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  1. These; https://www.ebay.com/itm/294114211001?hash=item447a92b4b9:g:EE8AAMXQUmFSj0xX They stop the axles rotating under acceleration and braking. The kit ones are plastic and eventually snap.
  2. So, an extra 20% as per imports from USA etc. (€891/5 =€178 or £155) I've not had any 'VAT paid' imports come in yet, so no idea if there's any PF fees for checking the VAT status etc. but they (and other carriers) could stand to lose a fair bit of income if they don't have to process (and charge for) so many imports.
  3. Trouble now is there's several different ways of importing to UK and it's down to the size and organization of the company, I guess, as to how they ship. The original idea was sellers collect VAT at point of sale and then send the VAT to Boris and his decorator. This involved overseas sellers registering as a VAT contributor and keeping track of what goes to the UK. Because of that; some sellers have set up a UK-specific side of their site; https://uk-store.digitalrev.com/ for instance, where all prices include VAT and are now no more competitive than Amazon UK. Their 'international' store doesn't have UK as a shipping destination, so you can't even take a chance with import fees. others just refuse to ship to UK at all for the foreseeable future; https://whambam3d.com/ as an example - I bought parts from them in November no problem, but now they refer you to 'European' distributors who either don't have stock or don't ship to UK some just ship to UK and let ParcelForce collect taxes and duty as before, albeit now from European shipments too It's causing a lot of problems UK to Europe too; I used to send stuff my parents who now live in Spain - in 2020 this took maybe 6 days (rural east Spain). Since new year I've sent two parcels, both took over a month depsite the first one using the same carrier as 2020, and the second one using UPS Express. All the delays are happening once the parcel hits Europe and gets stuck in their customs infrastructure.
  4. A lot of the earlier decals came on a more yellowy backing sheet. Seeing as the seller has 2 listings with 10+ sheets in each, you can be fairly certain they're repros Here's some listed as repro; LINK And some originals; LINK
  5. Who builds a garage with no power sockets over the bench and no lights? Summink weird going on with them bricks on the corner of the doorframe too. I doubt the authenticity of this artist's impression
  6. Forgot PP's 3% - how cool of eBay to do it for only 2.8% I got the mail today - clicked on the link to see what it's all about but never added bank details etc. but, within 2 mins I had an email confirming I'd switched to bank-only payment and need to add my details in order to get paid.
  7. Just got the email from eBay regarding cash-to-bank payments now instead of Paypal and noticed final value fees have increased from 10% to 12.8% somewhere along the line (10% was implemented years ago by eBay to make calculating the fees easier ) https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/selling/fees-credits-invoices/fees-private-sellers?id=4822
  8. UK manufacturer; eBay Link Same guy, on FB https://www.facebook.com/UKMonsters He's a TC member too, Candyman212 https://www.clodtalk.com/viewtopic.php?t=31163
  9. I would've thought the thru-hole should be at least 5mm, but RC3WD's QA dept. do let a lot slip through uninspected Drill the centre hole out to 5mm and an SRB axle will fit - SRB axles are 5mm dia as they pass through an 1150 (11 x 5mm) bearing You'll need a set of 12mm hexes, something like THESE but you'll have to check the length The hex replaces MB12 here;
  10. Modified Grave Robber on a modified Clod It's a shame ProLine haven't jumped on the rere bandwagon yet, they did some sweet Savage/Maxx shells too;
  11. Only from an OCD point of view - the holes are in the same place but the moulded part is rotated on opposing sides of the chassis. Torque twist is usually most noticeable under hard acceleration or when the tyres grip or jam on terrain whislt crawling - normal bimbling about with a stock or crawlng motor shouldn't show it so much. You can reduce it with harder springs on the rear corner which dips, but that will also then affect the suspension compressing on that corner too.
  12. The twist is a downfall of shaft-drive trucks - it's the chassis being rotated around the driveshaft under acceleration. It can be tuned out to a degree, but usually at the expense of either articulation or symmetry of the suspension action. A lot of modern rigs (GMade GS02 BOM, Traxxas TRX 4 etc.) deal with this by having the front and rear driveshafts rotating in opposing directions so the twist from one shaft is countered by the other. Unfortunately, I don't know of any aftermarket solutiuons for the CC01 as far as driveline goes, but you might be able to find anti-roll bars (sway bars) GMade's solution; As for your OCD regarding the offset axle; do the rear upper shock mounts set it off too? (one faces forward, the other.... doesn't)
  13. The 'Rage' Chassis had CF braces which could be used as a drill jig, but you can just mirror the hole which is used for the upper brace If you see some of these, they're handy as drill jigs too - and you leave them in place as strenghtheners Thundertech were the first company I saw making them, might be worth asking 'em if they still have stock ; http://www.thundertechracing.com/axelbrc.htm Otherwise, CPE make CF versions; https://teamcpe.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=33_148&product_id=2031
  14. Yup, it would've been a decent addition and one easily removed by the owner, especially when the rear end looks 'finished'
  15. The wait is finally over! Pro-Line is proud to introduce the officially licensed 1993 Ford® Ranger Clear Body for 12.3" Wheelbase Crawlers that includes extremely detailed scale molded accessories never before seen from Pro-Line... until now! This 1993 Ranger body was developed from the ground up and designed in the latest 3D computer-aided design environment to be as accurate as possible in 1:10 Scale size. Included with this body are a molded black plastic front grill and rear taillight buckets with clear headlight and taillight lenses that allow for the addition of working 5mm LED lights (6317-00) and 3mm LED turn signals (sold separately). Also included are molded plastic side-view mirrors and door handles that are scale replicas of the full-size parts off the 1993 Ford® Ranger. The Cab and Bed are separate pieces for added scale realism and are made from crystal-clear polycarbonate that can be painted to match your favorite factory Ranger color or custom painted to whatever your heart desires. Detailed decals are also provided including stickers that match the body graphics found with the STX version of this iconic pick-up truck. Pro-Line also offers a Pre-Runner Fender Flare Kit (6369-00) for this body that transforms your crawler into a desert running Pre-Runner! Be the first to own Pro-Line's most scale vehicle to date - the 1993 Ford® Ranger Clear Body for 12.3" Crawlers. Get yours now! 1993 Ford® Ranger Clear Body - Cab (1 pc) 1993 Ford® Ranger Clear Body - Bed (1 pc) Molded Black Plastic Scale Parts Tree (1 pc) Molded Clear Plastic Lens Parts Tree (1 pc) Molded Plastic Mounting Hardware - M2.5 x 6mm Socket Head Cap Screws (11 pcs) Cab to Bed Mounting Hardware - M3 x 6mm Button Head Cap Screws (4 pcs) & M3 Nuts (4 pcs) High-Quality Decals Window Masks Paint-then-peel Overspray Film Instruction Sheet FITS: SCX10™ II & III Ascender™ Element Enduro Other 12.3" Wheelbase Crawlers SPECS: Length: 20.5" (521mm) Width at Doors: 8.1" (206mm) Width at Fenders: 8.8" (224mm) Height: 5.9" (150mm) Wheelbase: 12.3" (313mm)
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