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  1. Thanks for that! My kit was second hand, with the chassis built, and the note regarding te servo msut have got lost. However, those servo's mentioned are even more expensive (altough some have very nice specs!). Why is this type of servo so darn pricy, what's so special???
  2. I have trouble finding a alternative servo for the TamTech series. Normal type servo's don't fit and the smaller types I have, have a too small output gear... Is buying the expensive and average TSU-02 from Tamiya the only remedy or are there others that fit?? I'm nearly done with my TamTech Porsche (incl. many goodies) and the steering servo is the last thing holding me back!
  3. Just a quicky. The TamTech gear chassis kit includes CVA dampers, which in pictures seem to be black (and much like stock?). Now when I try to buy them seperately, they are blue... I really want to get my hands on the black ones for a project. Anyone knows where to get them? Or is there anyone who has them leftover from upgrading to alu?
  4. Thanks for the illustrated explanation. Even though I already knew exactly what I wanted, only couldn't find it on eBay... [] My mini looks exactly like the M-01 box art. But the M-03 RTR's have the 55D tires again, and a body exactly like the M-01 (minus paint). I wondered if this body was also avaliable in clear... I would fit it to my M-03 mini and fit the 55D tires. The green one would also be an option, but I want clear windows and green metallic, just like the real deal. My car looks a lot like this:
  5. As the title said: Where to get the Mini Cooper M-03 RTR body in UNpainted form? It's the same as the old M-01 body as far as I can tell. Yes, I know the painted ones are our there and look pretty good, but I really want an unpainted one to match my real car! []
  6. I can recommend you the Walkera 4, it's cheap and very robust as it's fixed pitch. Had more fun out of it then my larger CP heli, a Graupner Micro Star 400, very similar to the one you show. With the Micro Star 400, a hard landing is $20, and a fairly hard crash will be $50, apart from all the work it takes to fix it every time. But with the Walkera 4 a hard landing is usually no damage, a big crash likely not even $10! Get a lot of spares just in case and start practise! Also fit a few decent servo's, even the cheap transparent blue ones on eBay are good. It will set you back $10 for 2, but you will get a much better controlable machine... [] I must say the Micro Star can also be fun, but if I look back, I probably would never had bought it as it so far cost me an arm and a leg without enjoying a great deal of flying...
  7. I'm looking for the new TamTech CVA dampers. I haven't found them yet for sale seperately, but the GB-01 chassis-only kit seems to have them? Preferable lightly used or new. I'm also looking for a set of Frog driveshafts and cups, from the 1/10 re-release version (not Tamtech), also lightly used or new. []
  8. It's a shame he left you so soon in such unforunate way. Hopefully soon, you can celebrate all he has given you and be left with good memories of your beloved Tamiya. He will be re-released in heaven now, and live on with Shunsaku. May he rest in peace. []
  9. It's great to hear Tamiya is trying to unite the old and new into a new blend of scale looking AND driveable RC cars.
  10. I just noticed the same thing and wanted to report it - untill I saw this thread. I have the exact same problem updating my Sand Rover body resto...
  11. I believe the XC's all have oil filled CVA shocks, but the (pre-assembled) XB versions come with friction shocks. This can be easily upgraded though.
  12. Don't put on the Speed tuned gears, as this will only change the gear ratio unfavorably. The Stadium Raider already has problem with the bigger wheels, Speed tuned gears will only decrease the ratio and worsen this. I'd stick with the ball bearings, oil damers, and perhaps a motor with high torque (27 turn stock? Tamiya Super Stock type TZ?), and the ESC which you have (or better, if required). Universal shafts in front are also recommended, and depending on use, locked diffs (crawling) or ball diffs (higher speed use). This is about all you'll ever need, carbon and lightweight parts are quite useless on a simple vehicle like this.
  13. The box says: Made in Italy...? Also in the French and German description is mentions it has a coupé body style... The point I understand the least is the use of threads like these... [:S]
  14. Just tried, works perfect, thank you yet again Chris! []
  15. Next time you install the 17 turn motor, use a pinion with around 18t, otherwise the car will be overgeared, overloading you motor, ESC, and battery.
  16. Even I, as a younger generation in TC, hold dear memories of the Tamiya catalogues. I used to look at the King Blackfoot, Subaru Imprezza, and Porsche 993 GT1. And all the other colorfull cars. Maybe not the trivial Sand Scrochers and Frogs for me, but still the idea is the same. When I bought a Holiday Buggy from a flea market, I was hooked even more. Especially after finding out it is a Tamiya, and a lot older then me! This was mainly due to Theo's site - I remember downloading the big images with my slow modem connection, in order to find info on this old car. []
  17. I think the Super Clod Buster (kit 58321) was the last to come with MSC untill now, but it is not visible in the catalogue (as there is no chassis pic), only in the manual, so not sure if that counts to the exact definition of the question. In the 2006 Catalogue, Twin Detonator (kit 58309) is clearly shown with MSC, you can see the orange unit and the resistor clearly on the chassis. Also the earlier Wild Dagger and TXT-1 are shown with MSC.
  18. Hot off the press! My secret contact has told me an improved version of the Dark Impact has been released, and it will be avaliable from Tower Hobbies. [] http://www2.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...LLM9&P=7%22http://www.modelsport.co.uk/?CallFunction=ShowSpecification&ItemID=24407&menu_path=NWM'>
  19. I have 2 ESC's without instructions, a LRP runner reverse and a Futaba MC230CR. The LRP seems to have no brake, it just slams in reverse. I'm pretty sure it should have a brake as it is a car ESC, not boat. The Futaba now seems to have a brake, but no reverse - is this broken or is it wrong setup? I think I changed the setup, as it used to have forward and reverse, without brake. Is there a way to setup the ESC so it has both brakes and reverse? Sorry for the silly beginners questions, but any advice woudl be helpfull.
  20. Yes, M-03 has the 60D tires while the M-01 mini has 55D tires. The number refers to the outer diameter of the tire, inner diameters are the same. My HPI tires are 57mm outer diameter, so should not be used with M-01 shell as even the stock tires already tend to rub the shell on mine! The chassis of the M-03 shares many parts with FF-02, but only common parts like driveshafts and diff with M-01. M-01 is virtually the same as M-02 though, except for steering rod and assembly. M-04 is again a whole different animal than M-03. Although suspension and gearbox (except for housing) are the same. Indeed, the M-chassis with 4 dampers handle better, but that said they are much newer designs and therefore nothing else should be expected. Dee, please double check in the future before you jump to conclusions and tell others they are wrong, this is not the first time. Also, measuring the body in uncut form doesn't tell all, you must cut the body first as the removed area may be a little different in height between 2 bodies.
  21. That's a common mistake, I have seen it before on the Dirt Trasher as well, which is a similar chassis, but has no universals so the effect is even more dramatic. Glad you've already solved it now. []
  22. Fit should be pretty close for the Corrola and other TA-03RS and FS shells, but not perfect. Their wheelbase is 237mm, not 245mm. If you are going for scale looks, you will notice those 8mm. Also the VR6 is the Golf III, not the Golf IV, these are different shells. Only the Golf IV has 245mm wheelbase, the VR6 should be standard length AFAIK.
  23. Nice pictures and event mr. Grahoo, I am very impressed. This event has 'an air of love and happyness' as the Fresh Prince would say. Pure uncomplicated fun, not stressed and professional like virtually all races these days. Even Woody from Toy Story was featured. I would really love to join you one day and race with you on such wonderfull event!
  24. Only Golf IV and Clio were short (245mm) wheelbase, but the chassis can indeed be converted. Compare the manuals of normal and short FF where the rear end is built, you should be able to see what mr. pushrod means. Manuals can be found in the manuals section on the homepage.
  25. The parts arrived 17-1-2006, mroe then 2 weeks which is quite long. I could not find any shipment date or anything on the parcel, so I am not sure whether it's the postal office or Dinbal who is the slow factor... Dinball is not very bad, but must say I prefer most other HK and Japan sellers.
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