday chaps, cant wait till the next one
  4. Hi all, has anyone ever took a car abroad with them? batts n Transmitter too, im just wondering what would happen through customs n stuff. Any advice would be welcome Cheers
  5. Wow what cool memories, mine was a Wild Willy M38, it was for christmas when i was 13 in 84 i think, old age jeez my memory is going lol. My dad and i stayed up all Christmas day night and into Boxing day morning untill is was built. Need i say it had much hammer up and down my street. I still have it now, still in v good nick too.
  6. i will be there my try to get shaggy to come too
  7. russ matey did you get the servo info you wanted?
  8. DUDE your back matey, once you got the tamiya blood running in your veins matey there is no getting rid of it lol Should be no probs for the 30th and Russ Bring your wellies mate cos we dont want a repeat of the last time
  9. Naa its not that deep, the zombie cap walked it
  10. I wonder if Richard Turpin will "TRY" and collar me again just as i am leaving?
  11. count me in dudes, cant see there being a problem
  12. Had an awsome time today guys, been a long time since ive been to Clumber with having babies n stuff (not me personally). Damo dude if you read this you need to get up here and bash some rc's matey, cheers for the sticker Tamiya Monkey and a good job to ig for rounding Jake up for me:)
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