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  1. Tamiya UK

    Most heinous use of the Tamiya logo ever?

    quote:Originally posted by mjohnston39I have to say that I like the Vans and the cars, why, because they are totally unique with that homebuilt ghetto style [^]. Then again I kinda like ugly cars, look what I'm driving now... Mike. id="quote">id="quote">what the badword is that thing !?
  2. Tamiya UK

    New Holiday Buggy clone?

    if thats not wrong I don't know what is !
  3. Tamiya UK

    Super Rare Blue Lambo???

    I bought one of those kits (58005) off my local Riko Tamiya rep 3 years ago for £20. He had had it kicking about in his garage for nearly 20 years and just wanted to get rid of it, I was pretty chuffed at the time. I also got my HKS and Calsonic Skylines, Nissan 300ZX IMSA TA02W and Super Blackfoot from him in the same deal, all 5 kits for just £100.00, one of the happiest days of my life!
  4. Tamiya UK

    Definitive list of Chassis types [now online!]

    Mistakes I spotted straight away from first glance ;- Vanquish should be with the Avante's and Egress. TR-15T, solar, RC Boys, TGR, TG10R, TG10-2 and some others all have nothing under them and its obvious what should be there. wheres the re-released XR311 ? Kure Nismo is not an FF01 Only 3 models under TGX and one of them is a TG10, whats that about? not much under TBA, where are the missing models? Stadium Thunder is same Blitzer Beetle and Stadium Thunder, Bearhawk and Falcon. Dyna Blaster is on the Dyna Storm Chassis, shares nothing plastic with a Blitzer Beetle type car.
  5. Tamiya UK

    Offical Shizuoka Pages with photos!

    http://www.hobby.co.jp/images/hobby_show/rc/114.jpg is that a Kyosho ?
  6. Tamiya UK

    Attn: Howard Wooster

    If you want I can email you his phone number
  7. Tamiya UK

    Ferrari F2001 Body for the F103???

    That is what I am actually doing at the moment as it happens, thing is, if you get the 50899 body, it comes pre-painted by tamiya and its too dark (ie- not PS34, that all '97 onwards Ferrari F1 cars use) it does not even seem the same as PS2, which previous Ferrari F1's used. So the best bet is to get a clear 49187 limited release bodyshell, but they are quite rare, if you manage to find a suplier that has more than one I would be greatly interested. I put a wanted ad in my showroom in Janurary and it took two months for someone to come forward with one, and it came from HK, so I have left the ad in there for now to try and get another.
  8. Tamiya UK

    Ferrari F2001 Body for the F103???

    oh and the F201 body you talk about is the F201 "type A" body, that was produced to sideskirt ultra expensive Ferrari Liscensing costs, as it is a replica of the F2002, and looks light years better than the awful F2001 that comes in the Ferrari kits with the "flat" sidepods. Notice how they made a 2002 Williams but no Ferrari even though its the most succesful car ever....
  9. Tamiya UK

    Ferrari F2001 Body for the F103???

    quote:Originally posted by sosidgeThey make a generic body for the F201, but it's Tamiya's own design, different to the Ferrari shell you can get with the F201. Don't think they make any recent F1 bodies for the F103... last ones were in the late 90's. id="quote">id="quote">wrong actually, what you want to be looking at is 50899 and 50898, they are generic Ferrari and McLaren bodies from the 2000 season, they came prepainted, or clear as 49### special release numbers. Those are the last ever bodies made for the F103, produced in 2001, and are now discontinued.
  10. Tamiya UK

    TamiyaMan's Collection...

    nice one, well done mate, what sort of room do you keep them in? are they all together etc ? , I know some people get fanatical about these things such as temerature controlled closets etc..
  11. Tamiya UK

    what tools are you using?

    funny you should say that, all my tools are Tamiya. (as are the Blue shielded bearings in all my cars)
  12. Tamiya UK

    Racing a Grasshopper

    I would say the Carbon firbe development is quite easy really, all you have to do is use wood for the R+D process, and then if the parts are simple enough you can fabricate them using carbon sheet yourself, or when they are more technical I always send my templates off to Fibrelyte (UK carbonfibre company) to fabricate, the finished products are top quality and almost exactly the same as Tamiya. http://www.fibre-lyte.co.uk/ btw it belongs to tamiyaclub member Grahoo if you did not know. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=3258&id=418
  13. Tamiya UK

    Gravel Hound -new photo

    quote: Originally posted by sosidge It's silly to "only" buy a car if it comes as a kit. If you want one, but the RTR, and strip it! Voila, a kit! PS since it's a TT01, I think that means I get Tamiya UK's Top Force collection? (hope he stands by his comments in the other thread...) id="quote">id="quote"> I think you will find its not a TT-01[]
  14. Tamiya UK

    Get yourself a Pajero Bargain!

    have posted said advert with a couple of others I had forgotten about too, have started a new thread here ;- http://www.tamiyaclub.com/xforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=10038
  15. I think you will agree, take a look here ;- http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...id=18039&id=254 I had forgotten about these until Stulec sparked a thought in this thread ;- http://www.tamiyaclub.com/xforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=10025