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  1. Thanks allot irenL!, im clear on what i need now. i should not have bought the carbon battery plate then as i mainly use stick packs., oh well it was cheap. I will hold off on the TA03R carbon chassis, i am going to use this beast for drifting and i hear the front configuration is the one to have. thanks again mate.
  2. Hey everyone, I bought the Tamiya FRP chassis plates second hand on ebay, there are no battery mounting parts, just the two plates, so i also bought a new carbon battery mount set on ebay. I havent got the parts in the mail yet, but i think i need more parts to mount the battery?? do i need to buy SP-703 TA03 PRO J Parts (battery holder)? thanks everyone your help is very appreciated
  3. thanks everyone, oh i wish i could find some alloy M01 suspension parts *sigh* i am going to use M03 universal joints which are aparently the same correct me if im wrong. cheers [Y]
  4. hey everyone, Do M03 Rear uprights and front knuckle arms fit the M01 chassis?, they look very similar, does anybody know for sure?. cheers
  5. wow i love your mini collection Rabiedmushroom, I would die for some M01 Alloy suspension arms, C hubs and knuckles, if anybody knows where to get such items please let me know []
  6. thanks again , do you know if anybody made alloy Knuckle arms and C hubs?, i cant find any, anywhere...
  7. Thanks allot rabiedmushroom, my plan for my stock mini is, Ball bearings, Ball diff, universals, alloy C hubs and knuckle arms, and a pair of alloy shocks would b awesome:) another question, what is the benefit of the M chassis Bushing set #53236? and do you think a M01 could handle a 17x2 on a 16T pinion? cheers
  8. 3racing universals for a M03M, will they fit on a M01?
  9. hey everyone, im wondering if the M03 hop ups such as universal shafts , knuckle arms and suspension parts etc are compatable with the M01. i have a M01 which i am restoring, I want some universal shafts, and alloy Knuckle arms and C hubs if its possible. thanks
  10. thanks allot Peejay!! and everyone else, ... tamiyaclub is the best im doing up a Blazing Star and im thinking of getting a pickup truck body for it , work out some way to mount it. i cant wait cheers.
  11. thanks guys, Another question though, I need a new spur gear aswell, it says Manta Ray on it, but i am unsure of the part number. I found a spare gear set 52108 but it comes with all the alloy stuff, can you buy the TA02 spur gear on its own?
  12. hey everyone, i have had problems with a TA02 because the screws had been overtightend in the self tapping motor mound, whcih led to the pinion being missalligned. does anybody know of a TA02 alloy motor mount?
  13. hey guys, im wondering what the difference between HP and AV pinion gears are, i am getting 50354 RC AV Pinion Set 16/17T for my TA03F which i am restoring and i am going to run a LRP 17x2 motor with the stock black gears, but am wondering if a HP pinoin gear would be worth getting. cheers.
  14. Hey guys, i have a highly upgraded TA05 with a brushed fantom 10x3 motor. and my friend is getting a mamba max 7700kv brushless for his TA05. I need a brushless setup that is more powerfull without too much cost troubles. I am happy to run it off either 6 cell or lipo with about AU $500 spending limit. cheers
  15. hey everyone, i made a small video of some of my tamiya rc cars. Check it out they are TA03F wrx, with big wheels and a home made bash plate M01 mini cooper Bear hawk enjoy
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