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  1. Super light coats then leave it & come back and repeat asmany times as needed, thats wgat I always do with Smoke. it looks tereible if u use too much in one spray amd get runs.
  2. Hi Everyone I was lucky enough to grab a Tamiya Falcon second hand (Great as it was my very first RC back in the 80s) but it must have belonged to a smoker as the chassis absolutley smells like its been bathing in a ash tray for 30years+/ My next step is to fully strip teh RC (Which im going to do anyway and wash them in soaps water but want to check thsi wont damage the old RC at all? I cleaned it with a antibac wipe and it still stinks any ideas?
  3. RCing since 1986 & never owned a Hornet, I do now. Fun build apart from putting the rear tyres on the wheels! Ouch!!@!
  4. Just ordered mine from fusuonhobbies going to build it as a RWD
  5. Hi guys back in the 80s im sure Tamiya used to do PS paint pots which i prefered as they were great for patching damage etc, does anyone know if they still exist or if not why Tamiya stopped making them?
  6. Yep im going to do that, I prefet RWD RCs
  7. oh yea ive got one of those on a shelf lol
  8. My tamiyas are mostly pretty trouble free, its my Traxxas & HPI cars that are always been pests, I guess its cos they are so hyper seppd that they fail a lot. The Tamiya pest for me out of my collection would be my Mazda MX5 euro which ive stuck a stupid speed brushless in it. So thats my own fault. 🤣
  9. I got super excited when I saw tamiya are doing a 58687 Tamiya Ford Escort MkII but read its 4WD which has confused me as I thought the MKII in real life was a RWD car am I wrong? If so any idea why Tamiya would release a RWD car as a 4WD car?
  10. Thanks Everyone, I will have a think what to do with them
  11. Is there still a market for crystals? I just found all my old ones from my racing days in tbe 80s and early 90s and one set still bagged!
  12. I buy Tamiya as ive loved them since the 80s but everyone I know only buys things like Traxxas, Hpi & Carisma now days.
  13. Hi Everyone I am building a Tamiya Hornet (the new release one) and was wondering for a Hornet which Tamiya motor is best for this buggy? A Tamiya Torque tuned or a Tamiya Sport tuned? Or should I just get a brushless combo and if thats the case any recomendations?
  14. Please can someone help me identify which Tamiya model this is?
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