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  1. Tamiya TRF501X World Edition kit. I think I paid $599 for it years ago but never build or race and stayed on-road. $390 shipped
  2. Very nice. How'd you mod a servo to fit ?
  3. Well, I blew the engine in my car so, these items must go to fund the rebuild or replacement block. Tamiya Avante Item:58489 - New in sealed box. I purchased this kit from StellaModels years ago, but never got around to building it. Still sealed. $420 shipped Tamiya Top Force Item: 58362 - This is the re-release kit. Purchased to transform into an EVO, but never got around to it. $500 shipped Nikko Viper GTS/R - Takes standard 540 sized motors and can reach speeds of 20mph. The chassis is actually an updated version of the Porsche 959 released by Nikko. Package as good as new. Great gift for a young one. $100 shipped I paypal and don't ship outside of the North America. I'll make you guys a deal on the Avante and Top Force together.
  4. Small world. I know that lake track. It's like 5-miles from my place. I plan to run my B4 there, for the first time next season.
  5. Radio Shack (Nikko) Sagitta. Pretty rare car I got off of eBay for only $10 (+18 shipping). Seller listed as "Dune Buggy". Glad to have it.
  6. Hello. I'm almost finished with the restoration of my Nikko Dandy Dash and I would like a new bumper. I'd prefer new/mint condition but if abrasions aren't too bad, I'll consider it.
  7. Read something about a 959/Celica carbon kit, in some magazine on the newsstand. Anyone have more info on this carbon conversion?
  8. Preparing to build my 2nd post 2006 Tamiya chassis, and have become well aware of the perils with threading screws into Tamiya composite plastics. Whenever my Durga gets here, it'll have a set 3racing screws and a 3mm tap in tow.
  9. I'm no photographer but... When I completed the chassis many years ago, I was too struck by it's beauty to race it
  10. Heddy

    Nikko 959 Porsche

    Anyone know how I can obtain spare/replacement parts for one? Looking for silver wheels and body posts.
  11. Looking for the original 414's (item:49132) left and right rear bulkheads and early solid blue Tamiya setting wheels. We'll talk price if you got them.
  12. Hey guys I'm knee deep into working on my 1:1 scale car so, I gotta let some stuff go. All stuff is un-used. Prices include shipping in the USA. TB-01 Carbon Frame Set $40 TB Evo 2 tires on rims $6 TB Evo 3 3mm Hard Chassis $40 TB Evo 3 Blue Conversion Set $80 TB Evo 4 Clear Blue Gear Box $20 TB Evo 3 Surikarn Rear Damper Stay $8 HKS Altezza body, wheels and decals $40 All prices shipped within the States (Sorry, Canada:))
  13. Leaving RC sale contiues... 58100 Top Force NIB with Evo Bonuses Tamiya Top Force Orange Evo Wheels (New) EVO Carbon Top Brace (Matte Finish) Delaminating unused carbon fiber bottom deck. $230 shipped 49335-Tamiya TB Evolution III BLUE Conversion Set NIB $100 shipped (you'll find it no cheaper) Tamiya TB Evolution III upper and lower 3mm deck, NIP $70 shipped (within uSA, other countries a little more) TB01 Carbon Chassis set $Will beat any advertised price w/shipping$ All prices negotiable.
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