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  1. Custom 1 off front axle, custom rear axle
  2. Chassis is the same as far as I can tell by comparing it to some other parts from a WR01 chassis I have here.
  3. Thank you very much for the replies, especially the highly detailed one. That was awesome, thank you. I believe I can do as you said easy enough. I've swapped around tamiya parts and kits for years. LOL I'll start rounding up the parts needed as funding allows.
  4. Anyone have the specs? I'm thinking this could be a great match up??? I can't find the wheelbase of the montero any place.
  5. yes, the tires are 1.9 Puller tires by RC4WD Just a little tight stretch onto a 2.0 wheel but completely doable. Chassis is yellow because it is from the Heavy Dump #58622 kit
  6. really like the GF01 chassis, going to grab another soon
  7. that came out really nice, excellent job
  8. that plate looks like one from thundertech racing
  9. Awesome little truck kit. I picked up a tamiya dump truck kit for myself and grabbed a Wild Willy body to make Willy 4wd A 4wd Willy!!!!!!! Going to grab some hop ups and aluminum wheels as well as a cheap BL system as funds allow.
  10. swapped out the tires and wheels on mine Stock tires looked to toy like in person
  11. Bush Devil is basicly the same as a Super Blackfoot Chassis and wheel colors are different, as well as the body but the rest is the same kit
  12. they are usually listed under juggernaut parts Also, they are listed on ebay all the time
  13. what battery connectors? Tamiya-JST type are garbage. Go wit Deans T-type or traxxas Could be the battery is flat, and or the ESC has sen better days and is overworked in this setup
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