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  1. I busted out laughing really hard but then felt like someone was squeezing my throat and I blacked out, please pass on my apologies to your wife for making fun of her special powers....
  2. I hear you Wandy, the hilux and 959 would do for me... Suprised they have not been released sooner... We have been waiting a long time !
  3. hey bro, can you send me the tires and rims you mentioned ?


    Thanks, Edward

    1. studioRS


      Yes, sir, PM sent.
      Cheers, Thompson

  4. Oh boy, much prefer this compared to the 959. I can finally make a replica of the one used in James Bond.
  5. Not a 959 or hilux...Big Wig = Big Disappointment
  6. I hear you Wandy.....959 is way overdue....
  7. 959 and maybe the hilux are the only ones I need for nostalgic reasons... Isn't 30 year anniversary for 959 in 2016 ????
  8. Good one Theibault !! I seem to recall you being the bearer of great news in the past ........ The 959 was tied with the Bruiser and the scorcher as my all time fav tamiyas... It has been such a long journey.... Wouldn't a 959 re re be something......
  9. Not much so far...... http://tamiyablog.com/category/future-releases/
  10. Tamiya Blog posted a blazing blazer video recently....... interesting.... think a 959 is way overdue..
  11. Atom at Capo quoted me 2800 before shipping in Jan. Now he will not respond to my order request. They want bank order, I need pay pal. Anybody else find any sights ?
  12. Thanks Theibault ! Ordering shortly ! Lived in lafayette Co for 6 years !!
  13. Cool but a Hilux version would make my list for sure. No 959... bummer looks like carisma 959 on order and kyosho scorpion pre order. I wanted so bad to give tamiya some money. Maybe later . ....
  14. Great news ! I am in for the scorpion.... just make the next kyosho re re be the landjump !!!!
  15. Going to preorder from modelsportUK they ship to states, unless someone knows a distributor in US
  16. I agree, surprised as well. My brother and I have spoken of an all metal vehicle like this for years !!!!
  17. 2350 to 2500 depending on exchange rates - direct from CAPO - 100 units produced, limited run. Trying to figure a way to get one...
  18. www.rc-capo.com/?brand-21.html
  19. Hot off the presses........ http://www.matoys.com/catalog/product.php?cid=2_43_44
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