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  1. I remember the Holiday Buggy costing me $75 uSD in 1982.
  2. I've got to admit. Very Nice job... Those XC chassis seem to be very versatile.
  3. I did a review on this car awhile back. You can still find parts to restore it pretty readily. It shares the same chassis with the Bear Hawk Blitzer beetle and others. It would be a good car to start with when considering a restoration project. The only thing that you have to be aware is the body around the shock tower. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/car_comment.asp?cid=56
  4. quote: Originally posted by DeeMillerquote: Originally posted by J3cubfan You can not compare restoring a Sand Scorcher or anything else to that of a 1:1 scale vehicle. It just doesn't make sense and trust me, I've tried to justify doing so.[:I]. id="quote">id="quote"> Why not? You have to think bigger, in fact, some models are worth less than the sum of the parts, others aren't. That also goes for RL cars. It's not the size that counts. I only use original screws, washers etc. for my Tamiya-models. I don't make parts myself, because they'll never become the original ones. I did the same thing on my 1982 RX-7, just to keep it original. For instance: I will not put the 13B engine in it, even if it fits with no problems. Early 1979-1985 RX-7's (originals) are worth more than the second generation (1986-1992, "re-release") in means of collectability So to get on topic again, I don't care about re-releases, they're not the originals. Grtz Dee id="quote">id="quote">I agree with you. You could buy a ragged out SRB chassis and sell it for parts and recoup your initial investment and get a little more back. But Where I was going with this was those who are using these cars as an investment instrument would be better suited putting their money in some other financial instruments in my humble opinion. Where I was going with my other point is the re-res can be a mixed blessing. While others state that its affects prices on Ebay and such, it allows those of the buyer, whose not necessarily a collector to purchase one of these cars or it parts and put them toward a current restoration. I made mention of the paddle trac tires for the sand scorcher. Since I don't have a Sand Scorcher anymore, a person restoring one of these cars could conceivable use the re released Grasshopper tires and wheels as part of their restoration process.
  5. I've never owned either, but since I like MOPAR, I'd have to go with the Lunchbox.
  6. I'll bite since one else has. Check on ebay. These things come up all the time. HTH John
  7. I remember reading a thread awhile back regarding these two words, investment and Vintage Tamiya cars. In my opinion, these just don't go together. You can not compare restoring a Sand Scorcher or anything else to that of a 1:1 scale vehicle. It just doesn't make sense and trust me, I've tried to justify doing so.[:I]. I still have mix feelings over the re-res. If one wanted to rebuild a grasshopper or hornet, they could do it relatively inexpensively from just going to ebay. In fact, when I restored my Pajero, most of the parts that I used on that restoration where Grasshopper parts because they where so readily available. None of the re-releases really appeal to me as a collector. I've thinned my collection out quite abit and only kept the two or three cars that I had when I was in my childhood. What does appeal to me with the re-res are the fact that I could buy the frog not because of the kit itself, but I could turn it into a BRAT. My kids constantly ask me what I did for fun when I was a kid. Well the hornet and grasshopper are certainly a great why to spend time with the kids. It allows them to learn about basic mechanics and you get to relive your childhood experience.... So while my thoughts on these are mixed, I'd have at it. So looking at the re releases I can see both sides of the coin.
  8. I've got some mixed feelings on the re releases. When I found out that the hornet and grasshopper where going to be re released, the main thing that came to my mind was, I wonder if the tires where going to be the same as the originals. You know those paddle trac tires that upon until now where fetching about $80 usd for rear and $40 usd for the fronts. Well I was delighted to see that the re-re's fit just as good as the originals. As for the SS thread. I am glad I read it when I did. I would have been suckered into believing it as well. As for what Tamiya has re released, I am not a lunch box/willies fan. I have a Grasshopper and parts for those where never really that expensive to begin with. There was always a glut of these on Ebay. In fact the only thing that was expensive where the wheels and tires. As for the Frog. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one those not because I like the Frog persay, but because I can build a Brat out of it. That is assuming that they are using the same set of chassis parts etc that they did 20+ years ago.
  9. I just ran across this thread. Do you have any "B" parts for the Holiday buggy? Thanks John
  10. Hello all: I am looking for some "B" parts for the holiday buggy. Mainly the rear posts(B8) and front clip(B3). If you have some spares let me know. I've got cash waiting. Thanks John
  11. Holiday buggy body posts and front clip. Plenty of tires and you even see a body come up every once in a while
  12. quote:Originally posted by Dephcon5Changed my mind, 3 speed would be nice, but out of reach for a few. My vote is for the Sand Rover. That is an easy re-release and what a fun little buggy! id="quote">id="quote">You beat me to it. I've always thought that these would make a nice complement to the Holiday buggy. I'd do mine up in a nice clear coat camel yellow....
  13. This might have been covered already, but here goes. I have a Tamiya Holiday Buggy that I am about finished with the restoration and noticed that some of the parts, mainly the front clip and rear body posts are brittle and easily break. I was wondering how reproduction parts would hold up. I thought about making these out of resin. Anyone have experience making reproduction structural parts?
  14. quote:Originally posted by Shodogthese are on ebay now. I bought a frog and rough rider yesterday id="quote">id="quote">You mean that the Rough Rider has been re-released. I know the frog and Grasshopper both have been.
  15. I've gotta say, its looks great. The silver wouldn't have look too shabby either...
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