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  1. Hi Guys I have basically a mint Kyosho Terrano and a mint Kyosho 4Runner. Both are the electric versions and 100% complete. I am thinking of selling them as I am clearing out my collection. What will be a realistic price for them. The Terrano still have its original box and manual as well. Regards and thanks for the help. Jakes
  2. My view is : If it says Tamiya - Buy it, if not, write Tamiya on it, then Buy it!!!
  3. Just a quick hello again to TC!!! This sickness just dont leave one alone - keep on resurfacing. Just cant leave the Vintage 3 speeders and Srbs alone. Did some clean-up on my 3 speeders over the last or so year and finished another original Bruiser in Boxart
  4. Hi Willy - Howdy mate / I've almost ended in Canberra LOL!!! Good to hear and see one of the old friends lol!!!
  5. Just a quick Hi to all TC members (again) Been a while since I've been active here. But with the expansion of the family, relocating to a new city (badword packing all the RC stuff), not having place to work with cars kept me out of being active for a while. Now settled and set up again and fully active again. Already increased my collection in my new city (Port Elizabeth, South Africa). My workshop is set up again and cannot wait to do new projects.
  6. Hi Twins Yep - done approx 15 Custom rigs, but started to tune down due to time constraints (The mind dont feel as sharp anymore also!!)
  7. Just a quick note of greeting to all. (esp the older crowd of TC). Been a long time that I was dormant, hopefully I'm be back and a bit more active. Time became just such a scarse commodity - new job, relocating, again new job, relocating again (back) travelling 4 hours per day to work................. Anyway greetings to all Jakes
  8. Hi I have 2 Juggys - Jug 1 and Jug 2 - both excellent condition - have a look in my showroom if interested. Jakes
  9. Have a look in my traderoom for some nip Hilux 4x4 stuff Jakes
  10. Hi Ive listed some NIP tires for the Hilux 4x4 and the Blazing Blazer/WW1 in my traderoom. I ran into a problem with my email and did not had a chancee to reply to all of the queries. All the NIP tire/rims sets are still up for grabs. The NIP Hilux 4x4 bodykit is also again up for sale due to a deadbead buyer asking to keep it for weeks and then dissapearing!! Regards Jakes
  11. Thanx for the nice words - will start showing some new stuff shortly. Jakes
  12. Just a quick Hi to all - New and Old Members here on TC. Hope some of the old ones still remember me LOL!! After almost 14 months of not being active on the forums and with my RC's I'm slowly getting back to fiddeling with them. Main reasons is that after the birth of our twins, time REALLY gor scarce. Now they are 15 months and my hands are itching to get fiddeling again. So many new kits (and ideas from them) in the last 14 months - Wow - Kept my building skills sharp by doing some rigs for acaintances. Cleaning up a bit some of the "will never get to them" projects and is already planning 2 cusom 1:14 rigs. Regards Jakes (from South Africa)
  13. Sorry - I know this may be out of line regarding TC stuff but-- My sincere symphathy to all the English Rugby supporters. Bokke Rule!!!! Jakes (From South Africa)!!!
  14. What I usually tell pll that ask me the elec v/s nitro Q With full batteries you are going to play. - not guarenteed with a full fueltank!!! Jakes
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