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  1. Thanks for the tower info. Champ85. I was wondering how to save the 120.00 also. I only get the 50.00 off of 300.00 coupon. Guess I will just have to kick out a little more for this legend. Also, thank you income tax refund.
  2. I can not understand all of this bickering about Bruiser. For those of you that think it is untimely or cost too much or think the Trail finder 2 is better don't buy a bruiser. But, this is a club so why can't you be happy for those of us that do want one. I would'nt miss this opportunity to get one for the world.
  3. Tower has changed the price to 789.99. I was close I said 785. Yesterday
  4. Tower has bruiser listed for 1,126.99 wow! [Topics merged http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?act=Search]
  5. I never understood why people said certain models could not be re-released because of moulds. If the moulds were lost or damaged certainly more could be made. Anything that was made in the 80's can be reproduced today. Technology becomes more advanced with time not less. And, why would metal parts be an issue? Is there some shortage of metal I am now awhere of?
  6. Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out the street price of bruiser. I took the MSRP of three tamiya models off the tamiyausa site. Avante, F-350 and the Sand scorcher. I took the MSRP and divided by the price towerhobbies had listed and got an average of 1.65. So if you take Bruiser's MSRP (1295.00) and divide it by 1.65 you get 785.00. So my guess is Towerhobbies will selling Bruiser for 785.00.
  7. It seems like Tamiya always re-release the least desirable variation first. So if the mountaineer was comming back, it would make sense to release it first. Then release the bruiser so you have to spend more money. I was holding out on the FAV waiting for the Wild-one. Then I finally gave in. But, if a Wild-one does come along I'm getting it also.
  8. O.M.G. Looks like I'm going to be broke for another month. Valentines day will have to wait.
  9. Hi everyone, I would choose my TA-03 Lancia 037. I think this is the best looking car in my collection. Scale hard body, 4wd, crazy looking headlights what could be better!
  10. It Takes me about 14 hours to put a 4wd rolling chassis together. However my F-350 and CR-01 took forever (20+ hours).
  11. Thanks again, Mr. WillyChang
  12. Hi everyone, I am about to begin building a ta03. Asiatees has a aluminum pro diff gear advertised. I want to know if using this aluminum gear will cause the other plastic gears to wear out prematurely? Thanks for any advise.
  13. Thanks for the info Willychang.
  14. If anyone is worried about doing damage to their gears remember this: Just because your car can go 1000 mph does not mean you have to drive it 1000 mph.
  15. Hi everyone, When building a gear diff for the ta03r is it better to use anti-wear grease or can the diff be filled with diff oil? If the diff can be filled with oil, what weight oil should be used? Thanks for any advise.
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