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  1. There you go. Well said!
  2. Hey @87lc2 You might want to check out this thread for rally car options.
  3. I bought two pairs of those 75mm in blue lasy month for my long damper spec conversion for the XV-01. Seems ok and rebound is nice and smooth. Other brands to look for are YR (Yeah Racing) and KYX. Both are really good and cheap.
  4. I also vouch for the SPT 4412LV. I have 6 of those and all works fine. $12 a piece. Although if you want an ultra fast servo, I'd recommend PowerHD R12. About $50 each.
  5. If I were to describe myself in this hobby, I'm a combination of builder, engineer, basher, occasional racer and builder (Oops I said that already ). I enjoy building, tinkering, modifiying and improving my kits in terms of performance and look. I'm not a fan of box-stock kits and will always do something to improve and make a difference. I'm a sucker for hop-up parts and custom fabirication of other parts if possible. Not sure if I can call my kits a "collection" since there's only a handful (7 car kits and 3 helis), but I'd prefer a few numbers in quality than quantity in box-stock. Although some of my kits have quite a number of spares that I keep for future proofing. Like my FF-03, two are built in full mod but have enough spares to build three more kits. I also have enough spares for my XV-01, that if something breaks such as suspension arms, belt, gears, shocks/dampers, and others, I have them ready. Aside from car parts, I also keep a few pieces of bnew servos, ESC, motors, wires, and other electronic necessities. Lastly, I also have lots of bnew wheels and tires in stock, many of them are pre-mounted. From slicks, semi-slicks, threaded, semi-threaded, rally blocks, rally gravel, rally tarmac, x-pattern, crawler beadlock wheel, crawler tires, buggy wheels, etc. I don't know if it's hoarding but I buy wheels and tires from time to time even if I don't need them yet. If it fancies me, I buy it.
  6. That looks great @TheGizmodi Love the mock up engine which is nicely detailed and the rear wing plus the front lightbar. I'm also interested to the the chassis if you can share too. Thanks!
  7. Today I had time to clean my displays and did photo shoots. Some new shots in 3 scales (1:18, 1:43 & 1:64). Some additional new shots of these classics.
  8. Not as many as most of you have here, but here's my current fleet.
  9. The XV-01 is no doubt way much better than a TT-02 out of the box. Incomparable.
  10. https://www.rcmart.com/Wire-Plug-Connector/Wire-Plug-AND-Connector-Wire-Guard-Clamp @ChrisRx718 ^This. There are several available at RCMart. Bought a couple different ones and also used one to hold the brake cables of my bike.
  11. Did you check the LRP site? https://www.lrp.cc/en/product/antix-by-lrp-s10-blast-tc-3-clubracer-non-rtr-no-wheels-and-body-110-4wd-electric-touring-car/ It's available at 120 euros.
  12. That HW 1080 is probably the best brushed ESC on the market. A bang for the buck and so many settings can be made not just for crawling but for everything 4-wheels. Buggy, touring, rally, monster and the list goes on. I replaced three of my 1060 to that. Huge difference in performance. Can't wait to see your BBX build soon.
  13. OMG! I got mixed up. Only realized now. Hahaha! Ok now back to regular programming.
  14. Edited my previous post.
  15. @akimrc @BuggyGuy covered the answer pretty much to your question. EDIT: Sorry @Busdriver I was reading the FF thread and this (SRX) alternately and I mixed it up and tagged you instead of BuggyGuy.
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