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  1. Hi Guys, I've just finished the gloss coat on a new Hilux body which I bought to go on a Mountaineer chassis. I've discovered that there is a little more difference than I anticipated to the Mounty and I really need the body instructions to avoid making a foul up with the different screws. Could some one be kind enough to scan and mail me a set or drop the lot on to the site? PLEASE!! Cheers.
  2. I have dealt with Myles on many occasions and he has always sorted out the odd hic-cough in a friendly and helpful manner. I'm sure that he will look after you!
  3. Untouched body and decals just arrived all the way from Canada.... Thanks Stu.
  4. Oh, that's very, very nice! Original or restored? Whatever, to die for. But your father in law looks a tad young to be driving?
  5. Used to drive a 1995 Tahoe....pretty unusual in the UK....trouble is those that drive the mobile chicanes (BMW's) did not seem to appreciate how fast it went and were always in the way. On reflection, they are always in the way! The new model looks very well. If that's my 'Vette you are referring to, the colour was known as 'Steel Cities Grey' in 1971.
  6. 2,548cc to be precise, single cam in the centre of the banks, with short pushrods and hemi heads. Revs easily up to 6,000 (and beyond) and sounds oh so sweet.
  7. And here's another V8, designed by a gentleman called Edward Turner, 140bhp 0-60 in about 8.5 seconds, 130 ish top speed, nothing special today, but it was pretty nippy in 1958....in fact the Met Police used them! I've owned this since 1974. Was my daily driver for 9 years......the wife goes before this baby!
  8. My big toy......better than any other form of entertainment known to man...honest!
  9. Mine is original, unmolested, never run and has an aluminium chassis...and is resident in England.
  10. I need to learn how to post pics....tried and failed....so here is a link http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...0&sid=11064 See if that works!
  11. I'm confused .... my 911 has an aluminium chassis...
  12. I'd like that ..... but too rich for me.....any one got wheels and tyres?
  13. Just browsing and was stunned to see that Countach bodies are still available.....I don't suppose I would be so lucky for body, accessories and decals for a 911 Flatnose? Who to ask??
  14. I hate to admit it, but I'm just building one of these, and I am struggling with the servo installation, the chassis is a professional 735 and I have the servo installation kit 722, but there does not appear to be room to install the servos! Regretably the instructions are less than helpful! Any guidance hugely appreciated.
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