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  1. I don't undersatnd these statements really. Just because I'm not a paid or premium member, gives me no right to say any complains or call out someone who has done something offensively/intentionally? Does this make you above me and a better person just because I'm a standard/normal member? Please explain...
  2. But I'm pretty sure that everyone who opened and posted on that thread has read the title and you do realize and understand what it means right? Just because there's a reply button, doesn't mean that you have to reply with words or text. The reply button can be used to post pictures without words too you know. Well, that again is pretty obvious. There are thousands of threads here and only one with a simple rule of "no-words", yet can't be or refused to be followed. Why?
  3. First time could be a mistake. Second and third time without any intentions of correcting or editing it isn't a mistake. That's pretty obvious. Now do you still want to insist that it was a mistake?
  4. The irony. So is this a rule you're making? What's the fury in you? You're not even in the discussion and you come in so furious. Then you have an issue.
  5. I had this problem before. Then upgraded to CVD for the front. Issue was solved. With the rear, still using stock dogbones with o-rings fiited in the drive cups and no issues at all.
  6. How can you accuse me of causing more issues dragging this forum down? When I continue to contribute, post infos, share tips, guides, and many other things in this forum that I really enjoy. There's only one issue and it is only this time (again) that I called this out on Yoshimitsu, for not following a very simple rule on a thread that has been going on peacefully. As I mentioned, this is not the first or second time he did it (this is the third time), and the "error" can be simply edited but he refused to do so with the obvious intention of derailing it. The first two times he did it, I PMed him politely but he ignored. I created this thread to get the attention of the other members of what he did and was an awareness (of not following a simple rule), and not to drag this forum down. It may seem not a big deal for some while it is annoying for others. Well the titles of the threads are basic and very easy to understand. I don't see anything ridiculous and majority of the members who post in those two threads seem not to have any problems, and enjoy themselves too. You should have figured that out.
  7. This guy @Yoshimitsu Had recently posted (again) in the RC gallery (no words) section these (in 2 posts). I wouldn't have called this out if it was it was the first time or unintentional. But he had done this a couple of times already before in the same thread and I even politely messaged him to edit but refused to do so, until the admins had to take some action. Today, he's playing ignorant and he knows very well that the post can be simply edited without the need of an admin to assist. He has over 500 posts and obviously he know what to do. The title of the thread says it. "no words" and this clown can't even follow or is just too stubborn and narcissistic, and tries (over again) to ruin a peaceful and nice flowing thread that majority of forum members who actively posts there enjoys viewing.
  8. I have a small collection of seven cars only now (and a few helis). Two FF-03: FF-03Pro-R as a track-only on-road FWD car. FF-03RR as a rally converted FWD car. Both cars are heavily modified and customized and took me over three years to complete their builds. I have two other full stock FF-03s that are disassembled as parts donor and many other sealed parts kept as spares. XV-01RS - My own version of XV-01 that is off-road/on-road tarmac spec rally car. Modified with aluminum and carbon fiber parts in and out for performance and looks. Lots of spare parts are also kept in stock for this car for future proof. CC-01 CT - An original CC-01 (of my dad) from 1996 kept in decades in storage at my parents house and resurrected in 2018. I customized and modified heavily for light crawling and trailing. Most of the time, driven by my daughetr whenever we go trailing. Wild One R - From an original 1984 vintage car to a BH conversion and added with custom parts and modification for my personal spec. FF-01R - An origial FF-01 car I bought in 1996 (same time with my dad's CC-01). Ran only a few times kept as a shelf queen for almost two decades and I decided to re-work on it. Custmoized some parts and modified it. MST CFX - My only non-Tamiya kit that I also modified heavily with most parts that added to its performance and looks of course. Love this rig for light-mid crawling and a perfect trailer that I really enjoy driving. All seven are runners, except that the FF01 and Wild One are mostly shelf queens but gets to run (behavely) on clean and open space pavement as I don't want either to get dirty or scratched . I sold one kit four years ago, an LRP S10, which I converted to a rally spec and ran as my primary 4wd rally car until I got the XV-01, because I didn't need two 4wd rally cars anymore. Although I'm still contemplating whether to still get a Kyosho Turbo Scorpion, but it is likely to turn out like the Wild One, a shelf queen most of the time with very occasional runs.
  9. This is what you (me and many others) exactly need. https://jisulife.com/collections/handheld-fan/products/handheld-fan-ultra1 A friend of mine has one and I was amazed how strong the amount air pressure it can deliver. The speed is variable up to 78,000rpm with brushless motor. Battery is 9000mah LiPo and lasts a long time without needing frequent recharging. I placed an order myself and should be here in about a week's time.
  10. This is very true. Also to add, like most people know, Tamiya is a money pit. They will offer many kits in total stock form and come up with very expensive hop-ups. But like fools, many or majority of us still fall into that trap. Why? Because of the build and quality. I know that many kits from Kyosho, AE, Xpress, X-Ray, and a few others offer more when you buy their kits and out of the box, are also equiped with many parts standard that are optional for Tamiya. But once the Tamiya kit has been dressed up, oh man, they look gorgeous. Especially in those anodized "Tamiya" blue color. Plus the precision and performance it adds (well not all). Some Tamiya kits are still flawed even after upgrading them. Like the CC-01's steering. It will never be perfected unless its steering mechanism is redesined and customized totally. The stock design is just so awful. Going back, as mentioned above, TT-02 and its variants are the entry level of Tamiya. It's probably the top selling kit that brings the money in their RC department. If you're still aiming for Tamiya on your next project in the future, try to get some TA, TB, FF, XV, or TRF kits and you'll be amazed how those cars are way, way above the TT level. The design, adjustability, many options for upgrades, and performance out of the box. Agreed!
  11. The rear tires are a from a generic brand. It came as set with wheels actually. There's a lot available in Aliexpress. Just type these on search "4Pcs 85mm Tires Wheel Tyre for Wltoys 144001"
  12. Nicadraus

    Project X

    Wow! Very, very impressive!!! What a beautiful and professional build!
  13. 17.5t BL is perfect! I'm running mine with the same motor and the rally version in 21t brushed.
  14. @TamiyaD Lovely DIY build there. Looking forward to the finished project. @Kowalski As mentioned, the FF-03 uses parts that are also found on other kits. The suspension arms, knuckles, c-hubs, rear uprights, and suspension mounts are inetrchangeable as the same used in TRF415/416/417/418/419 (and some converted using 420 suspension arms), TA-05/06/07, TB-03/04/05. Steering set and spur gear/spur gear holder, bumper and bumper mount as the FF-04 & XV-01. Differential gear as the TA-06, XV-01 & FF-04. And many others.
  15. Did you bind all three receivers properly? There's a small hole and a button inside at the side of the RX. Press and hold that button using a small 1.5mm hex screwdriver (or anything similar in size) when turning the ESC and the TX on. That should quickly do it. Here's a quick guide. I have two RC4GS and an RC6GS of my friend. All were very easy to bind and set up.
  16. Side by side shots of the Lamborghini Countach 5000s by AUTOart and Kyosho. Both models have their respective accuracies and inaccuracies. But regardless, they both look great.
  17. Another cockpit masterpiece by @OoALEJOoO
  18. @Ferruz I'm blown away by the painting and details of this cockpit and driver/co-driver. Wow! You and @OoALEJOoO are the masters of kcoc...pits. But seriously, fantastic work!
  19. Make sure to put those blue 0.5mm spacers on top of the steering set bearing. This is to avoid the steering set from rubbing/binding with the carbon fiber. As seen here: blue spacer on top of the bearing before putting the CF brace on top.
  20. Yes. The TRF420 was released at the end of 2019. This new TRF421 chassis looks like it won't share a lot of parts with its predecessor. Unlike the 415/416/417/418/419 and other TA/TB and FF cars, they share many other parts. Although suspension arms looks similar to the TA-08 on this one.
  21. Agreed! @Willy iine's project builds and collection absolutely belongs here than any other RC forums I believe. Plus his catalog-ish presentation and pictures are eye-ctatching. I'd normally peak in his showroom here and in IG once in a while for some inspirations and ideas too.
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