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  1. Sucks to be a RC "investor" these days LOL. A real collector/enthusiast shouldn't care about re-releases - just be happy because the investors start dumping their portfolios...
  2. wow.. this is tough cause I love all my collection It would have to be the FalconAvanteFoxOptimaRC10.... jesus!! just the Falcon - my first RC
  3. 2011: Avante 2011 because I managed to get an original Avante 1988 for a lot less $$ 2012: Super Hotshot - I'm hoping this helps me get an original 1986 for a lot less $$
  4. Some guy is trying to sell these for $1000 on a "pre-sale" on ebay
  5. Quick Question regarding the shell.. Do the releases have the 1988 original stamp on the plastic shell?
  6. Another one that comes to mind is the BigWig - A one off - aniversary special that, in my book, is a highly collectable buggy. I'll have one - one day.. Nice Fox by the way!!!!
  7. Maybe someone should move that 2012 re-release thread in the General section into the proper section?
  8. I think you will see new box art with the name "Super Hotshot" Just like the decals and the official name
  9. Thanks for the video! Looks like the Supershot decals I still have will come in handy.
  10. I'd assume it's as close to the original as the Hostshot Re-re was. But we can only speculate until it shows itself.
  11. I thought it looked a little to good.
  12. Just a question... Does everyone think that picture on the Blog is the actual re-release or the original?
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