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  1. XV-01 no doubt. It's the best all-around chassis with great performance. Greatest rally chassis to date and does well for on-road too.
  2. Hey @simalarion! My mother, brother, sister, bro-in-law, 2 aunts, my eldest son all just recently caught the Omicron virus and have fully recovered already. Aside from them, About 30 more people I know (mostly friends), had the same variant just recent too. Thankfully, all had mild cases. Hope you get well soon. Cheers! Anyway, here's one to share. It's one of my favorites in my small collection of RCs. It started as an FF-03 Pro but I have modified it heavily and took 3 years to finish. Searching for parts and waiting was what took really long. I now call it the FF-03 Pro-R since it has been fully converted to an R version, I added some more from aftermarket brands such are 3Racing, YR and my self-made/custom parts.
  3. Beautiful build as usual Kevin!
  4. I just saw this in YT and I must commend @Mechanic AH for a fantastic and clean build. The custom decals and modifications are very nice touches too. https://youtu.be/iPmPHBGYF4g I believe every build should be intricately done like a piece of art like this one. Precise and and proper tools used for each method. He has more builds in his YT page. His SCX10-III, Super Astute and Egress drooled me too. Check them out. Great background music too! Congrats!
  5. Thanks! 😊 I'm still trying to familiarize using the new iSteady gimbal I bought last Christmas.
  6. A short video I made of our New Year trail with the kids last weekend. My daughter driving her CC-01 while my friend's son driving the TRX4.
  7. XV-01 no doubt. As an owner who had also driven/built a few TT-02 (R/S/SR variants) kits before, the latter is nowhere near the capability and drive fun factor of the XV-01.
  8. Off to off-road trailing and crawling at a nearby park.
  9. I recently got a GR Supra 1:64 Tomica and changed the wheels. Will post them soon.
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