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  1. Looks like the ESC that came with your kit is a let down. Get some cheap ones like Hobbywing 1060 (as mentioned by @Hobgoblin). You'll learn how ESCs are so much better than mechanical speedos. Back in the late 80s, I couldn't afford an ESC because the cheapest ones were around $70 already. So I waited until I could save up for a Futaba MC110. ESCs nowadays are so cheap. Some even go for $10.
  2. If you own an FF chassis, you'd understand why the XV-01's behavior is good for both on and off road. Soil/mud, sand, gravel, asphalt, concrete, snow, you name it. The XV-01 will run through and drive-able.
  3. Some possible new candidates: XV-02, FF-05, TB EVO8, DT-04, TT-03.
  4. @ThunderDragonCy I didn't believe in the XV-01 before. I thought it was all "hype". But the myth have been busted when I got one. I can say that it's one of Tamiya's successful and properly engineered chassis' ever made. Of course like any other chassis, it will need upgrades for improvement but out of the box, it's already a great runner on and off road. It's a legend!
  5. ^^^This! I've had mine since 2014. Still works like new with no problems. Although I'm using a 30A power supply on mine. It's very cheap too. Got mine for $50 + $20 for the 30A power supply.
  6. For the 3R bridge, you will need 42mm turnbuckles and 32mm if you choose to go for the Tamiya set.
  7. Oh I didn't see that. Hahaha! Must look for it in YT.
  8. I also thought of Wile E. Cayote. Since he ran out of business chasing the Roadrunner and never succeeded, I figured he ventured into the RC industry.
  9. Nice to see some progress here. Since you're using gear diff and 3S, I'd recommend upgrading those gears to steel (54471 Steel Gear Differential Unit for TA-06Pro/FF-03R/XV-01).
  10. Definitely. The TT-02 can't be compared to an XV-01. Apples and oranges. Even the TT-02SR is still inferior compared to an XV-01 which can run as a rally car, touring car or simply a fantastic basher.
  11. Like many here, I adore the FF-03. I have two running, one stock for spares and stocked up lots of brand new spares as well. I love how this chassis is very versatile and drives like a charm on and off road (yes I have a rally converted FF-03 too.). The FF-03 shares parts with so many other chassis like the TB-03/04, TA-05/06, TRF-415/416/417, FF-04/XV-01 and a few other kits. So parts availability isn't a problem even if it says it's discontinued because you can still get them in another part number. My love for the FF began with my FF-01 which I've had since 1996. It's shelf queen now but still gets upgrades from time to time. I ran it last year out in the street but didn't really sped it up as I'm afraid to ruin it. With regards to M series, not really a fan of any of the mini-chassis.
  12. With regards to steering links and bridges for the FF-03, I'm using both the Tamiya aluminum steering set (54235) with carbon fiber bridge plate (84410) and the 3 Racing Steering track set (FF03-12/LB). Both uses bearings for the bridges and they are equally at par in terms of precision and performance. The Tamiya is installed in my on-road (Pro-R) and the 3Racing in the rally car (RR). But the 3R is cheaper. https://www.rcmart.com/3racing-steering-track-for-tamiya-ff03-ff03-12-lb-00032196 Another option is the XV-01 steering set which also work with the FF-03. 54451 https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-xv-01-aluminum-steering-arms-fits-pro-t-tc-ff-03-54451-00036200 and the bridge 54454 https://www.rcmart.com/tamiya-xv-01-aluminum-steering-brideg-fits-pro-t-tc-ff-03-uprade-set-54454-00036229
  13. Aluminum suspension blocks isn't overkill whether for racing or bashing. The rigidity and precision plays an important role.
  14. I'm using blue grease for my shock builds (on-road, rally, crawler, etc). So far no leaks too.
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