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  1. I was just looking through the car details section in search of a TA03 imprezza i used to have. I cant find it! The only TA03's that i can see listed of the ones like TA03-F, pro etc. None with just TA03 which is what i had. I have searched all the listings that have imprezza as their title but they arent the right chassis either. The standard TA03 had a front mounted motor if that helps anyone. I wanted to check out the manual but i cant see it [] Any ideas what i am doing wrong?
  2. If you dont have a comm lathe, a bit of fine "wet and Dry" sandpaper and a drill also work. Remove the armature (the big long thing inside the motor) and grip the longest end of the silver rod in the drill. Turn on the drill and touch the paper onto the gold bit on the top until its clean. Keep the pressure even. Once its all gold with no black, its done. When finished, take a fine screw driver or a knife blade and clean out the 3 slots between each gold piece. Check there are no sharp edges and re-assemble. Always use NEw brushes when rebuilding and the old ones are out of shape and dirty. A comm lathe is better but this way costs nothing and is nearly as good. If your gold thing is black, you need to do this.
  3. I see no problem with sniping accounts, they can really help out if you get busy. I use auctionsniper.com and got a 100% perfect service from them. Never heard of the one you are using though.
  4. quote:I have been using an LRP Sportpack 2100 battery id="quote">id="quote"> Problem is in the name [] (sport) Thesis: quote:Whats the best way to charge the Nimh accu's??? I just bought two of them so want to be sure how to charge them.... id="quote">id="quote"> Just get a charger with variable peak detect and tun the setting down. A nimh pack is charged when it gets warm. Excess charge only gives heat, not power to the pack.
  5. Just buy the wheels www.modeltech.co.uk sell. They can be boiled off with a guarentee you wont distort them. They are super rigid as well so helps you setup the car as its one less variable to worry about. Not bad for the price really as they should in theory last for as many sets of tyres as you can use!
  6. I just plug and play, buts thats just me. I do however only use good cells and a good charger and have never had any problem. When the cells deteriate, i just chuck them and buy more. Its only money []
  7. do a search for neo shot. There was a thread a while back and should still be there.
  8. Anyone got one spare in their box they would like to sell or donate? Just broke the rear one and i really want to keep the thing original for running (dont want to use modern hex types) If someone could help me out that would be great.
  9. quote:My be those chemicals were there for deicing the treet? id="quote">id="quote">it would also destroy the rubber tyres of the cars. Caustic lime would be my bet.
  10. At £17.50 its no big deal. It will save him the listing fee plus final fee but thats not very much on that amount. Might as well go for it but if he has others, they must be going on auction soon anyway so you could just wait. Your call of course.
  11. quote:As funny as it may sound to US people, jeep is used in some languages as a car category, so ppl ask whats that jeep? - its a Nissan... LOLCheers id="quote">id="quote">Same can be said for land rover as well i find.
  12. If you can change the timing, it will have 2 screws in the top. When you slacken them a few turns, the top part of the motor should be able to be turned in either direction. If you turn it too far, the motor will spark alot inside with yellow sparks. Blue sparks are good and some tiny yellow is also fine.
  13. quote:Would n't it have been easier to have bought an Emaxx?id="quote">id="quote">Got one of them as well. I use the t maxx at the park but its much better than the emaxx in the garden and there is no annoying battery to charge every 5 minutes.
  14. Just seen this on ebay, i hope they are not a sign of things to come from Tamiya [] I think i preffer plastic...
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