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  1. In a couple of years time, one of these will be cited as the actual documented reason (told to me by an ex-employee who I can't name for legal reasons) for the name change and, along with 'they smashed all the moulds' become part of TC's 'grapevine legends' I read somewhere the name change has very little effect on straight line handling, although the diminished rigidity of the side panels (due to shorter stickers) does allow for better airflow over jumps.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's because J17 can use either 3 or 5mm diameter LEDs, depending on the truck - Are there 3 and 5mm LEDs with black/white wires? https://cdn.simba-dickie-group.de/downloads/300056523/300056523_MFC-03_Euro-Style.pdf R470 Highline = 5mm Actros 1851 Giga = 3mm Man TGX 18.540 = 5mm Volvo FH12 and Knight Hauler = J17 not used at all King Hauler, Aeromax and Globe Liner = J15, 16, 17 and 18 not used All LEDs will work in all sockets, provided you turn the socket on correctly from the transmitter or switch panel and you have them plugged in the right way round.
  3. You're quoting trade there. For non-commercial, https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty So VAT is payable on any goods not marked as a gift, once the value is over £15. Once VAT is chargeable, so is the clearing fee from Royal Mail/ParcelForce/Other Courier
  4. King Hauler? Released in 1993 The Lunchbox has a far simpler body, so it's less likely to get wrecked as fast by an inexperienced driver - Despite the WW2 having roll bars etc, it's still quite easy to trash the body, especially the windscreen surround
  5. Searching for 'Willy' brings up 358 pages of results, 143 in the 'General' forum, which are probably most relevant to the WW2 - How many were you expecting? It's safe to assume all the posts refer to the Wild Willy by Tamiya, and not medical issues https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/search/&q=ww2&quick=1 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/search/&q=Willy&quick=1&type=forums_topic&nodes=3
  6. They look like stock Clod tyres (because of the diamonds moulded into the sidewall) with Firestone stickers Found a list of parts for another Bigfoot build they did; JConcepts 0305 1979 Ford F-250 Monster Truck body 3179-01 Ranger Tires (Blue compound) 3380S Midwest Wheels (Custom chrome plated) Shapeways - JConcepts Store Bigfoot 1 Roll Bar Bigfoot 1 Round KC Light-bar 6 Inch Bigfoot 1 and Bigfoot 3 JC KC 6 Inch Lens Cap x 5pcs. Dual carburetor setup: 2537-1 Air filter top 2pcs. 2537-2 Air filter 2pcs. 2537-3 Air filter base 2pcs. 2537-4 Carburetor 2pcs. 2537-6 Carburetor base 1pc.
  7. You could try JB Weld as a 'glue' (it's a 2-part metal paste) It's not a new problem More here
  8. They're the wrong side for motor wires, which the manual suggests should be cabletied to the suspension arms They're on the same side as the anti-rotation brackets, so might've been an early option for an anchor point although they're not drawn as holes is the original Clod's manual
  9. In all fairness, I don't remember that ever being the case - I'm pretty sure the whole forum has always been accessible to all members. I know a lot of forums do operate a minimum post access system, but that usually just leads to newbs who want access just posting up 100+ posts along the lines of "heck yeah" and "awesome" just to bump their count.
  10. I'm no longer a moderator here. Personally, I'd rather you shared your sources rather than offer to middle-man the process for others, so please don't consider me as wanting to help. 100% this - been a member almost ten years and, until June, hasn't posted since 2011 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/profile/37748-farmerbrown/content/&all_activity=1&page=2
  11. Originally posted on Modelsport forum; Use code july2020 at checkout for 20% off
  12. Going by your eBay ad for the TRF211XM, these might be drop-shipped from elsewhere - Is that the case with these Egress kits and what guarantee is there of their condition? Also, if they are drop-shipped, are they coming in from outside the EU and is there any risk of a customs hit or would they go to you first? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-TRF211XM-CHASSIS-KIT-1-10-R-C-2WD-HIGH-PERFORMANCE-OFF-ROAD-RACER-42288/274420881194?hash=item3fe4c2572a:g:bqUAAOSwBWdfBIZZ "Once ordered your item will be order and shipped from supplier this would take around 2-3 weeks"
  13. If you've not done it already, fill the rear bumper area with hot glue - When climbing, the rear bumper has no protection from the terrain and that area is quite thin lexan, especially around the number plate recess. If you're execting any speed, don't weight the wheels. Add the weight around the chassis, but as low as possible - the increase to the sprung mass will affect the suspension action whereas weighting the wheels will lower the centre of gravity but is unlikely to stop the bouncing. Fill the clear area, after painting
  14. Look a lot like these; Hobby-Tech A0206 Chrome 5-Spoke Torq-Thrust II Wheels ebay link EDIT: Trying to find more pics, found this;
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