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  1. Superb - decaling not great, but the important thing is that it's on the original chassis. 2 of these will be winging their way to me ASAP!
  2. Fantastic news. Over all the years I've been into Tamiya, this was one of the last 3 RCs on my re-release wish list. Just need Monster Beetle and Vanquish now! I'll be ordering a couple of these - one to run, one for the shelf.
  3. Good chance I can make it down with a few cars that weekend.
  4. Yep - have several TT01 drifters - just because they are cheap and fun to play with different setups and drift/road tyres etc. Lunchboxes - just because they are cheap, so you have your runner and your basher. Subaru Brat - just because they are fun but fragile - worth having a backup, plus the one I use on the beach gets a hard time with salt and sand over the years.
  5. I can't make the next couple of weekends unfortunately, but at least my cars are all fixed from the last one I attended!
  6. I don't think that will be an issue on the Monster Beetle. On a lot of the re-re's Tamiya have uprated parts to make them stronger/better designed. I pretty sure it's just a matter of time until they do the Monster Beetle.
  7. Finally fixed all my cars from the last Bash I attended a few months back! Looking forward to the next one and hope I can make it.
  8. Great Kent Bash - thanks Chris for organising and bacon roll. Good seeing everyone. Me and Chris moved onto the Maidstone park and ride tarmac area for some drifting, mini fun, brushless fun and to break more cars. Didn't leave until 6pm! Breakages for me. Killed a battery pack in the water. Killed Blitzer beetle shell. Burnt out motor in steering servo on the Traxxas Slash. Killed shell, front tyres, and rear wheels on Mini Gained a Manta Ray though :-)
  9. And remember to bring your camera's peeps - Chris (Belly) is usually the only one to get any pics at the Kent Bashes!
  10. I'll be along on Saturday - 10am. Will be bringing Traxxas Slash Subaru Brat TA01 Mitsubishi TT01 Drifter - not sure what shell yet. Blitzer Beetle Mini Lunchbox if I can get the gearbox sorted by then.
  11. Sounds fantastic. I think I spent over £100 of my paper round money on MMS pulleys and diffs in 1990. The stock front pulley was the main problem if I remember. The belt used to move along it and try to come off, or shave the edge of itself. The MMS pulley had a channel for the belt, so was way better. They also quietened down the whole drive train to a quiet and distinctive whistle that just sounded so efficient. Look forward to the pictures.
  12. Used to race a Procat in 1990 and put in MMS diffs and pulleys - no idea if they still make those!
  13. If you are having problems with it rolling - like you say - raising the preload is a bad plan - high COG = even more problems, plus potentially more body roll. The body roll does make it look scale though but it would be interesting to see how it handled with some ARB's as it comes with none. It needs a front ARB more than a rear, but that would probably induce understeer, resulting in a loss of fun with the chassis. Ultimately, you just need to run it on the right surfaces. If you are jumping it though, it definitely needs more preload or slightly stiffer springs. As for the comments on the wheels sitting proud of the arches, I don't agree. - here are my pics to prove. My slash action shots If anything, the arches need to be cut a big better but that would reduce the scale look.
  14. Having now run the Traxxas Slash - I'd say it's not a good tarmac truck or good on any sort of grippy surface. In it's true element, on gravel and dust though, it's awesome fun, very controllable oversteer and drifts. Fast enough out of the box to have real fun, although the suspension has too much static sag for me. I'll be adding some preload to the shocks all around. The flip side to this is that even when the body is going in the air after big bumps or stones, the wheel travel extends down and still stays in contact with the ground, driving forward. A lot of people say they roll easily, but I only rolled it once in 25 minutes of running and that was on my tarmac drive!! Very impressed with the quality at the price point, but as others have said - for fun I want this truck - if I was racing, I'd definitely want the race bred Associated SC10. Additionally, if you've ever watch CORRS racing, these are extremely scale representations of how those trucks run.
  15. I think the SC10 does look marginally better, but in the end I went for the Traxxas with the new Amsoil shell. I know that technically, the SC10 is a better RC car, plus it is a kit (which I prefer) rather than RTR, but I bought the Traxxas on the grounds of : a) Waterproof out of the box. Most of my running is on the beach and on the private unsurfaced road my house is on. I'm not planning to race it. c) Ground clearance - Traxxas has more and this is of good benefit where I run and the limiting factor when I run my Blitzer Beetle. d) I love the Amsoil shell!
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