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  1. I would phone them before ordering - their stock list looks quite old, in so much as they don't have any new releases that I could see. For instance, their newest Traxxas crawler is the TRX4 Chevy Blazer and the GMade line is quite out of date too. I'm also a bit suspicious when a site has things like "© 2019 - Rcmodelstore™" at the bottom Having said that, they do have a covid statement in their 'news', but that was dated Dec 2020 Ring 'em first!
  2. That's a pretty good price for UK too! Retail here is around £300/NZ$600 give or take $20 - stocks are just starting to be replenished, my preorder was delivered last week.
  3. In case anyone needs it; https://www.tamiyaclub.com/willy.asp
  4. You can't respond to individual comments, you just leave a comment as you would on anyone else's showroom. Your comment then goes to the bottom of the list. If you want to respond to someone specific, put their username in the comment so they can see the comment is directed at them.
  5. Ah, sorry - Fake sponsors were introduced years ago, it only really became a bit of a wind-up when the re-releases had the fakes too. Thankfully, companies like Screen Print Digital have most of the sponsors covered without having to buy vehicle-specific decal sheets
  6. Cheers - I actually ordered some Arrowmax tips over the weekend, so fingers crossed... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203504102889 There's a few bits I don't cross borders with, but most of it (apart from the hedge cutter) is multi-hobby
  7. Compare the two Scorchers - the left one (Re release) has 'Forward' as the oval door sticker over the 506 whereas the vintage Scorcher on the right has Pennzoil and other real companies' logos. All the other 'brands' on the left one are fictional as far as I'm aware. The Blockhead Wild One pictured so far has proper brands like Pennzoil, Champion etc, these are unlikely to make it to the Tamiya version
  8. Nothing that easily adapted On recent fictional vehicles, they've used their own imaginary brands, especially obvious with Pennzoil/Forward on the door decal above the 506 on the Scorcher At least TOYATO is easily cut up and rearranged, hence the reason for using it
  9. New bonus part included in kit: 3 metres of chrome/silver tape for wrapping the roll bar
  10. So, any guesses as to the 'fake' sponsors they'll use instead of all these? NGK, Champion, Pennzoil etc - Tamiya aren't big on spending licence money on 'fictional' kits Quite like the Frog too, once they turn the tyres round;
  11. Dam, that's gonna be a lot of maths for someone Forgot about one-ways, that could work
  12. What impressed me with the Tamiya ones is they're individual link plates and pins, not a rubber belt - hopefully, that alone will make them more durable, provided the friction doesn't let-up on the pins Be interesting to see how much slack there needs to be in 'combined rears' to allow for suspension action
  13. You'd need to convert the front end to freewheeling/undriven though, as tracks run a lot slower The Grasshopper version should be viable though, conversions have been available for a while for the 1/10 version; https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4001023690137.html
  14. @markbt73 the annoying thing is I was loosening (or aiming to) a self tapper in a UPVC window frame - pretty much the same circumstances as stripping down a Tamiya, but white plastic 😆
  15. Recently posted by Mokei Kagaku on FB The one disturbing nugget in his article is that they might cost as much as 80% of the cost of the Ladfreeder Quadtrack - that's around £250 in the UK Another point raised was there's no mention as to whether these units will include ball bearings or not. The G6-01 option looks interesting though (but possibly ridiculously expensive) - One pair tracks on front axle, then two track units on the middle and rear axles, joined into one large track DESCRIPTION It’s time to fit your favorite compatible Tamiya R/C vehicle with these optional Track Units. As first seen in the Landfreeder QuadTrack kit, these tracks replace standard wheels and rubber tires with tracks! Trucks and other compatible Tamiya vehicles with tracks are a fun way to transverse terrain, such as sand, snow, and even mud! • Track Units x2 • These 3-sided track units can be used in place of the wheels on various Tamiya chassis platforms. • Awesome grip on rough terrain is facilitated by each track pivoting on an axis at the top of its roller arm. This is further enhanced by the sprung third roller. • Their remarkable traction can be used to take on not only paved roads but also snow, sand, mud and other tricky surfaces. • Each track unit is composed of an upper drive sprocket connected to the chassis drive shaft to transfer power and eight individual rollers, enveloped by assembly plastic link-type tracks with soft inserts, that are connected by metal link pins. • Choose one from two types of track links (standard or grouser). • Compatible with TT-02 (*1), CC-01, CC-02, GF-01 (CB, TR), G6-01(TR) (*2), and WR-02 (CB) (*3) chassis cars. *1:Separately sold Item 50354 (16T, 17T Pinion Gear Set) and 54114 (CR-Tuned Motor (35T)) are required when using TT-02 chassis cars. *2:When using G6 chassis cars, central and rear axles can be combined with one track unit. *3:Please note that using this set on the rear of WR-02 chassis cars will exhibit understeer.
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