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  1. Just got mine today from Cruizin' with RCs. Looking at that box for the first time since I last saw it in a hobby shop back in 1987 was amazing. Carrying it out the door was even better.
  2. I walked in to my local hobby store and took one look at the owner and he took one look at me and said, "I already ordered what you're here for and I'll call you as soon as it ships". That was two weeks ago. Today, he called and said it will be arriving on Friday. Same price as Tower, and this way, I get to support a small, local business.
  3. I'm joining this thread a little late. I just happened upon an Avante in my local RC store, Cruizin With RCs in Waldwick, NJ. He had one sitting on the shelf and unlike my status in my junior year of High School, this time I was able to snap it up. His price was great, and I didn't have to wait for it to arrive, or go thru customs and get all banged up. Now I've gotta go down to the work bench and finish last year's Sand Scorcher project so I can build the Avante!
  4. I am a Diesel performance specialist. My specialty is the Cummins B series 5.9 L inline six. This is my screen name on all forums I use.
  5. This year, I have hopes that the pictures of the F-350 High Lift all over the room lay subtle hints for my Christmas wishes. The best Tamiya Christmas, however, came on Christmas 1985, when my mom and dad gave me one of the hottest things Tamiya had going at the time, the Hotshot. It was indeed a great present, and I only wish now that I kept it intact.
  6. I did a complete restoration of my Super Champ, and I chose not to use any chemicals on the aluminum castings. I cleaned them up with some simple green and hot water, scrubbing with a toothbrush, then took them out to the workbench and used wire brushes, and a bench grinder wire wheel, and got them all shined up.
  7. I have a Knight Hauler with the Multi function control unit. I used the Futaba Attack 4WD 4ch radio and with all the bells and whistles, it is pretty impressive. I used three servos for the truck (steering, shifting, and fifth wheel latching/unlatching). Sounds are integrated into MFU and work along with your inputs from the controller. Lights are controlled from the toolbox mounted control box. I took my time with the kit, basically the assembly took me a week of evenings, and the paint job took me about three weeks of evenings to complete with priming, wet sanding, filling, priming, wet sanding, painting, masking, painting, color sanding, 7 coats of clear with wet sanding in between, and finally polishing the last coat. I also went ahead with doing all oil filled shocks, and full ball bearings, on both the tractor and the trailer. It's a small fortune to go from start to finish, but very rewarding.
  8. I saw one on Jason's RC a while back for USD $800.00
  9. I, for one, would love to see that produced. As a Diesel specialist, I work on these quite a bit and between the F-650 pickup, the International CXT pickup and the Chevy Top Kick Pickup, I can't honestly pick a personal favorite. They are insane, the Ford getting an edge by offering a choice of three different Diesel engines (Cummins, CAT, and the Navistar VT "powerstroke"). The powertrain is all "big rig" and the ride is absolutely unbelievable, with air seats, air over hydraulic brakes and engine brake from the factory. These are NOT for taking into the woods, moreover for hauling trailers cross country and looking totally badass. To make it right, would not be much harder than an all new shell, and a hybrid of the semi and the high lift. If you build it they will come!
  10. I work in a business which, before the internet lowballing of pricing, used to earn 60-70% profit margin on products we have to sell to stay in business and keep our jobs and feed our families. Today, over a decade of decadence later, margins have been reduced to 2%. I hear everyone on lots of discussion forums keep complaining about "cheaper" this and "how much can we group buy" on that, and all I have to say to all of that is, when it starts to take food from your children's mouths, was it really all worth chopping down pricing. In the end, it is bad for everyone...from the producer to the consumer.
  11. We all say that about when we have a child, and we won't be getting anything for ourselves anymore, but....Let's just say that the wife and I began construction on our release back in 2003, and all machinery worked as planned, no manual needed. There was just one thing, we worked on one, and got two as a result! AND...I still get a chance to get a toy here and there!!! One day the twins will reap the benefits of a Daddy that stayed mentally young.
  12. My Hotshot. I was toying with getting an RC car again once I started driving, and got a Fox, but was too burdened by the price of a new radio, so out of the Hotshot it came, in the worst way you could imagine. The Fox did not last and I wish I had never done that to my Hotshot.
  13. I got into this hobby back in 1984-ish. I remember being in seventh grade study hall and one of the kids had a Tamiya Guide Book and passed it to me and I was totally awestruck that the pictures I saw were models and when he exclaimed to me that they can jump and go really fast, I knew I had to have one. I convinced my parents to get me one and they settled on a Marui Big Bear. I thought it was the "best", that is until the speed control stuck at what and it went under a passing car and that was it for the Big Bear. Its replacement would come at Christmas in the form of a Hotshot. My first Tamiya. Awesome indeed. The one car I wish hadn't gone the way of the junkyard. I enjoyed it, couldn't stop it! One of my buddies was a year older and had a job, and got himself what I consider to this day, the most incredible Tamiya car ever produced, The Super Champ. It seemed like forever for him to complete it, as he was a perfectionist. When I saw it run, I knew I HAD to have it. We never switched cars to let each other test drive, that was taboo. But, he soon moved away and I was in the hobby store with my Dad, and we were looking at the Bruiser when I saw two Super Champ boxes and told him how awesome it was. He responded that he'd consider it for my next birthday present, which was always done very cool, as we always were away at the shore for my birthday, so it made it all that much more special. Anyway, the Super Champ made it to my birthday, already built, just needing its final details. I enjoyed it for years and it soon took a second seat to my Clodbuster which was the next big thing. Then, like in a movie, I got older, got a job, a car, things got put in the basement in boxes and move forward to 2004, and I had the Super Champ on ebay. It sold, and I packed it up and sent it away. I didn't think about it again until....I joined TC. Then I spent time kicking myself , and more time acquiring partial Super Champ kits and parts to build a "new" one. I got some used stuff, but didn't mind as with time and patience comes new replacement for the used stuff. As of this spring I got my last parts to complete the car and taking it out for a sequestered run on a local, remote softball field brings back all those memories and feelings. And although I have a Mayhem Pro Buggy and a Traxxas Revo and a few more vintage Tamiyas and Re-Re's, none of them have that same "feeling" as driving the SRB and watching all that scale exactness working together as a fine, well-oiled machine.
  14. I particularly think that when the "make me an offer, sensible offers only" appears, that the seller actually doesn't have anything better to do with his/her time and wonders how much they can sell something for....or uses Tamiya Club trades area as a warmup to what they're gonna decide to sell it on the bay for anyway. I personally get turned off to the item immediately.
  15. Last year when I did my Knight Hauler project, I spared no expense and bought the MFU and it was worth every dime. When I opened it up, I thought I was short one set of LEDs, but wasn't reading the instructions correctly. It all works so well, I'd consider the MFU for the new High Lift F-350 as well.
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