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  1. I love receiving a new Tamiya kit. This one is going to be a runner.
  2. HW880 added to my basket. 😂. this site costs me loads of 💰
  3. Lol the paint was years old & i tried everything to get it open, it even broke my 3D printed opener! So I got so annoyed that I went at it with my oscillator 😂 I got it open. 👍
  4. Thank you for those pictures its made me discover thats how its suppoosed to be! I have always thought this was a fiddly pain taking the whole body off to charge. Mine is one solid block, I looked inside and it looks like it has been set and one solid lump, i think its been set or glued as there is hardly a seam so its been done very well, I am guessing by the previous owner as I bought this used off someone at Tamiyaclub years ago I stripped it and re painted it when I got it so I guess i is now one solid box forever im going to extent the battery wires. ive put a pic below.
  5. Soz i meant the Globeliner, its one solid box of a body. im going to extend the battery wire.
  6. super thank you, its that long since i built iti lost the manual years ago
  7. Hi everyone Two quick questions about my Tamiya Globetrotter.. 1. Has anyone got any good solutions for hopefully not having to remove the body every time the battery needs charging? 2. Ive lost one of my round light covers on the front bumper but I cant find any on the internet. Anyone know where i can get one from. pic attached of what i am after as my description is a bit vague.
  8. Yep I have used PS paints quite a few times on wheels, when I havenmt been able to get the relevant TS paint, but I tend to always do some black or white backing first (I use Warrhammer spray paints for this as I always have a 400ml white or chaos black around) and they stick to plastic really well, it works fine and I havent experienced any issues of flaking.
  9. Thanks everyone, I used a mixture of these and so far its cleaning up pretty nicley. Once I started to peel the decals off the mostly shattered as are brittle but I now have them all off and am working with olive oil to get rid od the left over stickyness
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