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  1. Not a tamiya but I worked so long and hard on this video all day I thought you guy's may like it.
  2. Crazy me chasing it all over the place! LOL!!!
  3. Thanks it's great fun! Happy New Year.
  4. Tamiya Suzuki Jimny MF01X ICE FUN!
  5. O yea this little beauty is FUN!!
  6. Yes the gyro makes these works so good!
  7. Hi I could try to show but it was from one of my mirrors I made the part for the exhaust pipe, also the mirrors are mine I make them But did not make any in a long time because they hardly sold... you can see them on my site in the RC section www.pprslots.com
  8. Thank you, I am running the stock silver can motor and 2s Lipo, Mirrors are my custom made Rubber ones I make that I used to sell, and the rear exhaust is drilled through by the joint and has a solid rubber section going through into the other exhaust part CA glued in so when it flips it just bends over and then pops right back up straight. If you look 2 min in the video you can see my mirrors flexing.
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