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  1. Thanks so much, this RC Elf is super amazing I don't know how he does it but he's super nice for doing this for guy's in the hobby!
  2. Thanks it was unbelievable! Good guy that RC Elf!!
  3. I got contacted by the RC Elf! WOW what a super cool generous guy! Anyone else get something from the RC Elf ?
  4. Nice new models I sure hope you don't need to disassembly all that stuff and take out two screws like the 4wd version because that's crazy and I think they could have did better on the design to get the battery in and out.
  5. Thanks I also have another trick that works great see this video.
  6. Yes they are great in the ball fields, You should try the kyosho scorpion adaptors I has ampro engineering make that lets you use the scorpions rear wheels and soft tires on the hopper chassis buggies they make them run much better and smoother a bit because the tires are soft with foams in them... check out my other videos that I show the part and run them.
  7. Yeah the ball fields are perfect for all the hopper style buggies they run awesome in them!
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