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  1. Wow this is brilliant. Err not what's going but how useful your info is! My son has split up with his girlfriend so they are leaving their flat but the agent hasn't received the deposit from the landlord so it hasn't been "stored" or protected. They are waiting to see what happens to it... The landlord seems like a nice Guy but they only have hope and faith when it comes to getting their money back... well without any hassle anyway. I'm also a landlord on another property, Simon Clark the agent sent me all the details about the new laws in detail so I sent the deposit to them and they placed in one of the schemes you mention, can't remember which without looking it up. It seemed to be the best choice all round at the time. I paid a small fee for the service. They even mentioned that I could do it all myself but I happily opted to use them for a fee. Thanks for the heads up, my son may well be needing the info in the next few weeks. I will give him a copy of your post. BTW I am still using the caddy shack cotton bud repair method! Thanks again Dino.
  2. You know the people who restore 1:1 Tanks and military aircraft? I think there's a couple of shows on the Discovery channel... Anyhow an amazing bunch of Guys. Some of them even have paid staff to hunt down rare WW2 hardware on their behalf. Some of my favourite shows in fact. Nice, I mean it, nothing wrong with that, I make models of the same because I can't do what they do period. No contest there mate. But just imagine if these type of Guys, who know our military history better than most, and as it seems they have... let's say a certain view of life, turned their attention, and of course a lot of their hard earned cash and valuable time to the rapid development of practical road going EVs. Call them unmanned AFVs and put a 50cal with a night sight on them if you like Guys but please get on with it... That would produce something really viable, call it "potent" if you like in no time at all. Do I have an extreme view? Maybe. I only mean that during a war anything that hurts our enemies should be used as a weapon. The West not needing their oil anymore will certainly will do them a serious mischief. Developed EVs would at least provide that. Now there's a weapon. We can't even mention our enemies names yet alone criticsize any so called religion that kills in the name of God or any creed that just wants to behead you because you in their "culture" are regarded lower than a pig. Even that last sentence may be modded, I hope not. If it does serves me right. If I sound crazy about this excuse me... for personal reasons my thoughts are in the sandpit at the moment. However, as I am in the world and not stuck in the sandpit, I would love that to stop, bring all our boys home and have an EV that does over the ton with spare replacement battery packs in the boot. Metered kerbside EV juicing points, maybe placed in street lights or similar would be nice as well. Maybe I want too much... But I want.
  3. The hybrids we can buy at the moment are a total cop-out but at least something of a slow start for the more pious among us. Amen. We all know that genuine EVs have been kept back in their development. We need to make that ground up. Mind-set is important. What we need is a price war. If America had to pay what we pay in Europe for gas then I think we may just get one... If Iran gets mullered by Israel and/or USA as promised by CNN, the price of a barrel will go seriously up again. The only good thing I can think of is that Europeans are used to it, we have smaller cars and biodiesels already... But as it seems that most people can't get on with EVs, maybe we should all buy a bicycle? We have two wars going on at the moment, our addiction to oil and the power that oil gives may well lead us into another one in Iran. That makes three wars at the same time, here in the UK we have a "part time" Defence secretary Des Brown, google him up he will make you smile. I wonder what he does on his time off? Motor sports?
  4. Oh... I thought it was another ebay contest for a minute... But I see Lorrie had her hair done just for me! Wow! The only thing is she is playing to hard to get and I have to wait until october... Sorry love it might be a bit too late to rekindle our love by then. Where's Richard he was more my type. At least I knew what was happening to me with him. Maybe Lorrie has taken over the impaling department from Richard? Do boardroom politics have a "you keep what you kill policy"? Oh no you don't think Lorrie looked up "bottle of glass" do you? It seems that they are feeling the pain of withdrawal. Keep it up Guys, I am sure that letting them know how we all feel by withholding our hard earned cash, well for a while anyway, must really hurt. Good! UP THE WORKERS!
  5. Err.. an Imperial gallon is x1.2 more than a US gallon so if you used Brit gallons you would get some more mpg but only x1.2 more... We have some very economical cars here in Europe. The Smart petrol version can do over 65 miles for one of her Royal Majesties Imperial gallons! The only trouble is that it costs us nearly 6 GBP a UK gallon, that's about $11.50 USD. Ok we get x1.2 more volume so I reckon adjusted that's about $9.50 USD a US gallon. I think you Guys pay about $4 USD for a US gallon am I right? I haven't had my cup of morning joe yet and my maths may well be out but I think I'm close enough. So now it seems that we pay more than double per equal volume of gas than America... Holy cow! Now you know why electrics are starting to look rather tasty over here old chap! Tally ho!!
  6. Something has changed somewhere Ryan... I have received an email from paypal just a day after I spent some money on a private selling site on the web and paid using paypal. The email says that six lucky business or premier account ebayers will have their ebay and paypal fees completely paid for a year as long as I, and the other five lucky members start listing and selling goods on ebay again! Register now! I'm soooo lucky! WOW! not... At first glance it uses the old "heart stopper" trick where you think you have won but then it turns out to be something else. That's illegal on scratch cards but not so in an ebay "contest" it seems. I read on... Ahh... the terms and conditions are that I must accept only paypal and then some kind of "contest" will apply.... So way further down the page it seems it must be the "best" sellers and the decision only lies with ebay.spa or something.. I don't know how to cut and paste it on to here, yeah I know, otherwise I would... err... is his name Richard? Head of shafting at ebay must be having second thoughts about the "new and improved" regime at the bay. Maybe with all our moaning and so many people voting with their feet he's dropped his bottle! (Bottle of glass, look it up America.) Oh btw Richard, Great Overlord and Head of Shafting my heart didn't miss a beat! Nice try though mate! If anyone fancies posting the rules on here I can try to email the rules to them, sorry I don't know how to cut and paste, resize my photos or do my times tables either, I'm the more artistic lover type! Maybe Richard can help me out... he seems like a nice Guy.
  7. Just read the comments on your link and someone has said that if we all fill up at the socket the government will find a way to tax that, so what's new?
  8. I agree completely. Not only can we control the pollution at the stack better, as new methods of producing a current are introduced i.e. waste and cardboard burning, new hydro dams or even Fusion in the future it can be added to the grid... Sounds good to me, plug me in! Yes the prius is a compromise, but I do remember my first moped a Yamaha 50cc FSIE, such a great little bike that I have bought quite a few new yammies since... the trade call it brand loyalty loss leading, "get 'em young and you've got 'em forever"... whether you make a profit on that loss leading model or not. Maybe that's what Toyota is doing whilst using some design compromise just to get it onto the larger "how fast does it go" market. Clever. I would love a Nexus EV that goes as well as the GM EV1. Are you reading this Mr Toyota? There must be more mass produced EVs in the pipeline, I think someone somewhere is missing a lot business at the moment, but what do I know? With Diesel pushing 6 a gallon (UK) I think there might be an orderly queue forming outside the dealers as we speak but all the salesmen are all still in bed! Wake up Guys you've got some extras to sell!
  9. Very nice! Can't think of a better option for the money, the g-wiz is way too small and flimsy, the smart looks great and is crash tested. No contest. In a perfect world I would prefer a more general purpose 5 door fiat Panda size myself but the smart 3 door size would be fine especially around town. Are they available in RHD? There is also a UK company that offers a EV conversion from a petrol smart but the costs seem high... oh well. Mass production will bring the cost down. I am holding out hoping that there will be a masive demand for EVs so we all can enjoy the fun but at a reasonable cost. I would love to buy a 4x4 panda style EV with or without an optional small 500cc biodiesel or similar backup for.. lets say... double the petrol version price as the EV savings would repay most of the price quite quickly. Hopefully one of the big producers might have one on trail as we speak... dream on. The prius also seems to fit the bill, I mean people want to buy them which helps. It hangs on to the petrol performance which some people must have. Maybe that's the way, whatever works, we have to give up oil and get our boys out of the sandpit. Why isn't Bono or Geldorf pushing this?
  10. Didn't know about the law but as Terry states UK Banks certainly charge for IBAN BIC tranfers. I seem to remember that there is a set charge regardless of the amount sent, so sending 30000 costs the same as sending 50, about 30 ish. Unlike European Banks British Banks don't charge for regular services (yet) like maintaining your account and sending your statements etc., they make their money on tranfers and overdraft charges... They all seem to be the same when it comes to these charges with only the "Nationwide Building Society" and the "Post Office Bank" being the only two not charging for using your cards abroad... and that's only when you take the card to a foreign country yourself on holiday or whatever. Even these two competitive Banks charge for IBAN tranfers.
  11. I have been searching for the 1970s EV and it might have been the "Impact", precurser to the GM EV1 but I seem to remember another... mmm.. However while searching I discovered that there EVs were being made in 1900 and Galt produced their "Gas Electric" car in 1914! That must have been the first crime scene. The EV killers even made the people of my Greatgrandfather's time victims!
  12. I seem to remember a car that had something like a 350cc 2 stroke engine and an electric motor back in the 70s but I can't recall the name... Anyone? Yes the 1970s... maybe that was the first killing and they got a taste for blood and PCBs... Even then it was put up against a 911 and won outright on the .25 mile dragstrip at least. I know that 2 strokes wouldn't be possible now but what about a little biodiesel or bioethanol burner instead? Toyota seem to think it's a good idea... 35 years later! I hate us all being taken as fools and what the electric car murderers have done is just that! There are serial EV killers on the lose and with oil @ $150 plus a barrel they will kill again trust me. There is just too much money involved, they won't be able to resist! Watch this space, it won't be long before they tell us not to panic again and to wait a bit longer as Hydrogen cells will available in another 10 or 15 years. They have been spoonfeeding us that nonsense again and again for years... In the meantime buying those new fossil fuel cars... It just keeps them killing.
  13. Control pollution at the stack. Nuclear or coal while it lasts. Wind and solar more than welcome. Guys our expectations have got to change... Think of it as a race, using only what you've got, it will come to that one day and it's not that far off. Anyhow I love FAST electric cars! Vipers suck! Tzero is da BOMB!
  14. I don't know much about art but I like the tzero..... It blew away a Viper over a .25 mile, a Viper ate it's dust.. Wow that takes some doing... for an electric car... Where are the electric cars? It's all on youtube,,, I love the tzero...
  15. I have been watching "Who killed the electric car?" film on the web, man when are the politians going to start working for us instead of themselves? As RC nutters we all know that 1:1 electrics are very possible. Whoever put the kibosh on ebay would you please do the same to the people who killed the electric car. Thank you.
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