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  1. breck

    Bruiser could it really be IT?

    Sucks to be a RC "investor" these days LOL. A real collector/enthusiast shouldn't care about re-releases - just be happy because the investors start dumping their portfolios...
  2. breck

    If you could only have one !

    wow.. this is tough cause I love all my collection It would have to be the FalconAvanteFoxOptimaRC10.... jesus!! just the Falcon - my first RC
  3. breck

    What's the best 2011 re re ?

    2011: Avante 2011 because I managed to get an original Avante 1988 for a lot less $$ 2012: Super Hotshot - I'm hoping this helps me get an original 1986 for a lot less $$
  4. breck

    84270 Avante Black Special

    Some guy is trying to sell these for $1000 on a "pre-sale" on ebay
  5. breck

    Avante Coming Soon

    Quick Question regarding the shell.. Do the releases have the 1988 original stamp on the plastic shell?
  6. breck

    My Tamiya Fox

    Another one that comes to mind is the BigWig - A one off - aniversary special that, in my book, is a highly collectable buggy. I'll have one - one day.. Nice Fox by the way!!!!
  7. breck

    Re Re Sand Rover

    ooops - deleted
  8. breck

    Super Shot Re Release

    I stand corrected.
  9. breck

    Super Shot Re Release

    Maybe someone should move that 2012 re-release thread in the General section into the proper section?
  10. breck

    Tamiya 2012 Releases!

    I think you will see new box art with the name "Super Hotshot" Just like the decals and the official name
  11. breck

    Super Shot Re Release

    Thanks for the video! Looks like the Supershot decals I still have will come in handy.
  12. breck

    Super Shot Re Release

    I'd assume it's as close to the original as the Hostshot Re-re was. But we can only speculate until it shows itself.
  13. breck

    Super Shot Re Release

    I thought it looked a little to good.
  14. breck

    Super Shot Re Release

    Just a question... Does everyone think that picture on the Blog is the actual re-release or the original?