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  1. Thanks allot irenL!, im clear on what i need now. i should not have bought the carbon battery plate then as i mainly use stick packs., oh well it was cheap. I will hold off on the TA03R carbon chassis, i am going to use this beast for drifting and i hear the front configuration is the one to have. thanks again mate.
  2. Hey everyone, I bought the Tamiya FRP chassis plates second hand on ebay, there are no battery mounting parts, just the two plates, so i also bought a new carbon battery mount set on ebay. I havent got the parts in the mail yet, but i think i need more parts to mount the battery?? do i need to buy SP-703 TA03 PRO J Parts (battery holder)? thanks everyone your help is very appreciated
  3. thanks everyone, oh i wish i could find some alloy M01 suspension parts *sigh* i am going to use M03 universal joints which are aparently the same correct me if im wrong. cheers [Y]
  4. hey everyone, Do M03 Rear uprights and front knuckle arms fit the M01 chassis?, they look very similar, does anybody know for sure?. cheers
  5. wow i love your mini collection Rabiedmushroom, I would die for some M01 Alloy suspension arms, C hubs and knuckles, if anybody knows where to get such items please let me know []
  6. thanks again , do you know if anybody made alloy Knuckle arms and C hubs?, i cant find any, anywhere...
  7. Thanks allot rabiedmushroom, my plan for my stock mini is, Ball bearings, Ball diff, universals, alloy C hubs and knuckle arms, and a pair of alloy shocks would b awesome:) another question, what is the benefit of the M chassis Bushing set #53236? and do you think a M01 could handle a 17x2 on a 16T pinion? cheers
  8. 3racing universals for a M03M, will they fit on a M01?
  9. hey everyone, im wondering if the M03 hop ups such as universal shafts , knuckle arms and suspension parts etc are compatable with the M01. i have a M01 which i am restoring, I want some universal shafts, and alloy Knuckle arms and C hubs if its possible. thanks
  10. thanks allot Peejay!! and everyone else, ... tamiyaclub is the best im doing up a Blazing Star and im thinking of getting a pickup truck body for it , work out some way to mount it. i cant wait cheers.
  11. thanks guys, Another question though, I need a new spur gear aswell, it says Manta Ray on it, but i am unsure of the part number. I found a spare gear set 52108 but it comes with all the alloy stuff, can you buy the TA02 spur gear on its own?
  12. hey everyone, i have had problems with a TA02 because the screws had been overtightend in the self tapping motor mound, whcih led to the pinion being missalligned. does anybody know of a TA02 alloy motor mount?
  13. hey guys, im wondering what the difference between HP and AV pinion gears are, i am getting 50354 RC AV Pinion Set 16/17T for my TA03F which i am restoring and i am going to run a LRP 17x2 motor with the stock black gears, but am wondering if a HP pinoin gear would be worth getting. cheers.
  14. Hey guys, i have a highly upgraded TA05 with a brushed fantom 10x3 motor. and my friend is getting a mamba max 7700kv brushless for his TA05. I need a brushless setup that is more powerfull without too much cost troubles. I am happy to run it off either 6 cell or lipo with about AU $500 spending limit. cheers
  15. hey everyone, i made a small video of some of my tamiya rc cars. Check it out they are TA03F wrx, with big wheels and a home made bash plate M01 mini cooper Bear hawk enjoy
  16. i understand how the gear ratios work, i just want someone whos actually used a 10 turn or lower in a TA05 so i can start at a safe ratio and go from there. thanks people.. suggestions please
  17. hey everyone, sorry i havent replied sooner, my computers been broken. Thanks for your input. so to run this 10x3 i will need the 105T spur gear, but what size pinion?? maybe a 28T on the 105T spur
  18. i have a TA03F drifter and i locked the rear diff totally(gear diff filled with Glu Tack), set the rear suspension to super hard and the front suspension to medium hard and its great! if you have too much understeer consider locking the front diff aswell.
  19. Hey everyone. I will be getting a TA05 very soon, and i have a 10x3 fantom racing motor to use with it . Im wondering weather the stock TA05 pinion and gears will be suited to the 10x3 motor. your suggestions appreciated. Mark.
  20. It was hot weather, it was dusty, there was grass, thats about it, the gearbox has good ball bearings, and the chassis without the motor in it rolls smoothly. I can't imagine using the stock pinion with a Sport tuned motor being too hot. The only thing i was iffy about the car was the worn pinion gear, but it wasnt that bad. Im really not very keen to change the spur gear and others to blitzer beetle. I cannot see anything wrong with the current gears, they run smooth and it has a new diff. there are ball bearings throughout and i made a custom alloy motor plate with a cooling fin and the motor has a heatsink too. i guess ill use the stock can motor that i get with my new TA05 this week and monitor its temperature carefully, i was reading about breaking in stock motors in a jar of water with a 3v power supply. here is the url. Is this a good idea? it doesnt say how long to run the submerged motor for, im interested too know if this is a common technique. Cheers
  21. Thanks guys, i was confussed because there were 4 markings on the end bell each approximately 2mm apart, but only one of those markings is in line with the screws that hold the end bell. So i assume this is the marking to read off. the others i suppose are just to help remember settings?
  22. Hey everyone i have a fantom factory modifed motor 10x3, and i need to set its timing to zero. the sticker on the motor can has markings from -24 to 24, but im not sure which markings on the end bell im ment to line these up with. can someone help? cheers
  23. So can somebody reassure me, ive heard conflicting reports, so Blitzer beetle Gears (RC Stadium Blitzer Gear Set Item #50453 ) WILL fit into the bear hawk gear case, to then fit a smaller pinion such as (TAMIYA BUGGY PINION GEAR SET 50238) ??
  24. thanks everyone, i gave up trying to use the super hornet rears and put on some hex hubs and wheels
  25. looking inside, the brushes have about 2mm left at the thickest part, i don't know how the rest of its ment to look, Thanks allot for your input mr_pushrod
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