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  1. I don't think you got my drift... The Kyosho Optima/Ultima is still very collectible and "special" to you, right? I think you just gave the answer youself! Grtz Dee.
  2. What worries me is that Tamiya still releases old models... Is that a sign for a decreasing market? Why, in the name of...well, let's say "Tamiya", does a company releases an old concept? To please us? I don't think so. Tamiya is a company and needs customers (with money, not vintage collections). It could well be, Tamiya needs cash in this niche market and that's what's, I think, it is all about. So, with the popularity of the vintage SRB's, the SS in particular, it is our own achievement when you think about it... Still, in the years, Tamiya has shown respect to most of the originals (by making small differences to the re-re's, but that makes it even harder to spot an original). The best thing Tamiya did to celebrate their 30th anniversary was the release of the 1/10 Porsche 934 in a special box. It was no re-re, it was a brand NEW design! That's what I like! New and progressive. Even more important: the original is still special! This in contradiction of the re-re of the Black Porsche body which made some of us very, very sick... Another re-re example: why do you think Tamiya still produces the 1/12 Porsche 935 static kit over and over again? because it sells... Only an expert can spot the difference between the boxes. Stop buying it and the RC version will be special again one day... Buy it and Tamiya will not be bankrupt...(I have an eye laying on another niche market called "Märklin"...). Final word: I'm not happy with the re-re's as I go for "original" and therefore "special"... Grtz Dee.
  3. Hmm, I hope they don't use the commmunity Scorcher... Btw: "@54157@@1/10 R/C Touring Car Cockpit Set (Right-Hand Drive) ".... Source: http://www.tamiya.com/english/news/news_ta...air09/news0.htm Grtz Dee.
  4. I reject reality and substitute my own: "They are not gonna re-release the Sand Scorcher-, the Ford Ranger- and the Super Champ-body".
  5. The re-re body has holes for the bodyposts in it, the original doesn't. Otherwise, it's all the same, even the numbers on the sprues. Grtz Dee.
  6. Since today, I can't read the replies given on a subject directly. I didn't change my board settings so that's pretty wierd or am I missing something here?
  7. Thank you very much Jerome! Am I glad I asked this Q, now it makes completely sence! And thx for the link too!
  8. I'm afraid it isn't because the HB/SR have no rubber sealed connectors on the yellow and green wire. Thanks for reply though! I have looked through the very first Tamiyas but after 1982 (Brabham BT-50, #58031), Tamiya stopped using these MSCs so now I'm very curious where this one comes from. The connectors look like coming from later MSCs but still, it looks genuine...
  9. During restoration of some vintage MSC's, I came across this MSC. It has the rubber sealed contacts (connectors) which seems original according to the solder on the bottom of the switch plate. Does anyone know from what car this is or else, where it comes from?
  10. I've tried to change the text in one of my SIGs but all I get is a page error after I hit the "submit changes" button... That goes for all of the SIGs btw.
  11. The voting buttons are already active...is that on purpose?
  12. This is NOT the way mr. Tamiya intended it to be... Grtz Dee.
  13. Ok, this was not a succes... So the Tamiya 1/10 Countach goes to....me. Here are the correct answers: 1. Gazella B5 (BMW 2002) 2. Audi 80 (GT) 3. Spyker C8 4. Jaguar D-type 5. Renault Alpine 6. Mazda RX7 7. Ford Capri (Turbo, Zakspeed) 8. Chevrolet Vega 9. Mercedes 450 (SL) 10. Porsche 934 11. Ford Escort MkII (Zakspeed) 12. Volkswagen Sirocco 13. Lamborghini Murcilago 14. McLaren F1 15. Audi C5 (Coupa) 16. Renault Alpine (1957) 17. BMW M1 18. Audi Coup or C5 19. Mercedes 300 (SL) 20. Shelby Cobra 21. Lamborghini Silhouette. Have a good weekend folks!
  14. Ok, fine with me. I was just asking, no problem mate! Grtz Dee.
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