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  1. Does anybody know the model these carbon damper stays belong to. I wasn't successful with my search attempts up to now. They came along with a used TRF chassis from ebay lately but they don't fit any TA04/05/TBxxx I have or have pics of. If anybody would like to have 'em - just write, they'll come cheap
  2. MSCs - well I hope so, coz I have a large box with unused NIBs of them that sometimes comes near to be thrown away...
  3. They changed the name of the guy - see asterisk at the name and quote at end of article - maybe as a prevention against telephone terror from other RC-enthusiasts - like us 'round here.
  4. Everyone of us who might consider his own vintage RC collection big should click here: http://www.spiegel.de/auto/fahrkultur/0,1518,541223,00.html - Sorry, it's german but well worth a look
  5. Hi, Petrolhead I uploaded some pics to my tcphotos section. See : http://www.tcphotos.com/section.asp?sid=195&secid=493
  6. Hi, Massimo F201 and F103 are completely different. If you try to mount f.e. the Ferrari F2001 to an F103 chassis, you have to: - drill new holes for the rear body posts (no problem) - drill new hole for antenna (no problem) - forget about the F2001 rear wing, use an F103 style rear wing from McLaren oder Ferrari 412T1 or Sauber C12, Ferrari/Williams/Tyrrell023/Mugen JS41 wont fit above the higher F2001 body. - Do some extra lexan work at rear and front suspension - make nose fit the F103 style front wing (high nose type), because F2001 style front wing doesn't fit. There won't be much left of your F2001/Williams BMW or Sauber body kit after all this. A waste of time and money imho.
  7. Sorry to be a nerd - here's a pic of an FF01 and a TA02 rear. As you see, the TA02 rear stabilizers won't fit. The attachment points are on the rear gearbox and the FF01 simply has no rear gearbox. You don't want them anyway, believe me. You need all the grip you can get on the rear of an FF01 car to keep it going where you want it to. http://www.csanders.de/bilder/cars/P5210001.JPG
  8. You'll find the Hop-Up list for the FF01 in some FF01 manuals on this site, f.e. the Volvo 850 (58183), page 19.
  9. Sorry - none of them will fit. Just the hard joint cup set may, if it's the set for a ball diff, if it's a gear diff set, it won't fit either. The rear stabilizers won't even make much sense apart from having no attachment point on the rear.
  10. Felt soooooo sorry about that beautiful red Hilux []
  11. Things are going weird there outside in the bay. See this one http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...me=STRK:MEDW:IT Just thinkin' of buying all of HonkongCowboy's TA03 TRF kits and sell them in pieces on Ebay uK.
  12. Porsche GT2 (TAISAN or PIAA) decals just for making a road-going version would be great. It would be a neat and small package just with the headlights, rear lights, door handles and window frames and more minor stuff. You can still get the GT2 bodies from Tower or the bay but the decals and wing/mirror parts are hard to come by. If you catch an original decal set on Ebay, it's likely to be way above the 20GBP limit.
  13. No, no, Guys I surely remember - it was 42 - or something like 90-60-90. I go ask my wife...[?]
  14. Simple answer : no! A larger spur gear simply wouldn't fit in that gearbox, a smaller gear would implicate the need of more torque from the motor or the use of a smaller pinion. As this is already one of the weak spots of the TA03 you wouldn't want to do this.
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