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  1. Hay got a question. What does the Front & Rear Graphite Stiffener For the M04M do? How do they mount onto the chassis? Does anyone have any photos of them installed?
  2. Tamiya Toyota Hilux 4x4 Pickup - 58028 - (VINTAGE) eBay item #130493573515
  3. With this bad economy, + anticipated $5.00 a gallon gasoline by summer, now we have bigger fines for traffic violations (To help California recover from it's recession) Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. The offset ring is on both sides of the hex. Wow! That answers most of my questions. all but: What do I do with these? I have 10 tooth X 2 sets, 12 tooth X 2 sets, and 18 tooth X 2 sets.
  5. This looks like some kind of electric motor clutch pinion drive This is a spline 12mm hex drive. Not sure what size hex drive this spline drive is.
  6. I just got a letter in the mail from Radio Control Car Magazine saying that my shot will be in the March 2009 issue of there Magazine.
  7. It will cost $13.60 for shipping to England, and $1.40 for the box PM me if your interested Thanks
  8. I have a new photo for you. It seems that Steve Rule is painting one of these bodies for Robby Gorden, and I will be building the chassis. Maybe we have a new RC celebrity on the rise.
  9. I got the Robby Gorden Ford F-150 trophy truck bodies in, would anyone be interested in a newer body for your TA01/02 Did you know that when you buy a body from Tower, or any LHS you are paying twice what they are paying for that body. So for every body they sell, they can buy two to replace it. I found a "On-line" hobby store that sells a limited number of bodies for 20% over what they buy the bodies for, and thats around 30% less that the other hobby stores. On eBay a body this rare goes for around $40.00, and I will be selling this body for the same on eBay. So far as the forms sales are concerned, I'm going to go with $20.00+ shipping. If your interested, please tell me
  10. It will work on the Sand Scorcher, Ford Ranger F150 XLT, and the Super Champ. The rails on the chassis make it less than ideal for the Rough Rider as the chassis rails will interfere with the body at the front. Modification of the, chassis or body would be required to allow clearance for mounting.
  11. If you get a chance, start a search on the web for Yenko super cars. I have 3 Bolink 70 Nova's, 3 Bolink 68Chevelles, and 2 Parma 195mm 69Camaeo's, as well as 1 Parma vintage 230mm 69Camaro, and 1 Parma vintage 230mm 69Chevelle body. What sets this all off is that I had Yenko strips made up for all these bodies, plus a couple dozen extra sets. In 1969 all the Yenko strips were the same design. Have you seen the movie "The Fast & the Furious"? They had a metallic blue 1969 Camaro in the movie, well that was a clone 69 Yenko Camaro. The real ones go for over $200,000.00. The rarest Yenko is the 69 Nova with the metallic green paint, black vinyl top, and white strips; they only made 8 of them.
  12. If it's ever released??? I've already paid half down, and the bodies are in the process of being pulled. I did the same thing about 5 years ago with Parma's 67 Chevy Nova.
  13. $29.95 for the Aluminum chassis $39..00 for the Ti. chassis $15.60 for the thin (.063) 1.6mm Baja bumpers $17.60 for the thick (.090) 2.286mm Baja bumpers $10 USD to ship one chassis, and one bumper. Are you interested?
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