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  1. The wheels were formerly used in the Jimny. Then I just got tired of the wheels that I've beeen using for the Pajero and ordered new set of 90mm tires narrower than the one installed. I think the wheels and tires really went well with the Pajero.
  2. Friday - Worked on some turntable custom projects. Will resume some Star Wars modeling tomorrow (Saturday). I reserved it as hobby day for this week. No work, no gigs. Just hobbies.
  3. Another very good budget options are the Radiolink RC4GS (4-channel) & RC6GS (6/7-channel) radios. The overall feel is good. Steering, trigger and buttons as well as the grip. Although adding rubber grips would make it feel even better, I chose this over a Flysky when I went back into this hobby. As for the mid-range to high end, You can't go wrong with Sanwa, Futaba, Spectrum and KO Propo. Although Fkysky (NB4) and Radiolink (RC8X) released their high-endmodels, they're still not par to the four premium brands I mentioned in terms of overall feel, response and latency. I'm currently using the Radiolink RC4GS which controls four cars (up to 10 cars) and a Sanwa MT-44 (MT-5 is the updated version) controls three cars (up to 20 cars) and love both. I'm very satisfied as both perform well.
  4. Friday - this is what I did. Tested my new Hohem iSteady Pro4 gimbal. Time elapse capture on Go Pro with motion elapse on the gimbal and inception mode. The older one which was a Pro2 was ok but the newer Go Pros 9/10/11 won't fit. So I sold it and bought this current model. What's even nicer as you can also control the Go Pro with the gimbal. The previous models couldn't. Really happy with this one.
  5. This! Blows off any of the entry level Tamiya and 3Racing kits.
  6. So sorry to hear this @MadInventor We will pray for you. Keep the faith and bless you.
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