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  1. Hi all there having somehow of Spam trough the comments. No name no comment just these random mail addresses. am i alone ? how could these be avoid ? regards Serge
  2. you can check these items here Porsche 959 Gearbox, Bush Devil Gearbox Brat Parts, ...
  3. Hi all, just wonder what you think about this. I'm still not shure if i should go on with this Mod or place the "somehow abused" Blazer shell back on. Chassis is quite used so this could be a runner only. Thanks for your comments in advance. Regards Serge
  4. Hi Chris, not realy a problem but on my fresh Fedora 6 with Konqueror or Firefox is also a strange feeling on the new site who is great looking BTW. regards Serge
  5. Hi all i cannot find the category 99950 .... is this only me or ? for my new Tamiya Static Kit : http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...sid=11147 thanks for any hints Serge
  6. open for offers Check my trade section for details. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp...;id=11147 cheers Serge
  7. Dear Max, yes would be great. Mostly Gear Parts are missing at the moment. No Hurry cause there is plenty of of work on my desk. Will post some pics, when i have a working cam again (my daughter has played with it ... ) thanks Serge
  8. Hi terry, Max thanks for those hints. Checked the manual again and found the ratio table. FF01 with 71 / 20 T has 1:8.65 but nothing in the TA02 manual ... Just built the Gearboxes and chassis together with the TopForce arms - looks somehow cool, strange and weired together [:^)] The problem at the moment is that i don't have enough Gear parts to make a running car. Wan't to built my Forces first and use the best parts there and the rest will go into this project. thanks and best regards Serge
  9. Hi there, i would like to convert my FF01 Toms Levin Chassis to a 2 Motor Monster by adding a TA02 rear Gearbox. Has anyone already done this ? just wonderling the Gear ratio's in order the rear don't overtake the front ;-) Would add the the longer Topforce arms with some Monster Tires, Shell could be a 57' Chevy - yes thanks for youre help cheers wonder
  10. Hi nzl60, They even go to other auction platforms (www.ricardo.ch) and taking pictures and text. I sold a Computer part there and after 2 days the buyer asks if i have another one ?! on Ebay Have also reported many fraud RC auctions. Schema is like you say - mostly they had rediculous low buy it now prices and are located in China. Serge
  11. Hi all, can anybody tell me the street prices of the Black Endurance Motors ? did not find any in E**y thanks Serge
  12. bought this thing and waiting for it, but i dont know exactly wich model. A Kyosho it should be. It's belt driven and has a chassis like the Ultima. any hints are welcome. regards Serge
  13. @Uwe thats my big problem ... the Track. Just have my parking lot for testing. Ok its very big but not usable for an event. There is a course nearby (members only) but i will check the option for a classic Tamiya event. @supergreg yes checked the map, but i hoped that there are members around not yet on the map
  14. Would be great to meet someone to race like in the good old 80's. I'm located near Basel - Switzerland, so if there are others that would do so ;-) feel free to join Ist jemand hier aus dem Süddeutschen und/oder Nordwestschweizer Raum ? wäre toll sich mal zu treffen um die alten 80'er Jahre aufleben zu lasssen. Greetz / Grüsse wonder
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