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  1. Not a Tamiya but I think it's one of my better videos. Hope you guy's like it!
  2. Love mine! Shen RC on youtube search and you will see the hotshot beauty in motion!
  3. Not a Tamiya but a good looking rig!
  4. Looks like snag heaven to me, to much plastic parts hanging super low and the braces on the bottom of the pumpkins who would do such a dumb thing?
  5. Nope looks like plastic as you can see the white colored marks from the spot they trimmed them off a parts tree.
  6. I think if you put the rubber spacers above on the top of the chassis ware the shock rods slide through it helps but you never hardly go in reverse and the front suspension when moving forward works 100 times better than the faulty rear set up.
  7. My honest opinion there is no sense going crazy upgrading the front suspension because no matter what you do to the rear even with the best method I show the fishing string mod the rear suspension never works good it's just a faulty design and the front always works much better than the rear so what's the point upgrading the front?
  8. Midnight pumpkin anyone?
  9. Tamiya the kings of ABS! ...they do use some new plastics some times in kit's now but always still have ABS they really need to start producing all the kits in modern day plastics.
  10. I hate to say this but to me it looks like those cheap china toy crawlers!! everything big and bulky and hanging low... tamiya sorry your way far behind and need new designers!
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