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  1. @Ferruz These action shots are amazing! These deserve to be awarded as the RC Gallery photo(s) of the month.
  2. I've been using the same hubs for my CC-01 and with no problems.
  3. I think the TL-01 is the worst.
  4. I have built two TT-02 kits for a friend and my cousin. One was basic and the other one with some hop ups and custom work as it was converted into a rally car. In my opinion, the TT-02 (and 01) are good parking lot bashers, stock club racers and decent rally converted cars. But for a competitive on-road track car, it isn't even if you spend tons of money for upgrades just to make it perform at par with most TA/TB/TRF cars. The only track worthy TT-02 I have seen so far were the KR editions made by @wtcc5 which is completely re-designed and re-engineered. A lot of R&D, testing and revisions have been put on the KR versions that made them very highly competitive. Last year, I built my son a rally converted TT-01 with some custom work and heavily modified it. I'm surprised how it performs so much better than the TT-02 rally car I built for my cousin. But of course, it doesn't perform as good as the XV-01 on tarmac, gravel or loose soil. The TT series is one of Tamiya's money pit kits. They are dirt cheap for basic cars but once you dive into the hop-up/upgrade department, that's when it'll start to vacuum your wallet. Good thing there are many aftermarket options for these chassis as they have become very popular project kits for many RC enthusiasts and begineers as well.
  5. I have seen the aluminum one for Wild One which is so tempting. It ain't cheap though. Same as @toyolien used in his custom build.
  6. My first Tamiya experience came in 1983, when I started showing interest in building model cars like my dad did. Also at the time he had a two RC cars. Rough Rider and Ford F150 XLT (both SRB). But my interest at that time was still in the model building. He bought me my first model in 1984, a 1:24 Lamborghini Countach LP500s and showed me some tips and tricks. My uncle, who's also into modeling, taught me how to paint and detail too. Summer of 1984, we went to Hong Kong and my two eldest brothers bought RCs for themselves. An Audi Quattro rally and Subaru Brat. I bought three 1:24 model cars (MB500 SE, BMW 6 series coupe, Toyota Celica Supra), and two model planes (Airbus A300 and a MD DC-10) and a few Star Wars figures. When my brothers finished building their RCs and began driving them, my dad lent me one of his to try out. I didn't have difficulties driving it as well as the orientation. Boom! That was when I realized how much fun it is to drive an RC. So my dad handed down his Ford pick up to me. I also began tinkering. First time to remove the body (with 3 body clips), removing the wheels using the small crosswrench and unscrewing/screwing some parts to clean them every after run, was so much fun. Then I experimented on disassmbling and assembling the entire car without the use of manual was a challenge but luckily, I did it. I also removed the waterproof casing in the chassis to lessen the weight. Two years later, my brothers handed me their RCs as they outgrew them. I began joining local races but sadly, never won because either the Ford or Subaru would always flip on the side when it came to corners. Both were also terrible jumpers. I saved up money and slowly converted the Subaru into a Frog. Wheels, rear shocks, differential gears, body and installed bearings. I broke the chassis after a few races. Bought a new chassis and reinforced the weak area with steel epoxy before assembling it back. My first trophy (3rd place) I won was in 1987. The next car I bought was the Astute. I heavily modified it and changed the battery layout from side ways to parallel. Replaced plastic shocks to aluminum gold ones, installed a Dynatech motor and a Futaba MC110 ESC. It won some trophies and medals too. I retired from RC in 1991 and pursued my new interest, which was DJing. I went on and off in the RC hobby. 1996, my dad and I went to a local shop. We bought new RCs. A Parejo (CC-01) and Toyota Exiv (FF-01) for him and a Renault Clio (FF-01) for myself. I retired again in 1998 and went back to on-road touring in 2005 to 2007. Retired again. Then came RC heli in 2014 to 2016. Retired, then 2018, back to road RC again up to present. Both CC-01 and FF-01 are still with me up to this day. Both were also rebuilt and heavily modified with some custom modifications.
  7. I have two shelf queens but both are runners that get to experience outdoor driving once in a while. I drive them in a well-behaved manner, in an open space to avoid any bumps or scratches.
  8. You might want to check MST CFX/CMX-RTR. Very, very capable 1:10 crawler/trailers and much better offer out of the box than Tamiya CC-01/CC-02. The CFX/CMX are short wheelbased so it fits your 300mm/30cm limit. Adjustable wheelsbases from 242mm to 275mm. Check it out. https://www.rc-mst.com/product_car_info.php?class_sn=25&class_sn2=118&sn=3564 I would suggest getting a 1:10 scale over a 1:18 or 1:24. Crawlers are more fun to be driven outdoors and smaller rigs are very limited in terms of outdoor capabilities. I have a CFX, which I heavily modified and love driving for trailing and light crawling. You can see it here:
  9. Looks like a nice place for some trailing and crawling.
  10. Let the Wookie win. Edit: Let the Jawa win. Edit again: Eventually Mr. Know-it-all conceaded and deleted his replies.
  11. I like using both. For oldschool kits from the 80s, 90s and re-res, I prefer to use brushed for the nostalgic reasons and also the looks. For modern (2010 and up), the brushless works well for me. I also like the fact that brushless are easier to maintain and very powerful. Plus the turbo and boost capabilities of sensored brushless ESCs and motors are nice. Turbos and boost are not usually allowed in club/regional/national/international races except for open categories, but for open space/parking/lot/track use and bashing, they're amazing.
  12. 100 pages of the RC Gallery (no words) reached with more than 2500 pictures shared (and a few derailing bitter drama included & deleted ). Congrats TC! Keep them coming.
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