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  1. This should/must be better than the original Astute and Super Astute. If not, then it's another joke.
  2. The FF03 can be set to 3 wheelbases. 257 (L), 242 (M), and 234 (S). I have set one of my FF-03 to SW, 234mm. Here's a comparison of my two FF-03. One in standard 257 long (on the right) and the other in 234 short wheelbase (on the left). and here it is compared to my FF-01 242 wheelbase. Originally from the Renault Clio.
  3. Well not not until you get a crawler from Traxxas, MST, RC4WD, or Axial. Then you'll realize how the CC chassis is such a let down in terms of crawling/climbing. Plus the money you'll spend on upgrading this chassis just to make it perform decently but still won't be at par with a box-stock MST or Traxxas.
  4. Mine would be: Wild One, XV-01, Egress... or Super Astute, FF-03, Bruiser/Mountain Rider or DT-03, TRF-420, TB Evo7 or
  5. I can imagine your 1:1 car and RCs must be rattle and slop free.
  6. Aerospace Engineer. Only practiced three years in the mid 90s after graduation and shifted to pursue DJing (was already DJing when I was in college) and audio engineering. Still doing club/restos/bars system designs and installations. But since the pandemic started, business has been slow in the installations. Currently running my small Technics refurbishment/services company (since 2005). Also running a small vinyl record/DJ/Audio gear shop out of passion with some close friends as partners. If I didn't pursue all these, I would have been a Naval fighter pilot which was my ultimate dream. Now that's a different story.
  7. Hello and welcome to TC! I'm not perfect and neither are my builds but I am very particular with proper and clean builds. I'm also a big fan of modified parts/hop ups that make the kit perform better and look good at the same time. I do like trial and error until I learn how to improve things on my own especially when there are no step by step guides or manuals to read. Figuring things out by using instinct and common sense had become a norm already with me. But don't get me wrong, I still do read manuals and now watch videos if I need to. Information since the the internet has been really helpful and easier. But unfortunately, many of the people don't use their common sense anymore and just rely on the video guides. Once troubleshooting is needed, they turn to videos because they're too lazy to figure things out on their own. If you grew up in the 70s, 80s, or 90s, (pre-internet times) you know what I mean. MacGyver was my hero. Lol!
  8. You'll love it. It's a big leap from the 1060. Lot's of setting options too.
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