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  1. wow this is still going on [], this was going on when i left a year ago i think [8D]
  2. right! 2moz im spending the day getting the subaru back up and running... was gunna sell it but i dont want to now [] i may even get another one... offroader so if ne1 has got a CHEAP chunky tyred tamiya, message me
  3. hi, guys its been oooo a year since i was on here. im getting the subaru back up and running soon so will be back on here. since ive been gone ive got a mini and am active on www.miniresource.com laters
  4. im a mini owner, check me out at www.emmbrook.tk lewis
  5. aswell as my subaru i also have a nice collection of lledo vanguard models. here is just some of them; anyone else have any of these? Lewis
  6. quote:Originally posted by Gates Mini RacingMinis by the sea is on on the 7th September, at Steyne gardens Worthing, West Sussex. Just thought you might like to know, there is no need to book or anything... It is run by the West Sussex miniowners club, so may be a goodf place for any advice you might need... id="quote">id="quote">6th sept, damm im busy that day[V] oh well im going to the gaydon museum on the 5th oct for Mini Day which is the day after my birthday. Anyway it should be fun. Lewis
  7. where abouts is it, i would like to go! lewis
  8. ok i have my new digital camara now (Fuji finepix F401) so here are some pics of the mini in question. Before Cleaning Up; http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...200393635_3.jpg http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...200393635_4.jpg http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...200393635_5.jpg After Cleaning, now looks very shinny (thanks to lots of T-cut!); http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...200393635_1.jpg http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...200393635_2.jpg What do you think?!?!?!? Lewis
  9. quote:Before i had them referbished they were on my mates 1978 850, he had it resprayed ferrari yellow and it looked the buisness!Personally i dont like the original trim&wheels they make it look like a grannys car, bet it wont be long before you start modifying yours. Only standard MK1 minis are worth any real value. id="quote">id="quote">yer i know mine aint worth much, but i really like keeping it looking standard im not into wide wheels etc
  10. revolutions would not look rite on my mini as it is a true 1977 classic. also i have not got any money left. thanks anyway lewis
  11. hello people, im back! i have been so busy polishing up my mini that i have not been on here for a while. The mini looks very shinny now and is a gr8 buy. in answer to tamiyanewbie's question i am 16 but im 17 very very soon hoooorrrraaa. lewis
  12. woooo i have a new car which i got on ebay today. the link is http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...&category=43123 and its a bit of a bargin. lewis
  13. im 16, soon to be 17! nearly a year since i joined now [:0] your rite time flies lewis
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