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  1. Yes same with me, but it worked with a card thankfully !
  2. Looks good but still just an old TA02 truck. http://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/58537desert_fielder/index.htm
  3. Hi Chris, still having a few probs - Have to re-log every time I come back on TC main. Forum is ok for a few hours then same thing. - Can't see the recent comments I made to others in my showroom. Any idea? Cheers Jerome
  4. Just a quick tip about the unwanted searches, edit your search and add -bearings (minus sign) You can use it to refine your search with any words you don't want. Cheers Jerome
  5. If it's around the M25 Count me in Chris. Jerome
  6. Hi, Just a lasting probem for me with IE 9, I'm re-logged automaticaly on the forum but still can't on the main site even having cleared all coockies again. Any idea Chris? Thanks Jerome
  7. How are we doing Mr Nice? J.
  8. Thanks very much guys ! Jerome
  9. Hi, I need some dog bones for a project, preferably Tamiya, measuring 62mm from pin to pin or near enough by a few mm. Does anyone know of some Tamiya ones that can easily be sourced? I know the Kyosho Optima ones are that exact size but they are not the easiest ones to get. Help will be much appreciated ! Thanks Jerome
  10. Got it, I thought it was the dog bones you were using. J.
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