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  1. Retrofitted a new metal bumper... I also removed the shackles and the big triangular bar.
  2. Here's a tip, wrap the servo body with carbon fiber decal. It'll hide those red colors. That's what I did with mine. Red servo... ...no more!
  3. Amazing result! The hardest thing to hand paint is always a person's face. Good job!
  4. Actually the R and Pro were available. The R is a bang for the buck with all carbon reinforced plastic parts, gear differential, aluminum suspension mounts and a few more than the Pro has. Mine started as a Pro which became the R then I modified it furthermore with parts I wanted for it. While the other one started as a stock FF-03 that became a mix of R and Pro. I infact spent a lot time and money for upgrades and conversion. But I'm happy with both.
  5. New metal bumper. It's quite hard to find metal bumpers that would fit the Jimny's narrow body. The aftermarket Jimny bumpers are made of plastic and priced high ($60 each). I found this bumper with the proper width that fits the Jimny. But the mounting of course is much different as this is made for SCX10. So I ordered a generic SCX10 aluminum bumper mount. Fits the CFX's chassis with a little modification on chassis' (widen the screw holes to allow the mount to be screwed). Then I also removed the long triangular bull bar installed on the bumper. Aluminum bumper mount installed. Removed this triangular bar Test fit... Perfect!
  6. I'm using the same shocks I posted in my CC-01 since last year. It's one of the best long damper shocks I have used and would even compare it to YR in terms of build and rebound. Honestly, ZD Racing makes good aftermarket parts for such cheap prices. By the way, those shocks are 3x better than CVA (had so many CVA before). I never had any leak or slop issues with mine. As I mentioned, the rebound is also very nice. My friend also uses the same for his rally car (spec to long damper) and his crawler. Also, the threads on dampers are supposed to be cleaned or brush the dirt first before rotating the adjuster collars.
  7. Nice build and congrats! If you want a cheap set of aluminum dampers but perform really well, look for ZD Racing shocks. I have a couple of them and they are really good. A true bang for the buck. Each pair only costs $8-10 only. They also come in different sizes (90-110mm) and different colors too (grey, blue, red, orange, gold). Very smooth and rebound is surprisingly very well. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33051322052.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.703e447ewdlgS1&algo_pvid=8822fee7-aca7-4d70-814c-3af5de729d49&algo_expid=8822fee7-aca7-4d70-814c-3af5de729d49-4&btsid=0bb0620316032071499543834e1862&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  8. My simple RC wish list: 313 crawler - Will build this from scratch using steel and aluminum parts from diiferent aftermarket brands. Main chassis will be based on the SCX10 but front motor layout. Probably January 2020 Xpress XQ1s - Entry level on-road kit and will eventually upgrade this little by little until it becomes to the spec I want. Around April-May 2020 TB-04R - Still on my wish list. Will drive this on the track and will bash on smooth tarmac/parking lot racing from time to time. Most likely Sept 2020 Modify my 450 (Walkera V450D03) heli. Upgrade some parts and electronics. I want to get back to flight and improve/develop my flying. January 2020. Wild One (re-re) - Get my RC dream kit I never had in the 80s. Dec 2020 or Jan 2021.
  9. Many guys in the RC Crawler Forums and FB Crawler pages have snapped their plastic props. There's no substitute for steel shafts which is a very important upgrade for crawlers. Tires are subjective depending on terrain. Metal beadlock wheels and steel drive shafts are good upgrades for better traction aside from tires.
  10. Great pics and nice place as always @Ferruz!
  11. I totally get your point. Some people would insist that they don't need any upgrades because just use them in the backyard and justify that upgrades aren't necessary in general. I'm not even going to argue on that. But to tell me that upgrades aren't necessary for precision builds is just plain silly. As one member obviously sounded sarcastic, but hey he can buy all the kits he wants and leave them as is, as if I care. I'd rather have a handful of kits that are built according to my liking than seeing regular stock ones in numbers dancing like crazy when you drive them because of the slops. Quality over quantity to me is definitely better.
  12. I hate using servo savers. Ever since. They just don't make the car run straight in most cases. I think servo savers are necessary to old servos like S3003 or others that uses plastic or weak metal gears. While I've had many bumps and crashes before, I haven't encountered breaking a servo using traditional servo horns with these modern servos. In the case of the XV, I've tried several servo horns and the tie rod and ball cap hit the chassis with the normal servo saver causing it to bind. Especially with standard sized servos. If the ball connector is reversed using a normal horn, the tie rod is stressed resulting to popping the cap off or bending the tie rod itself. As seen here, the tie rod is stretched out too far. I found this servo horn to be perfect. No stress on the tie rod, no popping out of ball caps at maximum steer and no binding anywhere at all. With regards to the front damper ball connectors, use longer screws. I used 20mm screws for the front damper and added a 2.5mm spacer to align the front shock tower.
  13. I really admire people who know how to make beautiful things even more beautiful. Many people think they're just "bling". But the fact is, they make the cars perform better and yes, looks 10x better. By the way, your pictures are fine. So no need to change the phone yet.
  14. I bought them from an Asian online shop called Lazada. https://www.lazada.com.ph/products/4psc-19-inch-heavy-duty-beadlock-alloy-wheel-rim-for-110-scale-rc-car-crawler-for-axial-scx10ii-d90-d110-cc01-i898406437-s2881982622.html?search=1
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