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  1. BiggusDitchus

    team colours

  2. BiggusDitchus

    team colours

    I for many years had racing colours, using red, white and blue. Recently revived the colours for the recent Iconic/A1 Revival meet. I have 3 the same now and most likely keep my racers like this too. RC10, DTO2 and DT03
  3. BiggusDitchus

    Biggus' Rat Rod King

    They don't, I will be searching out some aluminium lights for it that I can get working.
  4. BiggusDitchus

    intersting painting techniques

    This technique is how I had 2 of my lorries "painted" done by a company in Warrington which is sadly no more.
  5. BiggusDitchus

    Biggus' Rat Rod King

    Taken a while but I guess I needed some special wheels to suit the truck then saw these on Joes ebay site and had to get them. At the Leyland show Gareth was selling a set of low profile RC4wd tyres and grabbed them cheap (£5 for the pair). Think it looks tons better. Reckon we could do some damage with those spikes
  6. All but Toybota on ebay.
  7. BiggusDitchus

    Parkzone SE5a - BNF

    Parkzone Se5a - 37inch wingspan In great condition a nice stable flier, I will include 1 turnigy 3s lipo and the spectrum AR600 receiver in it so just needs an air use Spektrum transmitter like DX6i. I also have more Turnigy Lipos that I would sell for £7.50 each. (selling as I am a member of a club that flies off water) £80 offers considered.. posting is not possible due to size so its either collection or could arrange to meet up if not too far. now on ebay
  8. BiggusDitchus

    Nine Eagles Solo Pro 328 rtf for sale

    Don't use this just sits in the box, so must go. Comes with the original transmitter (2.4ghz), charger (lipo) and of course the helicopter itself. Also included is 3 Overlander lipos (one of which has never been used) £50 including post in UK. Now on ebay
  9. Time for a clearout so first up is a Tamiya flat bed trailer, metal work painted blue (flaking a little) but overall in great condition. £85 including post in UK - SOLD Project Toybota £50 including postage in UK... for more information check out my thread - basically just needs electronics fitting. Jeep bodyshell - Willy Rash A bodyshell I airbrushed many years ago for Twinset then got it when he stripped the truck it was mounted on, would make a great scaler shell.. wheelbase about 260mm and width is 190mm at wheelarches. £25 including postage in UK and my Mini Mono.. This is a fast brushless model, wood construction, included all the hardware, motor, speed controller and servo.. just needs a 2200 mah 2s lipo, transmitter and receiver. £50luding postage in UK
  10. BiggusDitchus

    Merseyside meets

    Was an enjoyable day, shame that the tide was in LOL. Day ended badly for me when I was unloading the car some local scroat decided to help themselves to Erica's Losi Desert Truck and my Spectrum DX6i. I would be up for a meet again sometime, Delamere sounds great although may have to wait for a while as I now have no transmitter for my cars
  11. BiggusDitchus

    Merseyside meets

    It's going to be grass having to move
  12. BiggusDitchus

    Merseyside meets

    Ok, then I wwas thinking 11 butI will say I will get there 12 ish Question is what to bring, might have to be most of them lol, thundershot, brat, hotshot, bruiser, holiday buggy, sand rover, wild one, scorcher and buggy champ . And maybe for a bit of lunacy my axial exo.
  13. BiggusDitchus

    Merseyside meets

    Shall we try again, with a meet on Sunday, weather permitting? At Fort Perch rock.
  14. BiggusDitchus

    Biggus' Rat Rod King

    Thanks for great comments and Skottoman/IBIFTKH I will certainly look into that cheers for advice
  15. BiggusDitchus

    Biggus' Rat Rod King

    The painter has a shot blaster which he let me use, turned the pressure down very low and spent a while clearing paint off. It just needed a light sand.