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  1. And when I read trough the hole site I linked to, I saw that you already been there to..........
  2. Hi Mouton! Please follow the link and you will find a list of the different DMD units and whitch tank "belongs" to http://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_8872048/printable.htm Hope this can give you some usefull info Regards Bjørn
  3. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has tried to fit the Sport tune motors and the Tamiya TEU-103BK esc in there Jugg 2. Will it work and will it improve th speed much or is it to heavy? Regards Bjørn
  4. Hi Aaron! Look at the german E-bay and search for Fh 12. There is a guy there who make them. Regards Bjørn
  5. Hi again folks! Is there nobody that knows anything about this? Are there comming some new option parts for the High Lift in the near future? Regards Bjrn
  6. Hi! I am wondering what OP (options) 1, 2 and 3 is? It is described in the manual for the MFC, but I can't find any description of what it is. Any help would be apriciated. Thanks in advance Bjrn (Trail Jero)
  7. Hei Lars! Fr jeg vere med s "leke" i den nye SIG'en din? Selv om jeg bor i Stockholm, s regner jeg meg selv som norrmann. Mvh Bj,rn
  8. Ok guys! I will change the question. Does anybody know a lexan paint that looks like the light blue coloure?
  9. Thanks Kontemax, but I am still wondering if there is posible to change the gear ratio on the Bush Devil. The reason I wonder is when I use the Mag Meyhem motor it sound like it reaches the max rpm in just a few secons. Can it be because it does not have a high enough rpm or is it the gear ratio? If I buy a 14x2 motor does any esc that can handle that do, or is it a difference in witch esc (Model,make) I use. I want one with reverse besause this is basher car. I use a 3000 mah nimh battery today. Another question that pops up when thinking of this problem is that many of the esc's out there state the max A, not the lowest turns in the motor. Is there a way to calculate the current sumption from knowing witch turn the motor has? I know for some of you that these questions may be a little dumb, but I am mostly into building and restoring my cars rather then running and optimise them. Regads Björn
  10. Does anybody know what coloure code the light blue colure on the Toyota 4-Runner (as I call it) is. I cant find the right match in the catalog " /> " />
  11. Hi guys! (and girls) I have a fully ball raced Bush Devil with a Kyosho Magnetic Mayhem installed. I also still use the msc. I have a Bushnell radar speed gun that I use to see how fast my runners go.The bush devil does 22 km/h with this parts. I am, not very good on tuning my cars so that is why I need your help. I want it to go faste top speed but without loosing the acceration. What would a esc do for the speed? And what motor would you guys recomend for this car? Is it also posible to change the pinion and spur gear on the Bush Devil? Any thoughts and ideas are apriciated. Regads Björn
  12. I just got my hands on and old radioset (Graupner JR Varioprop Exzellent T 3014), and I thought of using this in my tractor truck and High Lift. The radio set is new in box, so I have the instruction if that is needed. The Graupner reciever has, what I can see, no BEC curcuit as this is ment to be a air plane radio. What can I do to make it compatible whit an electronic speed controller? I remeber from the time I started with RC that you could buy a on/off switch with this curcuit in. Any hints or tips is very much apriciated. Regads Björn
  13. I forgot to mention that I need your help with this list as I dont know so much about this and that is why I want to make this list. Bjørn
  14. Hi guys and girs! I was thinking if we could make a list of aftermarked parts for Tamiya Cars. Like for the TA 03 you have Trinity,Cross and so on. And for the Bruiser you have bruiserbuilder among others. I think we also should have internet addreses where you can buy these parts But I think we can name all the parts that have been made for the vintag cars aswell, even if they dont make them any more.
  15. Maybe it is just me, but is not the Hummer wheels only used on just the Hummer and the tires are the same as the Jeep Wrangler? Björn
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