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    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Can you pass me the chips...
  2. Nicadraus

    My midlife crisis backyard RC playground

    Beautiful pictures. The Rover, the background, the terrain, all look so real. Good job!!!
  3. Nicadraus

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Beautiful! I remember how much edge Kyosho (and AE) has over Tamiya in terms of quality and modified parts they have included as stock in their kits back in the mid-late 80s. Such were the Optima line, Ultima line, Scorpion line, RC10, and more. Parts like aluminum oil-filled adjustable shocks, adjustable turnbuckles, ball bearings, lots of aluminum parts and so much more. Tamiya would release their kits with either plastic bushings, plastic non-oil filled dampers, plastic non-adjustable suspension pieces. Tamiya only upped their game when the Avante came out. Then followed by the Egress, Astute and others were released with standard upgraded parts like ball diffs, full ball bearings, turnbuckles, and a few others. But still not as "complete" as their competitors. Back then, Tamiya's goal was to make money and didn't care about world championship titles. They sold those parts separately and make their consumers spend so much for upgrades. I was a still a student back then and hard earned my weekly allowance to buy parts. An 1150 size bearing cost $1 a piece and have to complete at least 8 of them for the Brat/Frog's wheel/shaft bearings.
  4. Nicadraus

    XV-01 Help

    I want to see this build soon. Nice list of upgrade (bling) parts too.
  5. Nicadraus

    Dog bone drive pins

    Would the pin from a hex hub fit in the dogbone?
  6. New waterproof 20kg digital servo...
  7. This was my late father's CC01 kit which he drove just for bashing. My brother's and I got our RC genes from our dad. He loved RCs especially nitro boat racing as well as off-roaders. Here's a 23 year kit that I am slowly rebuilding and modifying. I will eventually strip off the paint and repaint the body again. Will also add lights and an all waterproof electronics (BL ESC & motor, 20kg servo and RX) so I can drive this baby on mud and water too. So far here's what I've done: - Full ball bearings (rubber sealed type) - Suspension mod (front and rear) and shock upgrade. Will still do some tweaking Future changes: - aluminum steering assembly - metal gears - new set of tires (will still use the same wheels) - add LED lights (headlights, fog lamps and tail) - repaint the entire body - new drive shafts - waterproof BL ESC and motor - 21.8kg waterproof servo - waterrpoof RX - aluminum steering rods Rubber sealed bearings 90mm adjustable aluminum dampers Installed and adjustments for the rear Time to fit all the bearings Now the front... DIY front CF shock tower No turning back. Created holes to fit the 90mm shocks. Test fit... There you go... Ride height with the body... Ready for crawling?
  8. Nicadraus

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Arrived this morning... New PowerHD waterproof 20kg servo for my CC01 and extra dogbones.
  9. So I picked up the kits today. Sweet bargain ($200 for both). The Pro even have some added upgrades like aluminum steering track, aluminum gear adaptor, aluminum front bulkhead stiffener/heatsink, carbon fiber battery holder. I added a set of aluminum wheel hex hubs which I had and aluminum servo arm horn. I'll still upgrade some parts like front upper linkage mount, rear carbon fiber shock tower, carbon fiber rear upper deck, graphite front bumper stiffer, aluminum suspension mount (front & rear), and aluminum rocker arm set, The Pro never ran. It was only displayed while the stock did a few runs but it still looks like new. The stock doesn't even have any scratches under the chassis. Although will be either used as a rally car or will be used for parts donor in case. Plan is to tune this baby to my own version using mix parts from Tamiya and aftermarket brand as well as DIY custom parts.
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    FF03 Pro-R - My own version

    Thanks for the appreciation. I've ordered mine thru a local online shop that ships items from abroad (China). I got both 2mm &3mm in thickness 200mm x 300mm. I also got a 5mm 150mm x 100mm just in case. 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 4mm boards are also available. Here's a link (not sure if it's available outside Asia.
  11. Nicadraus

    FF03 Pro-R - My own version

    Set up and tuned the ESC's boost, turbo and brake using a progbox and pc software. Tested the car today outside with three different timing settings. So I finally got what I wanted. So happy with this car and drives great. Acceleration and braking is very good. The boost and turbo is just overwhelming. Now all I need is to borrow my friend's set up board for track testing soon.
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    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Fine tuned the steering and set them to zero by adjusting the ball end caps. Also bought a progbox for SkyRC last week. Set and tuned the ESC's brakes, boost and turbo. This programmable/tune-able BL ESCs are amazing.
  13. Nicadraus

    FF03 Pro-R - My own version

    After exactly 6 months of finding and waiting for parts, electronics, custom modifications and build since I purchased this kit, it's finally a runner. Although I'm still waiting for the aluminum front suspension mount and front/rear stabilizers. But tested it today out in our street and it's running nice and smooth and fast. I still have to set the ESC on the program box.
  14. Nicadraus

    FF03 Pro-R - My own version

    Oops double post
  15. Nicadraus

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    This arrived today... I finally have a battery to test out my car. Unfortunately I have to replace the ESC. It is grounded. Will visit my LHS tomorrow for a new ESC. **** these expenses never stop, do they?
  16. Those upgrade list you posted would really make a difference plus the full bearings and ESC mentioned by Juggular. Fortunately, aftermarket parts for RCs are now cheaper and easier to get compared to before. You can upgrade this kit little by little without actually noticing your cost. Once you and your son enhoy this, I'm pretty sure you'll get another kit to play, bash and race together. Enjoy the re-build and bonding with your kid.
  17. Nicadraus

    RIP Brian sad.

    Oh... I remember him back from the late 80s - early 90s. Featured a lot of times in Car Action magazines and endorsed Trinity. Rest in peace Brian.
  18. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Thank you!
  19. Nicadraus

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    My TX/RX came today so I finally finished installing the electronics the cleanest way possible.
  20. Nicadraus

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    These came today... While I picked this up last Wednesday at a LHS.
  21. Nicadraus

    Unfortunate health news about a fellow TC member

    Sorry to hear(read) this. We'll be praying for him.
  22. Nicadraus

    Tamiya M-07R Chassis Kit build #84436

    Nice build and hop up parts. Can't wait to see it finished.
  23. Nicadraus

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    They look like fluorine or teflon coated. Are they?
  24. Nicadraus

    Tempted by Tamico again! Oooh CC01!

    If it's for bashing, go for the CC01. I'm quite surprised at this kit as you can do a lot of DIY modifications for it. I'm currently rebuilding a 23 year old kit into a semi-rally/semi-crawler type of basher.
  25. My other hobbies are diecast models (mainly Lamborghini and Toyota). I also customized, modify the cars, create dioramas and more. I also collect Star Wars toys and models, I love toy photography a well. I also collect vinyl records (mostly house music). I used to have a huge collection of 90s dance. 80% of them were borrowed and never returned. Check out these pages: Above is my DJ set at home.