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  1. Thank buddy. I really like those too. What's more fascinating is they're functional with the buckles and locks.
  2. Here's what I did to mine. I first reinforced the part with cable tie and super glue. Then I used long screws inserted from the back coming out in front and screwed the ball head but onto it. Hope this helps. If you have access to a 3D printer, redesigning a new one would be nice.
  3. Fantastic pics in action as usual @Ferruz "You hungry son?"
  4. Most of my servos are SPT which I changed from JX. One installed in my XV-01 and in my FF cars. The SPT 4412LV is quicker, more torque (and looks better with Tamiya because it has blue aluminum casing ) But one servo I really love is my PowerHD L12-HV. Ultra fast and with coreless motor and all-aluminum casing. 0.06 secs -12kg @7.4v.
  5. @TurnipJF That's a nice build and definitely not pointless nor a bad idea. I'm a fan of hopped up builds and some customization too. Your CC-02 turned out great especially with those steel shafts and suspension links which are very useful than those of the stock plastic ones. The CVD are also essential especially when that chassis and suspension work their way in uneven terrain and crawling. I popped out my CC-01's dogbones twice during a trail on a rocky terrain and also broke the pins at one time. Changed them to CVDs and never had an issue since. If I may, I'd like to suggest looking into KYX shocks. They're really great and price is very reasonable at $17-20 a pair. Works really great and very smooth damping/rebound too. They come in many sizes too from 80-120mm. I have a set installed in my CFX and I absolutely love them.
  6. @smirk-racing The FF-03 is a fun car to drive and build. Lots of settings can also be done depending on what set up you want. But as mentioned above, some parts are scarce although many parts from other models such as TRF415/416/417/418, TB-03/04/05, TA-05/06, XV-01, & FF-04 are interchangeable with the FF-03. Lot's of aftermarket upgrades too. I have three FF-03s. One as full touring car (track car only), one converted into a rally car which I use for both rallying and street basher while the other one is full box stock but currently disassembled and will serve as parts donor car. I have also bought a lot of spares (stock and carbon reinforced) and extra chassis which can actually build two more cars. I've stocked up these parts for the future of in case they run out. I also did the same with my XV-01. You can never get enough spares you know.
  7. Luckily I was also able to get two of this Which by the way help a lot in dissipating heat quicker as it serves an extension to the motor plate and heat sink at the same time.
  8. Different CG from the FF04. XV01 weighs more in the rear. Removing the XV-01 back gears doesn't make it perform like the FF-04 automatically.
  9. There used to be a lot at our local hobby shop. I got three for two of my FF-03 and one for the XV-01. I'll check if they still have some stocks and let you know.
  10. The aluminum spur adapter of the FF-03, XV-01 and FF04 are all of the same kind. Aside from that, no other adapters from other models will fit.
  11. @Willy iine Wow! I thought it's a scene from The Italian Job: Back and Forth to the Future
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