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  1. For those who aren't clicking the links, here's a few screenshots. Everything I've seen so far is priced at $39.88, $40.88 or $41.88 and everything has 'size' options regardless of what it is. All the reviews were made in the last few days . At present, the search function doesn't work on the site, so it's either someone setting up a new site, or one of the laziest scammers ever According to WhoIs, the domain was registered 25 Feb 23
  2. It looks like some strange scam site or a start up e-shop site that's not fully working - Everything is about the same price and reviews are all pretty new https://www.kathernes.top/products.aspx?cid=67&cname=%241+stuffed+animals https://www.kathernes.top/products.aspx?cid=67&cname=%241+hot+wheels+cars https://www.kathernes.top/products.aspx?cid=67&cname=%2410+toys+at+target Watermarking pics has been discussed before, but there's nothing stopping you adding your own. With Photoshop and GiMP getting so good at removing 'distractions' in photos, unless you go for a really intrusive watermark, even free software can do a decent job of removing them.
  3. No doubt, just curious what's holding the top panel down as that needs removing to slide out the battery hold-down pin
  4. This always makes me chuckle - no ESC included, yet they insist in picturing a ESC with a Tamiya connector and an adaptor lead for the battery connector Saw it on one of their recent touring chassis kits too 😄
  5. Be interesting to see how the body is held in place then, hope its not just these screws
  6. I was wondering that - this body clip concerns me Loving it otherwise, proper retro-mod mix 👍
  7. If not, you can buy back issues direct; http://adhpublishing.com/shop/store/products/issue-294-april-2022/
  8. Pre-order, stock due towards the end of January https://www.fusionhobbies.com/product/58486-tamiya-alfa-romeo-giulia-sprint-gt-m06 5% discount for TC members or 10% for subscribers (email Fusion for the checkout code) When looking at offshore suppliers, don't forget there's a good chance you'll need to pay 20% VAT and, possibly, a customs clearing fee.
  9. The original bodyshell was moulded with louvres in place (one piece) - the colouring for the louvres was done with decals The blue body is moulded in polythene, not ABS, so doesn't take paint very well - the same may apply to the black body so be careful what chemicals/solvents you use to clean it with, you might melt the body The louvre decals are the 4 black panels, lower middle *The panels aren't on the re-re decal sheet, but are included on some repro sheets
  10. Just did a quick image search, and it looks right - don't forget a left to right angled shaft is no different to an up to down shaft as far as universal joints go And found this;
  11. It's a Blitzer Beetle Xtreme - basically a TRF Blitzer with lexan shell, tons of heavy blue, costs 3 times what a normal BB would and doesn't include an ESC, motor, wheels, tires, tyres, or a driver figure although, weirdly, will contain the driver sprue from the Buggy Champ. It'll be an already-discontinued limited edition available only to employees of Tamiya Guatemala and will ship on a plain box each illustrated with a hand-drawn sketch of the kit by Jun Watanabe. Probably
  12. Announced on the @Mokei Kagaku FB page earlier 58688 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 (CC-02L chassis) Library pic - rumour has it the kit comes with all the accessories needed for the school run
  13. Just in case; Pic and video link from @Mokei Kagaku on FB Reminds me of
  14. I haven't been admin for over 3 years now - I wasn't spending enough time on TC so resigned. The only option for avatar adding (as far as I'm aware) is for Netsmith to do it manually. It's covered in the post ad456 mentioned.
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