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  1. j hersman

    big rig tranny

    one more question, do i have to buy it in peices, or can i buy it complete? i tried to get the part numbers from tamiyaclub but this webtv **** gets to blurry to read the pages at max size. thanx for the help, jason
  2. j hersman

    big rig tranny

    thanks for the info, $90 isnt that bad. there arent any hobby shops around where i live so i guess ill have to get it directly from tamiya. thanks, jason
  3. j hersman

    big rig tranny

    does anyone know where i could get just the 3spd tranny. ive tried tower hobbies but they dont list it, any ideas on where else to check? thanx
  4. j hersman

    It's not tamiya but funny!!

    once youve been accepted you can change you email address back to private. cant understand why they had to make it such a pain in the a**