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  1. Nicadraus

    GoolRC BL ESC & motor

    Yes crawling and rally at the same time. We have some local rally races with 1/10 SUVs here. So I would also like to try that. Installing a slow motor would really put me in the last place. Hahaha! But seriously, I'd also like to try crawling. Basically, this kit will be used mostly for bashing and driving around almost anywhere I can.
  2. Nicadraus

    GoolRC BL ESC & motor

    The shaft diameter says it's 3.175mm. Specs here: Features: 4 pole 12 slot high-torque motor design 3.175mm shaft diameter High purity copper windings maximizes efficiency Precision engineered for maximum energy conversion Precision balanced rotor,smoothness for best reliability and maximum RPM Mutiple protection features: Low voltage cut-off protection, over-heat protection, throttle signal loss protection Bulit-in 5.8V/3A BEC Suit for 1/10 scale RC car Motor Specifications: Brand name: GoolRC Watts: 900W Max voltage: <13V Max Amps: 69A KV(RPM/Volt): 3900KV Max RPM: 50000 Diameter: 36mm Length: 50mm Shaft length: 15mm Shaft diameter: 3.175mm Plug type: 4mm golden banana plug ESC Specifications: Brand name: GoolRC Item name: waterproof ESC Continue current: 60A Burst current: 320A Battery: 2-3S Li-Po / 4-9S Ni-Mh Ni-Cd BEC output: 5.8V / 3A Power supply plugs: T plug male Motor plugs: 4mm banana plug female Dimension: 50 * 35 * 34mm / 2.0 * 1.4 * 1.3in (without cables)
  3. Nicadraus

    GoolRC BL ESC & motor

    Thanks for the info. Will definitely check the motor size first. Although I'd use this for crawling and not-so-fast rallying, so I guess an equivalent to 23t is quite enough. Nice to know that. Thanks. Now I'm convinced even more. By the way, what size is the motor?
  4. Nicadraus

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    Plus the action figure craze. I'm a Star Wars freak and SW toys/figures back then were must haves. I collected GI Joe too.
  5. Love what you did on that Brat. My first RC was a hand-me-down Subaru Brat in the 80s. I loved it but eventually converted it to a Frog because I wanted to race with the buggies. The Brat just kept on fish tailing because it has no differential and flipping on sharp corners because it was too high. So I eventually changed a lot of parts including dampers, body shell, body posts, differential, motor, ESC, ball bearings, etc. The standard kit came with a 380 motor only by the way.
  6. Nicadraus

    GoolRC BL ESC & motor

    I'm looking for a cheap set for my CC01 will be used for both rally and crawler set ups. I want a waterproof type of brushless esc and motor. I saw a couple of GoolRC combos and they are cheap! Ranging from $30 - 50. Has anyone tried this? Would you guys recommend 45A with 3000KV or 60A with 3900 KV? Thanks!
  7. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    HSP right? I've seen a lot of HSP kits locally but was hesitant to get one (1/10 car to convert to rally) because I wasn't sure about its durability. How is it?
  8. Nicadraus

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    Very nice backyard track! I remember making an off road 8 track back in the 80s behind my parent's house backyard. The ground was too stony and I had to pick them up one by one on a 70 sq/m space. Took me about two weeks just to clear the stones and used a manual lawn mower to cut the wild grass (can grow as tall as 6ft). But still had to pull the roots from the ground which took me another 5 days of work. Then tested the track with my friends for just a few days but the track was just too small. It didn't even have a proper straight away to go really fast. I eventually gave it up and all the grass grew back. So much for the effort. Hahaha!
  9. Nicadraus

    Yeah Racing 'QUTUS'

    Nice! I'm sure Tamiya will follow this idea or make it a little different if Yeah Racing patented their design.
  10. Nicadraus

    Tamiya FF03 what upgrades to choose?

    Get the 3Racing carbon fiber rear shock tower and you will skip this ^^^ part. The damper stay is aluminum and the CF shock tower has many adjustable options. Here: 3Racing FF03 carbon fiber rear shock tower I heard that the Yeah Racing dampers perform and are more durable than the 3Racing. But if budget isn't a problem, then go for TRF dampers. The best there is. Yeah Racing 55mm aluminum dampers 3Racing FF03 55mm aluminum dampers Tamiya (#42102) 55mm TRF Special Damper Set (Hard BK) Tamiya TRF Aluminum Big Bore Damper 4pcs #42287 Other than that, there are many cheaper hop up parts for this kit from 3Racing and Yeah Racing for about 50% more or less than the cost of original Tamiya parts.
  11. Nicadraus

    Tamiya FF03 what upgrades to choose?

    I noticed that the tub chassis flexes a bit in its rear part. So i created a stiffener using a 2mm CF board (which I actually copied from the Tamiya 54264). 3Racing also has their own version. I'm working on my slow build with my FF03. Haven't ran it yet as I am still waiting for a few more parts to complete the build I want to achieve. Anyway, some other parts I would like to suggest are: - CF rear shock tower - aluminum motor plate - a nice set of adjustable aluminum shocks - universal shafts (I'm still waiting for mine) Here's my kit's current state. Some parts may not be necessary to change but I love the bling. The ESC and servo CF trays are also fabricated. While many of the parts installed are mixed of Tamiya & 3Racing.
  12. Thanks bud! Cheers!
  13. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Got some ideas from different CC01 mods. I did the rear suspension two weeks ago. Today I did the front. Made a shock tower from a 3mm CF board. Here's a thread I made for this slow build.
  14. This was my late father's CC01 kit which he drove just for bashing. My brother's and I got our RC genes from our dad. He loved RCs especially nitro boat racing as well as off-roaders. Here's a 23 year kit that I am slowly rebuilding and modifying. I will eventually strip off the paint and repaint the body again. Will also add lights and an all waterproof electronics (BL ESC & motor, 20kg servo and RX) so I can drive this baby on mud and water too. So far here's what I've done: - Full ball bearings (rubber sealed type) - Suspension mod (front and rear) and shock upgrade. Will still do some tweaking Future changes: - aluminum steering assembly - metal gears - new set of tires (will still use the same wheels) - add LED lights (headlights, fog lamps and tail) - repaint the entire body - new drive shafts - waterproof BL ESC and motor - 21.8kg waterproof servo - waterrpoof RX - aluminum steering rods Rubber sealed bearings 90mm adjustable aluminum dampers Installed and adjustments for the rear Time to fit all the bearings Now the front... DIY front CF shock tower No turning back. Created holes to fit the 90mm shocks. Test fit... There you go... Ride height with the body... Ready for crawling?