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  1. I have two TS160. Installed in one of my FF-03s and the other one is a reserve in case I want to use another BL system in another kit. So far been using it for two years and working great. I have done my custom settings on my computer via the Skylink and program box.
  2. Here's something worth looking for those who are running on ball diffs with plastic outdrives for their FF-03. https://www.rcmart.com/yeah-racing-aluminum-ball-differential-joint-set-bu-for-tamiya-ff03-ff03-069bu-00032530 I'm using the same for FF-03RR and it's been great. I applied AWG instead of ball diff grease and tightened the screw. It feels like gear diff with 30k oil in it. No more wearing out of outdrives like the plastic is prone to. Plus this price is unbeatable.
  3. So I checked and measured my CC-01's knuckles and c-hubs. It'll fit the FF-01. Even the front lower arm would fit but needs spacers to fill, but it'll work. I'm about to order aluminum lower arms, knuckles and c-hubs for my upgrades in the FF-01.
  4. I had a set of those in 60mm. Horrible shocks and very hard springs. Lots of leaking and no proper damping. I gave them away.
  5. This is true. My sets of shock gears are used for rallying and street bashing which is more abused than an on-road track or crawling use. But I have not had any issues with them and I have not even changed any of the internals (still using all YR components). I actually used one of the spring sets to my TRF and it's a good match too.
  6. Never trust GPM. The aluminum they used is either malleable or brittle. Horrible experience with their aluminum steering set for CC-01. It didn't last after just a few runs.
  7. I have two sets of Yeah Racing shock gear and had a set of 3 Racing. I liked the YR better to be honest and sold the 3R.
  8. Look out for ZD Racing shocks. They're really good and very cheap. $8 a pair. https://sea.banggood.com/2PCS-ZD-Racing-73587359-FrontRear-Oil-Filled-Shock-Absorber-for-9106s-110-RC-Car-Parts-p-1510057.html?ID=510658&cur_warehouse=CN Comes in different colors and sizes too. 80-110mm. Grey, blue, red, orange, yellow/gold I'm using 2 pairs for my CC-01. Very nice rebound, good quality body, pistons and springs. No leak.
  9. I'm afraid that the TT-02 spur gear holder won't work with the FF-03. Because the pin for the TT-02 is locked by being pushed inward. While the FF-03 supr gear holder's pin is inserted in a slot. It's just lucky that our local Tamiya hobby shop here have them in stock. Most of my friends bought for their XVs too.
  10. Why not? All you need is dremel, carbon fiber boards and imagination. I'm sure that'll turn out really nice.
  11. Ok I'll try to see my old CC01 parts if they fit the FF01. Because there's a site that sells the aluminum suspension CC-01 parts really cheap. I wish they sold that last year when I was rebuilding my CC-01.
  12. That's right but light weight with full carbon fiber and aluminum bling all over. Simply beautiful!
  13. Does the CC-01 aluminum knuckles and c-hubs fit the FF-01?
  14. This is a beautiful build @Jonathon Gillham!
  15. @Jonathon Gillham I think the FF-04 Evo would be great. Get the blue one because it comes with aluminum suspension mounts while the black edition don't and only uses plastic which is really weird.
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