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  1. Thanks Everyone, I will have a think what to do with them
  2. Is there still a market for crystals? I just found all my old ones from my racing days in tbe 80s and early 90s and one set still bagged!
  3. I buy Tamiya as ive loved them since the 80s but everyone I know only buys things like Traxxas, Hpi & Carisma now days.
  4. Hi Everyone I am building a Tamiya Hornet (the new release one) and was wondering for a Hornet which Tamiya motor is best for this buggy? A Tamiya Torque tuned or a Tamiya Sport tuned? Or should I just get a brushless combo and if thats the case any recomendations?
  5. Please can someone help me identify which Tamiya model this is?
  6. Just found mine in the loft, still sealed with cert
  7. I had a heart attack 3 weeks ago even though im fit & healthy! Dam family genetics! Thankfully the NHS were amazing & saved my life. So now I am stented & on the mend I have treated myself to a new release Hornet.
  8. Probably a Clod Buster or Hornet, I just ordered one of thd new Hornets from Fusion Hobbies.
  9. Thanks everyone, I can now list these on ebay as I am having to sell a lot of my RC stuff
  10. Some feedback incase anyone else is reading this that Bison glue is superb! Thanks Topforcein
  11. Hi Everyone Do you know what Chassis these are?
  12. I was wondering what glue do you peeps use for Tamiya R/Cs? I need to glue the light fittings into my Globeliner and glue the windscreen wipers on my King Hauler (As one fell off last time and I lost it)
  13. Hi Everyone Hope everyone is safe and well. I've wanted one for years and I finally treated myself a 56302 Tamiya Semi Trailer but I was surprised to see that it has ridged sides, I was going to apply my own decals but cant unless its smooth, I have seen loads of this trailer with decals applied on the internet and was wondering how people have done this? Does anyone have any ideas? I would guess maybe styrene or wood? but want to see if there is any better solutions?
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