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  1. Few more here; https://www.tamiyaclub.com/car.asp?cid=826
  2. The actual joint should be held together by one pin passing through another, in a cross shape. The 'retaining' pin is, essentially, a rivet - one end is domed and the other end should have a dent in it where the end is swaged out or flared, like the end of a trumpet. There's no screws holding the joint together, only that rivet Other end of retaining pin/rivet, with 'dent' for flaring the end You can see the flared end on the right of the pic The other pin should be flat at either end If the retaining pin hasn't been sufficiently flared, then it'll slide out of the assembly. If you have a centre-punch you could try flaring that end out some more - at a push you might be able to do it with a big nail. You'll need to rest the assembly on a firm hard surface whilst hammering - something like an anvil or the back end of a vice
  3. Isn't the 104 cutoff voltage lower than LiPo recommendation? I thought Tamiya ESC only cut off for LiFe batteries
  4. Yup, easy swap. To make it even easier, a spare servo saver would be handy - the body-post holds the servo-saver together, once the post is removed you've got 2 pieces of plastic and a tensioned spring which wants to flick the plastic behind the sofa! Try assembling the servo saver then sliding it off the body-post and it'll probably make up your mind for you
  5. No, no wheel adaptors are needed - the drive plate supplied with SS will fit RR wheels
  6. There's a couple of spotlights on the front uprights, but I think they'll be part of the body set. Scorcher tyres won't fit RR wheels, so you'll need tyres too.
  7. Not a fan of the rear wing, seems to be a Kyosho/Tamiya preference; http://www.lotuseuropa.org/LotusForum/index.php?topic=1602.0 The Tamiya 1/24 model includes it, but they don't use it on the box art https://www.tamiyausa.com/blog/first-look-tamiya-24358-lotus-europa-special-photo-etched-parts/
  8. If he's contacted you proposing the swap, suggest he sends his item first. If you were selling, he'd pay first. If he's not up for that, there's your answer - Walk away
  9. I can't see as it matters where anything is made any more, so long as it's made to the quality you're expecting. Even if you buy the finest 'Made In Japan' electronics, chances are it'll have individual components from all over the world. Tamiya will have strict measures in place to ensure plastics used are to their specs, not just for their reputation, but for recyclability etc. Over the years, complaints about Tamiya, on this forum at least, tend to be about their (Japanese) engineering and design errors, not the plastics or the part of the world in which they were made - ORV gearboxes spreading, Jugg 1s exploding on acceleration, Anniversary Porsche shells not matching the wheelbase of the chassis etc. - None of these were down to where the plastic was poured into the mold. Indeed, in the last 20 odd years of being back into regularly building RC, only one Tamiya kit has ever had a manufacturing defect, and that was a cross-member brace on a Knight Hauler where the sprue wasn't properly cast. Outsourcing to anywhere without stringent control over the end-product would be disastrous, but Tamiya have been manufacturing in the Philippines for years now with no noticeable or reported affect on quality Cheap labour will always be attractive and, provided the quality aspect is 'Tamiya', it shouldn't matter except to those that have outdated misconceptions about a particular country's abilities.
  10. You missed out all the stuff in my head - I've added it now If you're an old fart like me, but one that doesn't do Facebook
  11. I do do FB, it's a great place to flog stuff locally - Might not have the same range as eBay, but it's free. FB groups are a great targeted marketplace. So far, I sold a couple of boats, a MTB, a caravan, a few table saws, routers, etc. wood burning stoves and all fee-free
  12. Yiup - eBay now handle your payments What used to take Paypal milliseconds now takes eBay 4 days, but they're 0.01% cheaper, when you take all the charges into consideration - eBay's 10% + 2.7777777779 is cheaper than 10% + Paypal's 2.8% If you're an old fart like me that doesn't do Facebook, try Facebook first - eBay is my last resort eBay do have a helluva lot of 'offer' periods where fees are fixed at £1 etc. , list during these for best value
  13. It makes me chuckle when the USA have SHevrolet and SHampagne, but their vehicles all have CHassis
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