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  1. Juggernaut 1 diffs did legitimately break up really quickly. I've had Jugg 1&2s from new kits to runners plus TXT 1&2s From experience, the Jugg 1 upgrade kit is absolutely essential. Also, if minded and building from a new Jugg 1 kit then the original parts sprues fetch loads of money and so you make money doing the upgrade, it's not a cost.
  2. My Top 5 for every collector Super Clod Buster Txt-2 Midnight Pumpkin Super Clod Buster Super Clod Buster
  3. Tamya BZ Super Stocks, cut timing tab on one and reverse timing. 2s lipo. Beyond stock silvercan tamiya motors on 3s lipo, on balance, nothing has performed better overall in my clods over the years than the BZs. A lot of other motors don't have the right torque for a clod and/or overheat and burn up. Honestly, 3s lipo and silvercans is best value. They last well on it, plus so cheap to replace durability is a moot point. The hobbywing 880 ran 3s on the silvercans or BZs without issue. Ran 4s on silvercans but they didn't last too long. Cutting timing tab locks on the BZs meant zero timing them both and running 3s lipo was also great.
  4. Wheels are pretty much in scale albeit rims are slightly oversized for scaled performance. It's the body cut on the Agrios that makes the wheels look small. A much tighter body cut round the arches and bumper etc improve things dramatically.
  5. Just put them in a pan of simmering water which has baking soda in. Cleans them up in seconds.
  6. Appreciate this thread has been going for a few months now. Spending a bit of time on the body to cut out the grill, cut arches higher etc etc makes a huge difference to the aesthetics. To run brushless you only need a single motor and cap the other hole off. This is well worth it. Or dual silvercan with 3s lipo battery. Whilst the Clod and Juggernaut are my favourite scale model monster trucks by some margin, the Txt-2 is the best performing of all the tamiya proper scale monster trucks. Not a patch on traxxas etc but those focus on performance not scale looks and speed. Few pics here.
  7. No. Txt-2 rims are a completely different size. You need TXT-1 rims (not clod/super clod) and clod tyres for a direct fit replacement.
  8. If you cut the plastic timing lock tabs on the tamiya super stock motors you can advance or inhibit the timing. They don't really like advancing much further though. This is a really easy mod. This means you can then reverse the timing so they run in a Clod Buster properly. The Tamiya TEU 106 will run dual super stocks in this way on nimh batteries. I would always recommend the Hobbywing Quicrun 0880 Dual Motor Brushed ESC (80A) Waterproof for a clod / wild dagger etc though. Super Stock motors perform a lot better than many lower turn other brand brushed motors especially in off road applications. Super Stock brushed motors are the practical limit on the 101/106/02 escs. Tamiya don't do a hotter brushed motor until the modified series anyway. The TBLE-02 won't run as happily on out of spec lower turn/higher kv brushless motors.
  9. The clod buster is a proper c1/10 scale monster truck based off the classic 80s ones that inspired it when it was designed. The others are off road trucks but not the same 'full monster truck'. TXT 1&2 are the modern era ladder frame monster trucks circa & post 2000. Juggernaut 1&2 were the late 90s era ones.
  10. You need a super clod buster. Everyone needs a super clod buster. Stock Silvercan motors, hobbywing 0880 esc and 3s lipo. Oh the glorious 80s pneumatic tyre goodness
  11. No, the speaker has a 3.5 mm jack input so you can use a standard 3.5mm audio cable and splice it to the units horn connectors. Loads of space in a TXT/Clod/Bruiser as the speaker is small. I have used 10-20w double speakers before. You don't have to use an upgraded speaker. It's simply an option as the standard one in my opinion was poor. I tried alternative horns Inc those used for model railway and none cut it. The best option for sound is one of these https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?product_id=403577&gclid=Cj0KCQjwz6PnBRCPARIsANOtCw0ds2m-LsqXlNoO15dgb8cXlbMWyWdvSOKEqSo61pK3c9qGVQ9k4-oaAiLyEALw_wcB The ESS One is far superior to the alternatives as a sound module and speaker. Then buy a separate LED controller unit with LEDs for £15-£20 Costs more but well worth it.
  12. I had one of these in one of my TXT-2s and Clods. Very easy to install but the speaker quality was average. I hooked up a battery powered portable speaker by splicing the 3.5mm jack cable to the connector. Seriously loud using something like this. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Wireless-Portable-Distortion-Hands-free-Rose-Gold/dp/B074TJ94VK/ref=mp_s_a_1_7?keywords=portable+speaker&qid=1558734172&s=gateway&sprefix=portable+&sr=8-7 The hobbyking version of this unit is the cheapest and they are all the same just different sticker on the front. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/simulated-sounds-system-manual.html
  13. If you have a look on Tamiya USA it has a photo of all the parts. The white nylon washers in the bottom left of the pic are often left out in error. There's pretty much a quad seal system on these. Think tamiyabase has a PDF of the instructions.
  14. Didn't the set from me include the instructions/packaging + all the spares? Shouldn't leak, I remember the lowers sealing included the nylon washers and several o rings. You do get a small amount of oil transferring through as the acts as the lubrication which has happened on all of the TXT hop up shock sets I have ever had.
  15. The slash will do 60-70mph on the stock systems with 3s. Traxxas kit is very good. Sounds like a fault somewhere or binding in the drivetrain causing this. They do run hot on 3s though especially high discharge packs.
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