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  1. Hi all i have this on ebay have a look and have a bid this really is in as new condition, i am only selling as i am thining down my collection as i have two kids now and very little time to spend on the cars. Thanks for looking Tony http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-vintage-B...=item2569632896
  2. I am getting rid of a few bits from my collection, this is the frist a lovely body for the f2 renault Martini Mk 22 bnib,box slightly scuffed but contents perfect, thanks for looking Tony http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/160673966164?ssP...984.m1423.l2649
  3. selling some parts as new and unused thanks for looking tony http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Vintage-Tamiya-F2-sp...=item25635247c3
  4. selling some vintage f1 parts new baby on the way so need the space and cash cheers tony http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Vintage-Tamiya-F1-us...=item256352ca76
  5. I'm selling my tamiya march bmw f2, i won't have the time or the space with a new baby on the way. Thanks for looking Tony http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Vintage-Tamiya-used-...=item256351b818
  6. many thanks should i remove all rubber biits and suspension parts and seal them in a plastic bag?
  7. I haven’t been on here for a while but sadly i need to put my few models in storage in the loft what’s the best way of doing so? Anything special i should do to the tyres or rubber bits? Thanks for your thoughts Tony
  8. Bit of a long shot this one but here goes I have been asked to bring a 1/25th Tamiya tiger back to life. Now some of you may know that this was supposed to be a static model but the version I have has two motors and a gearbox installed which look to be original,although that’s all there is. I have had a look in the 1982 catalogue I have and it clearly mentions that the models could be run and that there were two kit numbers DTW111 and DTR111. Question is does any one have a n instruction sheet for this kit or know what the original control elements looked like or how they were set up or does any one have the original bits to turn the kit back into a runner? Or falling that could any one tell me how to get this to be a runner again using modern bits. Many thanks for any help and sorry for all the questions but this ones stumping me a bit Tonyleic
  9. no i have checked oput and it was ts70 for the jsdf olive green
  10. hi matt i need a tin of maroon ts11 and a tin of jsdf olive green i think it was ts72 or ts74 if you could help that would be great cheers tony
  11. sorry guys i am i the uk its been nearly 12 months i think since we were able to buy any here
  12. Does anyone know when or even if the tamiya spray paints will make it backin to the shops??
  13. Many thanks for the responses guys Iam going to paint them as I want them to be white as per box art. . I dont know about you guys but the plastic seems to have gone yellow quite quickly I reckon its only take about 12 months to yellow. Anyway many thanks once again Tonyleic
  14. Hi does anyone know how well the re-release grasshopper and hornet wheels take paint? I ask as the plastic seems different to the original models and I fear that paint will not, hold on the plastic Any one got any thoughts ideas or tips Many thanks tonyleics
  15. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has some of the XR311 part C 11 (the front bumper towing eyes) available? If not could any one send me dimensionsso I can make some of my own Many thanks tony
  16. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has some of the XR311 part C 11 (the front bumper towing eyes) available? If not could any one send me dimensionsso I can make some of my own Many thanks tony
  17. many thanks for your thoughts guys, ill give the nylon tape with some clear a go and see whet I can do. thats if / when I finally mange to get some more of the tamyia spray paint many thanks once again tony leics
  18. Could any one tell me if they have found a fool proof way of masking / painting the indents in a sand scorchers body and getting a nice clean line around them? So far I have tried masking fluid and tape and still the edges are not great Many thanks for your thoughts Tonyleics
  19. hi any body know of any new/ modern battries that will fit the sand scorcher. i alos need a uk supplier and price if possible many thanks tonyleic
  20. Hi guys Does anyone have a rear wing for a bmw march 782 kit number RA 1013 that they wish to sell ? Regrads Tony
  21. Hi guys I Was wondering what set up ie battery, speed controllers etc everyone uses in their runner srbs Do I go vintage with mechanical speed controllers or modern electronic? And what battery packs are you running. Any pics that people could post would also be useful just to give me an idea of how to fit the gear in Regards Tony
  22. Anyone got any tips on the best way to paint / mask the sand scorcher body ,Im trying to get a box art look but the thought of the masking is putting me off. Are there any easy ways of going about it and what masking tape/ film should i use? regards tony
  23. Thanks for the answers guys So what are the other differences that I should be on the look out for? I know a black bumper is from an earlier production run but know little of the other items twinset as mentioned does any one have any pictures?
  24. hi chaps Quick question I’m maybe a bit slow so sorry for this (I’m still learning about the srb cassis0 there seems too be two types of front axle mount one with screws and on with cast on lugs for the torsion bar m29 and m28. I take it one is an early type and on a later type does any one know which is which or was it specific to a particular model i.e. ford ranger only? thanks for any answers regards tonyleics
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