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  1. The good old tamiya CC01 pajero goes at it again...been running this in the mountains since 2005!
  2. That's great! I CA glue the rubber on to the chassis and I use some light grease on the shock shafts and it makes them work kind of like oil filled shocks.
  3. Hi you can just make 2 small holes in the chassis to tie the string through like in the position you mount the 3rd shock in.... and remember when you tighten the line only tighten it a bit so it don't start compressing the rear shocks...you want it to move nice a freely.
  4. Hi here is how it works as shown in my video. And this shows all lunch box mods and the string mod on the lunch box... but the above video I explain how it works and how to do the mod better.
  5. I never tried any link type system but I did find that the fishing string mod works best even over 5th shock mod.
  6. Here is my grasshopper up close.
  7. This took a long time to edit hope you guy's like it!
  8. Hope you guy's enjoy the video.
  9. Like a lunch box on steroids!
  10. Not a Tamiya but I think it's one of my better videos. Hope you guy's like it!
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