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  1. The two parts of the site are separate, login for one won't work on the other. For the mainsite, login is email address and password For forum, username and password You can use the same password for each, no problem but you need to change it on both sides of the site - making changes to the mainsite will have no effect whatsoever on the forum.
  2. Have a read thru this for the history; https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/64460-real-size-wild-willy/&
  3. I think there's only Radio Control Car Racer published in the UK now (available thru W H Smith's) but a lot of its content is race reports. I used to do a bit for the other UK mag, RRCi (which was a bit more 'basher' leaning), a few years back but that went down the tubes some time ago now. If you can get hold of US mags, there's RC Car Action (RCCA) although I've not seen that in Smith's for some time now. There was also another US mag called RC Driver, but I'm not sure if that's online only now. To be honest, if you're not into race reports, the content and review models in mags are so old by the time they hit the shops that Youtube reviews and online sources are far more up-to-date. RC Car Racer has a bit of vintage and hobby content in it but it'd be worth comparing it to RCCA for quantity of content. The RC Car Racer site hasn't been updated lately, the newest 'news' on the homepage is from last October, whereas the RCCA site is relatively 'fresh' When you have the likes of Big Squid posting new kit news (sometimes before the manufacturers have even updated their own sites), forums and FB groups covering opinion and specific interest there's not a lot of incentive to buy a mag any more. When I did stuff for RRCi, most of it came via the UK Importer so the review kits were being built at the same time as most UK buyers could've gone and bought one, then there was a three to seven week window for publishing. So, if I got a model on Jan 1, allow three days for assembly and paint, then a couple of days for photography, running and writing the review then it could be Feb 1 before it got printed - By that time, everyone else had bought one, built it, found out everything wrong with it and posted unbiased frank and honest findings across the web. Personally, I rarely buy any mags any more - I flick through them in Smiths whilst I'm waiting for the missus but that's about it - I doubt I've actually bought a mag about anything in the last 6 months The current issue of Racer has maybe three kit reviews, a fair bit on racing and a recap of their vintage/retro column; http://adhpublishing.com/shop/store/products/issue-274-feb-2020/ Only £5!
  4. At Modelsport (UK) https://www.modelsport.co.uk/index.php?search=1&search_string=sticker+licker Or direct: https://www.stickerlicker.co.uk/tamiya-lunchbox-296-c.aspc Alternative designs for original sticker patterns too;
  5. Hello, KEW THE REW told me he got from you aluminium bumber for hillux 4x4 pickup, long ago. Did you make it your self? Might you have set for sale?


    thank you in advance,

  6. Personally, I'm always suspicious when a company's range of models is so old (and with no particularly recent releases from anyone) It's like they stopped updating their range/site in January They even list the Fighting Buggy as 'In Stock' but don't list the Rally 2CV or CC-02 - To give you some context, the Fighting Buggy sells for around £380 on eBay now. Axial and GMade's range on there are both old too - Axial's newest scaler is missing, as is GMade's BOM and the Traxxas line-up is missing a few current models too Edit: Newest 586xx model number I could find was 58654, Lancia 037 Rally, and that was released late 2017 Me: I'd give it a miss
  7. @Gazzalene Membership number: Search for yourself here; https://www.tamiyaclub.com/findamember.asp Click on your username on the results screen, which'll take you here: https://www.tamiyaclub.com/member.asp?id=51715 Your membership number is the number at the end (51715)
  8. The end of Ep1 was a facepalm moment for me, the Child reeked of JarJar and further stench emitted in ep2 - I was just waiting for that all-important 'reach out, heal, healed bonds with bounty, healed adopts bounty' moment - I still reckon that's on the cards. I'm old enough to have seen Star Wars (episode IV, A New Hope etc, the one where Luke didn't know who his father was) at the cinema in '77 and was ok with 'em until the Ewoks I think 'they' have introduced too much cute nowadays, but then again, it is a franchise mainly for kids - I just hoped with the amount of killing in Mando #1 that it'd be a bit grittier, especially after that door closed on matey-boys torso
  9. I felt ep2 was a comedy filler, usually saved for later in a season run - the 'getting dragged round in the dirt' by horse/motorbike/hairy cavebeast has been done to death now. The A-Team rebuild montage was garbage too. Sandcrawler - So many windows but shoot him on the roof? The series started off promising, then turned into Mr Bean Kills A Rhino For Some Muggers. I've not seen 3 or 4 yet, but don't worry about spoilers on my behalf, it'd be worth knowing if it's worth carrying on with
  10. Everything coming into the UK is subject to 'examination' by customs - Most of the time that just means they (or their assigned agents) check the parcel's declared value and then apply any relevant taxes or duties. 2-3 working days in customs isn't unusual. The declared value is what the seller has put down on the export docs - they have to state a value at their end for export purposes. It's on this value that any fees due will be calculated If any extra charges are payable, you'll get a letter detailing the charges from the carrier handling it (probably Parcel Force unless you went for a courier like UPS/Fed EX) and you'll need to pay those charges before the goods are released. https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty
  11. From their homepage (at the bottom): Please note we do not supply direct to the public. Our full range of products are available via any of our UK dealers whom can be found in our dealer locator at the top of the website. To find a local dealer; http://xfactoryrc.co.uk/index.php/dealer-locator
  12. Yep, loads of times, no problems at all. Just bear in mind you might get stung for import duties etc. when it hits the UK (UK fees, nothing to do with RCMart) These usually amount to around 20% plus a customs clearing fee of around £13 IIRC Charges from that side of the world aren't that common, but still a possibility worth considering. If it still looks like a good deal with the possibility of those charges factored in, go for it. Check out Fusion Hobbies and Tamico.de too - Fusion offer TC members a 5% discount and Tamico have pretty keen pricing (with no import duties as they're in Europe)
  13. The design you've linked to is mine from 2003 - I gave the files to Junfac/GMade as a thank-you for a kit they sent me and they produced them for a while At some point, the chassis was either copied or the files were leaked and that was it. The pics in the eBay auction are Junfac's originals (they used those weird washered flat head screws a lot) but I don't know who's making them now - seems to be a lot of sellers all using the same pics. There's a skid-plate for the SRB on eBay too - that was originally one of Junfac's designs No idea how you'd go about getting a well-made one, I had one made recently (see below) and the quality wasn't great - this was a sample run from an online manufacturer and the best they could do. The ones pictured on eBay have a lot of work done after the bends are made - Junfac/GMade always made well-presented parts which is why they all look good in the pics. The problem with churning them out en masse is the time needed to tidy them up - as you can see below there's usually some very definded tooling lines either side of the bend and if they're laser-cut (as opposed to machined) then all the edges are usually very untidy and you get one or two 'pips' where the laser starts or stops (see 'lump' along edge in second pic) Because laser-cutting is so cheap compared to CNC milling (after the machine's been bought) I doubt you'll find any milled ones - Mine were all laser-cut. Even when I had them made they were never as good as the Junfac photos, but they were a helluva lot nicer than this one;
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