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  1. This was a fun build! I put FastEddy's bearings in it, Traxxas 2075X servo, HobbyWing G1 1080 esc, Spektrum SR215 receiver, InJora Tires off Amazon, Tamiya Super Stock BZ motor, and Yeah Racing 60mm Oil filled shocks. This thing is awesome. It'll pop wheelies using a 2s lipo. The painting and decals took a while but it looks great. I used liquid mask to cover up the top. Painted the Cobalt Green, then pulled the masking and painting white then backed it all with silver. I removed the overspray film on the outside and painted the bumpers, headlight rings and rear tail lamps with silver. Don't like the decals for those parts. Cory
  2. I like both but the Squash Van is a very well built chassis. It would take more of a roll over than the Beetle. I would do a Squash Van if I had to choose. Cory
  3. Love the purple you did. They are smooth cars. I bet it glides thru the grass. The instructions weren't too bad, I did ok. There's no vintage racing here where I live or I may be tempted to take it out. Cory
  4. Finally finished painting mine. I left the undertray clear. This is just a basic paint job that I would have done back in the day. This is awesome looking buggy. Mine is just a shelf queen. Cory
  5. Thanks. They'll be built, displayed and ran once in a while in the basement. Mainly will be shelf queens.
  6. I use a air compressor to blow off the outside cars. Inside shelf queens I use one these for years now. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B09LQ9F7SD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. I had the Jugg 1 then converted to a Jugg 2. Also had the TXT-1 and had a ton of fun. I sold both. Wish I would had kept them now but I have my Clod's. Cory
  8. Just got the ReRe again of the Egress and the ReRe of the HotShot II (2024). Can't wait to build both soon. Cory
  9. This was a great build. The only gripe is the plastic ball joints and the two washer things to hold the sway bar. I just used two collars. Everything else was really nice. This would have been a great buggy to race back in the day. The belt drive is very cool sounding, forgot how they sounded. I installed a AGFRC low profile brushless servo, HobbyWing 1080 esc, Tamiya Super Stock RZ motor, stock pinon, Spektrum 2 channel receiver and a Reedy 2s shorty lipo. I'm gonna paint it red and white but it will be a little different. I'll post that soon. They are a pricey little buggy to own though.
  10. I never saw a Bennet chassis in person either. I had the ESP first chassis and then added the long wheelbase kit. The old school chassis were cool for their time. Tamiya should have made a race version of the Clod and they probably would have sold. The Clod is a awesome truck though. Cory
  11. Congrats on the Clod. They are awesome in all ways. I still remeber when I bought my first one in 1988. The tires were huge! Cory
  12. Just got mine the other day. Looks fantastic in the blister packs. I'll be building it to be a shelf queen. I'm gonna frame the box top too. I do have a 2009 one still wrapped in the box. Cory
  13. Got three more to go. Have these on pre order. Top Force, HotShot II the orginal Egress. I have two Evo Top Forces. This one may be a runner.
  14. Hey there. Thanks! Yes, Tamiya Mica Blue and some Tamiya clear over it. It turned out great for me. Maybe 4-5 coats of the blue. The Grey Clod with the pink stripes in my showroom, yes, all CCP parts and SEES aluminum wheels. Cory
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