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  1. Hey. Yeah I'll be starting on it soon. Just finishing up a Black King Hauler. I'm doing my own light kit on it just didn't want the sound system. I have a Knight Hauler with sound. Got a Tanker and Semi Trailer to build as well. I'm gonna be busy. These trucks are so fun to build. I'll post some when I get it going.
  2. Wow! The color on this longer chassis pops. Love it. Good job. I've got a Matte Black one to build and a standard kit that will be box art. The King Hauler decals look good though.
  3. Going to be a great truck to have in my collection. I ordered two. One will be a runner / display truck. I too think it's only available from Tower.
  4. Looks good. It takes alot of work to restore these trucks. I did 24 back in the early 2000's. Replated everything and bead blast the aluminum parts, brass and cast parts to give a nice shiny appearance. I got burned out after about 5 years doing this. I still run one old Hilux 4x4 and a Bruiser from the mid 90's. They will last a lifetime if you take care of them. Cory
  5. Looks Fantastic! I pre ordered from Tower. I think maybe I'll just apply the decals to the gray body and maybe clear it? Tamiya doesn't even show on their site. I bet they go fast. May have to get two.
  6. Hey Astute Fans. This will be my first Astute. I pre ordered the painted and trimmed body version from Tower Hobbies. Have the electronics for it and the pre painted version of the Avante too. I think this 2wd buggy is gonna look sweet in person. Cory
  7. I have a few framed and hung up. Once I hung them all in the garage on the walls before I had the garage walls textured and painted. I threw them all into recycle. It takes alot of room to keep them all. I need another shelf rack to store cars and trucks on. I'll take them down to work and store them until I figure it out. Cory
  8. I have a ton of empty boxes. I guess I will pitch them all. No room to keep them. I know the Tamiya ones are neat and stuff but gotta go. I have them all stacked up around my weights. I will take them to work and put them into a storage trailer probably until I decide. Cory
  9. The older Mountaineer was different. The newer Mountain Rider is the same. Only difference is the High Lift Hilux comes with smoked chrome, and a green tinted window. The Mountain Rider and Bruiser have a slight tint to them. To get one of these bodies you'll need all the parts to complete. It's about $125-140 us. You could pick up one of the knock offs HGP407's for around 85 bucks. Cory
  10. Got my second one on friday and built it saturday. All is done except the decals. What a great looking buggy. It drives really good too. Mine both came with the TBLE04 ESC. I installed a Savox SC1251 Low profile servo, spektrum 215 receiver, Tamiya BZ Stock motor and using a 6 cell 1800mah nimh pack. I'll have to post some pic's of the install. The only problem I had was the dampers. The bladder doesn't slide in the cap like some of Tamiya shocks and I had to redo a couple as they got air in them. They are nice and build easy. The whole build was easy and straight forward. Wish I would have raced one of these back in the day. Cory
  11. I just built a Black Edition and was thinking of doing the Tamiya Black CVA's on mine. Mine is mainly for show and light running in the basement.
  12. I just got one today from Tower Hobbies that I had backordered. I bought a second one from another dist. That one will be thursday. They're all back ordered again now. These are an popular buggy.
  13. They look a little different. They added that black one to look like a air scoop. I don't know, They just look different. Cory
  14. That was a great truck. I raced mine for three years and sold in the mid 90's. Whish I kept it. Kyosho should re release it with the big boss bumper. I put the Vette bumper on mine when it came out. Handled very good compared to the Blackfoot's. Cory
  15. Looks good. I missed the fist go around. I'm gonna get two of these. I like the decals on the new one, and these are a great chassis and easy to maintain. I'm just waiting on the Saint Dragon as well. Cory
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