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  1. Hi, first take a look at the Picture,ok done? So here is the Story why iam showing you these Decalparade. Iam so superexcited and happy about it because the rested for over 10 years in my Basement. That Time i stopped collecing Tamyia and so everything was stored away. Last week i had to move all the parts and began to look at them, yeah and now iam into Tamiya again. So first i started to buy all missing parts wich are available with the reres. Some bumpers,screws, alternative wheels for my 959. And what do you do as a second, while hunting down some old Tamiyacars? You look the bay, here in germany we have also these "kleinanzeigen", just for local purpose, but anyway, many people ship there also. So i found a Renault MK22 for a fair prize. Its in the post right now but the pics showed that i have to resto the body with paint and new Decals. Decals for mk22, ouch that would be interesting. Just found a B sheet. Meanwhile i also looked for some origine Blackfoot Decals, and at that Moment i recalled these little blue Box somewere under all that carstuff. And you know what, you will have already seen it. The decals are already there! Wow i had to sit down directly in front of all these Decals. Dont believe that i did not know that i have some spare decals (Frog,Lancia Gr.B). But to buy a car and having the decals out of these Timecapsule is really amazing. As i wrote these lines i beginn to remember that i bought the Decals together with these two March and the Matra sheets but for wich car are the Astra Decals ? Or asked the other way around, wich car do i have to get? So i hope you are not to jealouse but you can happy with me. I will Post some Pics of the resto... Lesson learned: Never throw anything away! Always take a look at the Basement, Attic, or where ever you store your treasures Sebastian
  2. Hi,

    just surfed through yahoo japan and maybe i found the solution for your question, why there are two more srewholes on the ORV rear arms (swing arm brace vid) Pics show a (aftermarket) rear stabilizer kit! Maybe that was also the idea from Mr. Tamiya for one of the following Kits when they build the first orv car,but never realized that. So i have no idea if that is a nice-to-have option for a Frog e.g. but maybe you are inspired now? :-)

    Greets Sebastian



  3. Thanks guys, i will check that all, meanwhile i opened the gearbox and there is a diff :-). The gearbox inside was very clean with only some minor lub on it, I dissassembled all and rebuild it with new (diff)grease. But one thing is a bit strange, i could not manage to adjust the diff in a way i think it should be. All parts are there and look brand new but when i screw the supersmall hexscrew into the counterpart, all the way in, the diff works not very smooth. It feels like it stop at certain points. It helps when I loosen up the screw a bit,but then the diff is too open and i think the car will not drive. Maybe its because the parts are new but it feel not right this way. Sebastian
  4. Hi, after some years without Tamiya i recently rediscovered my Collection .After all the rerelease-boom i just ordered some parts for my Frog and MBeetle, maybe the last time to get some of them? But anyway, the last car i pulled out of the dark hole is a really beautiful one. A Celica GrB in very good condition. It was the last car i bought, and now i would like to run it a bit, very carfully of course. But a closer inspection showed that the front stabilizer is missing, also the mountingpoints for it. It has white wheels and the resistor stays on the front damper bridge, so should be a celica i think. Question is, is a center ball diff installed or not and how can i check this without disassembling? When i lift the front and fix the centershaft and then move the rear wheels in the same direction without resistance on the shaft, there should be a diff or? Second question is, are there any options for the wheels/tyres? My set is seems nearly new so i dont wanna use them. And last question, i found a stabilizerset and some front driveshafts on victores101 aka lightwater models (driveshafts are also missing), is the website still in business and trustable, because its a bit wired to use, you can just search for items but no tree" browsing" etc. Sebastian
  5. Any price sugestions welcome.International postage and paypal for TC members possible, please ask for pricing. http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...=STRK:MESELX:IT
  6. Hi Guys, so here iam, at that point i never thought to come,but sometimes the interest change and the last time i spend some for Tamiya is long ago.So befor they get too Dusty i will sell some Cars. Not a big collection.Some nice Items, some ugly cars :-).Please take a look here www.atm-dobson.de user: theclub pass: tamiya. Please make me some serios Offers over email or PM.Paypal is possible.You pay the Fees.IBAN/BIC EU-wide possible.Postage worldwide at your cost.USA insured around 40Euros plus.UK/EU 25Euros. Some words about the Cars.The most are sheelfer.So there is a bit Dust on it.If youre interested please ask for the extra infos.Sometimes there is a missing Part or the Tires are older. I just would not write it on the website.So just ask. List: XR 311 Combat Support Vehicle NIB. 013 March782 BMW 034 Super Champ with o. Box 043 Grasshopper 054 Supershot 058 Blackfoot 060 Monster Beetle 061 Striker 064 T.Celica Gr.B 070 Midnight Pumpkin with o. Box 071 Sonic Fighter 078 Fire Dragon with o. box 093 Bear Hawk 278 Lancia Rally 037 with o. Box 347 Lunchbox Re-release with o. Box 49154 Tyrrel Sixwheeler with o. Box Other Brands Porsche 935 Turbo Renault 1/12 Original Tamyia Backpack in brown to transport your car and equipment safely to the track. Plus some more spares in the Traderoom.You-G Grasshopper sidebars etc. greets Sebastian
  7. Hi, ok i think we can summarize the following points: 1.Iam proud to have one of the earlyest Tamiya things in my rooms!And it cost me only 70Euros... 2.I see the **** 1/12 Static rere Kit is more exepensive :-) 3. I will not drill any holes into it :-). With custom Body mounts i mean something without holes.As far as i can see the original setting is also without holes. 4.The Kit i have is not complete, so i think i cannot build a nice Static. 5.I think a original Chassis is IS affordable but do anybody know were i can get one?Many Parts are still in the bay but never saw the ground plate i.e. So what to do now?Static is impossible because there are also some cracked Parts.And statics are soooo...static?:-) Use it as a RC shell.I need a chassis.Anyone? And dont forget its the Jaegermeister Kit so what do ya think wich color is the right one? And as far as i understand that right.I have a rare Kit but the rere, wich comes with the originl decals, is on the way. So just in time , the kit is not that rare anymore. But,i think one of the collectors needs is to be unique.So this is also my intention here. i asume the best option to be unique here is to put it onto a original 934 chassis with Jaegermeister Desing? greets ps did i wrote that i need a 034 chassis ? no? i need one! :-)
  8. Hi, found a prebuild 934 Body Kit (SP1045) in the bay.My first Question, is this the "real" Spare Body kit for the RC 934? Cause there so much more Plastik Parts and even wheels with brake discs and working suspension etc. Nearly everthing to build a non RC Modell.So a bit much just for a Body Kit or?Next Question is.Will it fit onto the 1/12 rere with some custom Bodyposts?Or use Tamiya some new dimensions for the rere?As far a s i know there are two versions of the new 934s. The expensive 1/10 30th anv. Edition, and the Tamtech 1/12 thing.But both with Lexanbodys.So my idea was that i put the old Sparekit onto the Tamtech chassis (GT01) and have the best of both worlds.Beside that a original chassis is my dream to be more original but unpayable. So what do you think?Will that Fit or not. greets Sebastian
  9. Hi, in the last weeks i built a new bath into my house (refitting doors,new tiles etc.), so much dust found its way to the cars on the shelf.I always locked the doors and used tape to close the small holes etc. but at the end everytime i look at the cars there is more then the normal dust on it.Beside the unormal dust at the moment, how should i remove it?In the near futur i wanna buy some show cases but any good option is also very expensive.Until now i use these big make-up brushes.But its only for the big cleaning.Some dust and dirt is still there and the model doesnt look "fresh". And i think that these brushes are not really friendy to the paint and stickers.But what is hamrles and effective? sebastian
  10. Hi, maybe a bit tho close at the end but mybe you need something http://search.ebay.de/_W0QQsassZspatzel123QQhtZ-1
  11. Hi, last week i asked if anyone is interested in some repro Blackfoot decals.Made a tread in the sale and trade section.I think that was a fault cause no one answered.Today i got the offer from the decals company. Starts with 30,85 Euros if we buy 15 sheets 25,10 Euros for 20 sheets 19,10 Euros for 30 sheets Shipping to everywere is around 2 Euros standart mail.Fastmail or insured needs 3 more Euros. Up to 6 Colors, clear glossy PVC foil, uv-silkscreening process. I saw some workprobs from them and they are very good.Naturally they cant do a sheet of the BF decals.But i think thats not the prob. All depends on how good i do the vectorising job.And this means a lot of work.At the moment i mailed some TC members with NIB BF to send me a high res scan. And befor i sit here a whole week and vectorize the scan i just wanna ask if we get 20 or more people together for some nice BF repros? There are so much people here with Blackfoots without a decalsheet,so At the moment we have 5 sheets Just wanna push that tread a bit.In the mean time i got a 50mb! scan from Live Steam Mad. What a beast to trace [] Thanks Live Steam Mad! Update: Started to vectoreize it.Much work to do but the scan is awesome. To get the right colors i take some probes to the shop and show it them. They can determine the right CYMK numbers form the decal sheet i have here. Update: Talked to the company owner.He told me that we should do a color proof pallet.So i can compare the "printed" colors with the real probes to determine the right red ectc. Vectors are done 50%
  12. Hi, Eastern was so boring so i played around a bit and the result was this.Some anodised frog gear house parts. I want them in blue but used to much color so they get purple.If anyone need them drop me a mail.If you need the rest in purple to, no problem. Please take a look they not perfect yet, iam still working on the process.
  13. Hi, if you have a 2 channel rc then normaly steering is cannel 1 and speed is channel 2.And if you use the speedo that came with the frog (tamiya teu101bk) then you must also connect the batterycable from the speedo to the reciever.That should work.If not change the steering with speedo.
  14. didnt read the whole thread but one thing i can say.Uk is expensiv in everything.The same Kit in Germany is much more cheaper and the journey is quite the same.London or Frankfurt is not a different from Japan.Last year a friend of a friend was here for a visit.Hes born in the UK but is around Europe very often due his Job and he is always wondering how cheap some things are here.Just compare some Uk ebay shops with some from USA. I have no idea why its so expensive there but i think thats the only reason that the Uk doenst use the Euro.Then they must show the people how expensive it is their....sorry for being off topic but i am looking so often in uk shops and the prices are alway higher.Thats frustrasting cause shipping could be so fast for me.....
  15. Back from my Camping Trip and ready to do some experiments. I used the Mr. Thinner thing on a new old Celica GR.B shell.Same result.Paint come off after some of it stays a while on the paint. After i removed the half of the roof i saw some small aereas wich get a bit, just a bit cloudy.But thats all. So far i can say Mr.Thinner is ok for Lexanpaint.New or old that doesnt matter.New just goes of better, thats my feeling. But i only tried that with Tamiya Lexan paint on Tamiya Lexan shells ,beside that Carrera Porsche (1:12) here i dont know the brand of the paint. How it goes with Carpaint? I dont know and i think that doenst matter also, cause i searched for a lexan stripper and not for a abs stripper. For abs the breakfluid methd is the best one. An least i would say that there is everytime a good cance o harm the old Lexan so if you are not really instructed to get the old shell to a new one. Buy a new one. :-). Wich fluid you will ever take to remove the paint from lecan there is always the problem that the paint interactes with the lexan while you spray or brush it on, so a view clouds are uninevitably.
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