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  1. Hi the reason a brushless motor coggs is from being over geared, not a good enough battery to supply it with the amps it is drawing, or the motor was overheated and the magnets are weakened or it could be to small of a motor? What size is it does the motor have a finned can because those are 380 sized rotors in a 540 size can they have way less torque, You need the true 540 size can ones without those finned cans.
  2. Those motors are known for running hot and blowing up easy and with a 18t pinion with the big tires I don't think it will do good.. why not buy a cheap brushless combo for like 40 bucks and stick with the stock setup?
  3. Hi I would not do that the motor will run hot and maybe burn up the tires are big on the MP why they use a smaller pinion gear.
  4. Things moving good with this cheap wltoys motor.. motors linked in my video description if you want to try one.
  5. Cool, Yes the radiolink radio is nice with these 2wd cars it works wonders! Hope Santa brings you one!
  6. Hi I have them slightly toed in, this RC naturally fishtails on loose surfaces due to it's locked rear without a diff and will push on high grip surfaces. Check out my other videos with the radiolink radio I put it in and tested it with the gyro system they have and it makes this thing run 100 times better.
  7. Just a nice running video of my scorcher for you guy's.
  8. Hi I usually go with the RC4wd 20 turn crawler motors.👍
  9. Hi I used those cheap RC4wd 20 turn crawler motor on the kit esc's it's a nice upgrade from the silver cans they give you.
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