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  1. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Beautiful build!
  2. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Changed the stock steering wheel of the Radiolink RC4GS to an aluminum one with nicer and firm sponge. Added some carbon fiber decal accents too. Looks and feels expensive now.
  3. So I've had this pair of shock mounts since last March and I have never really decided whether to use it or not. I was contemplating on creating holes on the rear part of the chassis to install this but the 100mm shocks doesn't need to stretch out in the back like it needs in front. But since the original mount of the CC01 is plastic, I decided to use this aluminum mounts and place it sideways. In that way, it can be adjusted to many setting. Forward, backward, higher or lower. The result is great. I also installed strut bars using some spare adjustable links I had, front and rear. It actually helped a lot in stiffening the chassis.
  4. Oh it's just a something I have and I wanted to make it useful. Actually no heating problems at all even without the fan but still looks cool though. 😊
  5. Nicadraus

    FF03 Pro-R - My own version

    Bought a used kit with unused carbon reinforced chassis plus 2 extra stock chassis. The kit also comes with full carbon reinforced parts (suspension arms, knuckles, uprights, gearbox, CF deck stiffener, CF rear shock tower, CF battery holder,etc. So I replaced all stock plastic parts of my kit. I also replaced stock dog bone shafts to universal, gear differential, and front stabilizer, all of which also came with the kit. No more flexing of the chassis and is now very stiff.
  6. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    This... this... and this... more here...
  7. So some parts arrived in yesterday... Rear suspension link, aluminum shock and suspension link mount, aluminum servo mount, bead-lock metal wheels. Installed... Aluminum servo mount... Bead lock wheels... Installed a fan for the motor. I fabricated a CF plate to mount the fan onto it... With the new wheels... Still waiting for new aluminum parts for the front suspension and YR aluminum steering set. Will update soon.
  8. Nicadraus

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Some upgrades for my CC-01: Rear suspension link, aluminum shock and suspension link mount, servo mount, bead-lock metal wheels. Also bought these for spares and upgrade for my FF03.
  9. I have actually done a similar remedy to mine. after seeing some tips like this. I don't have shims available at the moment so instead, I put an 850 & 1150 bushings to stop the play. Thanks for the added tips by the way.
  10. Nicadraus

    The metal parts upgrade trap ...

    Some plastic parts are necessary to replace with aluminum/metal. In the case of the CC-01, the servo holder, the front gearbox under cover which also hold the suspension arms are also a must to replace because they are weak. A few other parts too need to be replaced with aluminum, and yes, they looks so much better as well.
  11. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Finished working on the body of the CC-01 More here:
  12. Mask off... Finishing touches... Tri-diamond emblem painted and some panel lines. Fabricated the lens for the tail lights. Made some grid lines, repainted to clear red and added frosting too Finished body and lights installed too... Now mounted on the chassis... With lights on...
  13. So I wet sanded the entire body and 3-step buffed it. Wet sanded... Buffed... Seen here are the metallic flakes... Prepped for masking (again)... Painted all the parts that should be in matte black
  14. Took me about 30mins to work on the window.
  15. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Cleaned and buffed the windows. The stains couldn't be removed with just soap so I had to rub it down with buffing compound and a buffing machine. Before: After Sprayed 5 layers of clear gloss top coat. Will wet sand and buff tomorrow once the clear coat is cured and do the window side panels, moulding, grill, door handles, and rear plate garnish with flat black. Then install the lights.