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  1. Thanks guys! There is alot of wires when you run lights but it's worth it. I need to change the servos in my Ford F-350 with the sound system and hate to tackle the wire nightmare. I have a Knight Hauler with sound and needs to be painted now. It'll just take time. I'll try and do a small video once this is complete showing all the lights. Tamiya kits are so addictive. Cory
  2. Hey guys. Getting Close. Installing the lights now. The clearance lights, horns, windshield and mirrors are next. All the decals are on. I have all the rear lights, backup lights, tail lights and blinkers working. I'm just using a cheap basic light unit off ebay. I'll post a picture of it. The transmission gave a few fits. The shift servo was buzzing in first and third gear and when I set the travel out to quiet it up it wouldn't engage. I removed the small springs on front and back on shift rod. Now it shifts smooth and no noise from the servo. Tamiya made these shift rings different from the old King Hauler. Wonder why they just don't update all instead of making two different ones. Here's some pic's. Cory
  3. I have not seen any of these 1/10th chassis for sale. I had a 1/8th scale TGX back in the 90's and that was a great car and simple chassis. Had the 2 speed on it. I ran that car everyday that I could. Now everything is electric. I don't know what the neighbors would say if I got another nitro car. Haven't ran a nitro car in about 14 years. I have Giant scale gas planes but they are flown at the club field. Cory
  4. Hey Tamiya Fans! Just started building my Matte Black Grand Hauler. I had MCI do the decals in a custom color and a matte finish to go with the truck finish. Let me know what you think. Here's the decals. I'll post some more of the build and I will just be adding a basic light kit.
  5. Yes. I bought some extensions and cut them in half and solder a male end on each and plug them into a 3way Y-Harness then plug that into the receiver. Sometimes I use a electronic on/off swith to turm them on and off via the remote. The LED's are 5mm on the Clod grille. I just tack in with hot glue to hold them. Here's some links to the lights. They come 20 to a bag and only 7 bucks. They also come in 3mm. They're good from 5v to 12 volt. These are all on amazon. I used them on the Clods, Comical cars, and made some light kits for Trail Trucks and working on another semi truck kit. Let me know if you need anything else. LED Lights, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08G4ZZ8BG/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_5?smid=A14FP9XIRL6C1F&psc=1 300mm Extension https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01LA9YDEI/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_3?smid=A1BZIHZ1Q03R2Z&psc=1 4 Way servo extension, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07W9DMBXF/ref=ox_sc_saved_image_2?smid=A1THAZDOWP300U&psc=1 Electronic on/off switch, https://www.amazon.com/Apex-RC-Products-Electronic-Channel/dp/B07BKSGW3D/ref=sr_1_2?crid=WJVTOTE8EOJ3&keywords=electronic+on%2Foff+switch+for+rc&qid=1674005279&sprefix=electronic+on%2Foff+switch+for+rc%2Caps%2C124&sr=8-2 Cory
  6. This truck looks good. I was thinking of Getting one. Those shocks worked out really good. The RTR have small shocks. The kit version look like they sit up good, but with after market tires you probably need this shocks.
  7. RustyHunter, great looking truck. The chassis looks sweet
  8. I just Buy the Chezron LED bulbs off Amazon and make mine own. The have a resistor already on them and just plug straight into the receiver or add a on/off switch. I use Rock light kits from Club 5. Looks cool. I use a 3 way Y-Harness to plug all in into a 3 channel receiver. Cory
  9. This ClodBuster looks so good I bought another one, so I have two new in box, one Super Clod and a Black Edition in the box. I just finished building a Blue Super Clod which is getting the MCI original Clod decals put on it. It should look sweet. Love the Clods and the HW ESC is so nice in these. Cory
  10. Nice looking Truck. All details are excellent. The body looks fantastic. Cory
  11. Hey. there! Finally got mine done and some good weather to paint the body. Love Tamiya paints as they are easy to use, dry fast and look good. I painted the body and decaled it all in the same day. Running stock motors, THW880 esc which is great. Spektrum SR315 receiver, radio is a Spektrum DX5Pro, steering servo is a JX Servo BLS-HV7146MG 46kg Brushless off Amazon. Awesome servo. Led lights in the grille, made a tail lamp holder out of poster board and rocks lights from Club 5. Lights have resistors already soldered in so they can just plug right into the receiver. It's a 9 out of 10. I nicked the hood and the paint was soft. I dabbed it and will try again. Need a decal or two to place on the hood. I didn't paint a few things on the body. Love the color. I had a cut to size aluminum poster frame made so I could display the box art. Cory
  12. Those are great trucks. I have the painted chevy and the TH1 kit that I need to paint yet and decal. I'll have to get some pic's up. Cory
  13. I would think it would. I ordered a bearing kit from FastEddys. Kit is set to arrive Febuary. Cory
  14. I doubt it. Tower price was like 230 I think. I have a sealed set coming and have the rest of the stuff already for it. Just need the kit now. Cory
  15. I'm having the same problem. Windows 10 and it won't reset my password. Not sure what the heck is the problem. No one answers the email I send either about the problem logging in. I get into the forums ok. Cory
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