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  1. Kyosho should bring these trucks back. They would sell alot of them. Cory
  2. I bought some of those tires too. I feel they are too big for my Bruiser. The clone is still in the box I bought. I'm gonna put these tires on my new Monster Beetle. Cory
  3. I wish Tamiya would have made the TBLE-02s have lipo cut off. Some people were saying it did, but I tested it and it is no. I hate to spend 35-45 dollars for esc's for cars that will only be ran close and indoors mostly. I added the BX100 lipo alarm to the vehicles that need them. They let you adjust the lvc too. I set it at 3.7 so the packs don't go way down and get damaged. I had some old ones in a few trucks that were made by Doohan. They would blink at 3.7 per cell then beep at like 3.4 volts per cell. They worked awesome and still do. The new builds I'm doing though will get the little black box. I also ordered 20cm extension cables. I did fill the alarm holes with hot glue to muffle the sound alittle as they are loud. I'll have to post some pictures. I just wish Tamiya would get with the times. I purchased from thge USA, but these all can we bought from China, same stuff. They work great. I'm gonna add some tinted film to eliminate some of the red from the read out. 20cm cable Lipo Alarm Cory
  4. I always wanted an ASTUTE back in the day but never did. I think I'm getting one or two! Cory
  5. Why keep re releasing the same old kits? It's kinda like they don't know what to do? Gotta come up with some new ideas. Cory
  6. Here's a picture of the front axles. The 2012 Bruiser used a plastic circle then the bearing goes in the wheel hub. The knuckles look a little more thicker on the 2012 Bruiser. The Clone axle looks good though. Everything looks and feels good. I take it apart to check the grease in it. I did go through the kit last night and everything seemed good. The shock oil was leaking out of the bag it was in so I cleaned all that up. The frame is black, but certain cross members were not covered in black all the way. Not sure if it's paint or zinc plated like the Tamiya stuff. I think it will be a good truck and can't wait to get started. I will install a Tamiya light kit into it when building it. Cory
  7. Ha! I hear ya. I may still get a RTR one to just run in the rain, snow and dirt. It'll be interesting to see how they hold up. I still run two original Bruiser chassis's and have been going for 20 years now. They don't get driven alot but they have held up and never replaced anything. The bodies are lexan though. Cory
  8. My kit version arrived today. Looks good. Box was in good shape as well. Had to remove some sticky residue from the tape they used on the box. I did go through the boxes and it looks good. I'll really check it out in the next couple nights. The motor does come with the tranny, it stated no motor. It'll be awhile before I put it together as I have other projects before it. Got a new lexan stand to hold these guys so the throttle, shifting and steering can be set. Cory
  9. I didn't see this one before I bought that Onyx. I may just order one of these and try it. I'm not really digging the switch though but it may be okay. I have my switch now where it goes where the resistor wire would go through. Cory
  10. I just use the stock motor. I don't beat on my trucks and just do mild trail stuff and take care of them. They will last a life time if you don't abuse them. I only use a 2 cell lipo now in all my trucks. I use a 2s 4000mah to 5000mah pack. I found a new esc through Tower Hobbies, the Onyx 60 amp which works very well and puts 6 volts to the servos. Also it has a on/off switch. I'll post some pic's. The esc is only like 36 dollars. It has lipo detection also. I think the Hobby wing ecs is the same in a way. I would just try the stock motor or maybe later upgrade to the Holmes. The radio you have listed seems good. Just setup one of the switches to 3 position and your in business. Cory
  11. I used a JR R756 pistol radio since 1995 with my trucks. I'm retiring it. I just bought a new Spektrum DX5C and it works awesome. I use the 4th switch on top to shift with. I'm switching all my older runners over to it now. I'm bringing them into the future. Also upgrading the esc's. I'm using the new Onyx 60amp in my new 2012 and it works great. Need lipo detection in them all instead of those silly alarms. Cory
  12. I did order one of the kit versions from Toucan. I didn't really need the electronics it comes with and wanted to put it together myself. However though I may order a rtr from Asia tees. Cory
  13. Hmm. Got it. Learn something new all the time. Cory
  14. That turned out nice. I'm gonna order the kit now so I can install my own electronics. Cory
  15. I have several as well. Just going back and fourth on this clone. Cory
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