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  1. nmunn


    what about Tornado batterys?? are these a good one?
  2. nmunn


    whos car wheels are buckled .. well not the wheel from the gear box to wheel one side is ok the other the wheel nearest gear box does not spin straght I HAVE THE NEW HOP UP UNIVERSAL SHAFTS + everything is new but the cups connected to the gear box and gear box ..or is this the normal thing?
  3. nmunn


    thanks for link mate they look class batterys
  4. nmunn


    what ABOUT Venom batterys?
  5. nmunn


    ARE Carson batterys any good.. or what is a good make other than the sanyo or gp??
  6. GREAT MATE THANKS FOR THAT i am useing 400 oil it is half way between the oils .. or is it 40. will try a thicker one.. or use mobel 1 haha.. i mean even if i do get them runing ok i will be going through oil for fun even if there new 0-rings.. thought they whould of been a better damper than that. so even if i do not gt the damper right the arms should be ok hitting the front and will not break (well hope not) also have seen some upgrades that other people have done (differant shocks) what type of shocks are if you no.. i did try my shocks of the FF01 whitch i just upgraded but they were to fat .. dam pitty that one neil
  7. it did first time but i put a new o-ring in thought then i was sorted then i got no oil leak but the shaft just pushes up and down..
  8. i did to the way the origanel instructions read... the pistion is left in as i fill it up .. or should i try a differant way.. is there another way.. neil
  9. i will check them but will need to strip them down again .. but if they are differant is it knackered?/worn ..nothing else to do?.. the only other way i get it to be differant if i over fill it and the pistion just stays were it is .. i am sure the damper is filled right must of done it 10 times did the first one . at first attemped
  10. it is returning with great spped due to the damper not working the one that works does back gentle so the arms will not break.. this what i am afraid of it doing.. the damper with spring works but there is no.. softley return just flys back and i have the springs set to softest setting the highest notch
  11. A damper by it's self won't rebound, it's the spring that causes the damper to return to it's position, are there springs fitted to your car ? Also, in relation to the lack of resistance, is the piston on the end of the damper's shaft Ok ? yes there is springs fitted .. also the end of the pistion looks ok .. but not sure what do i look for? neil
  12. i thought the rebound is what i want in the shock? the one i have that will not rebound just pulls in and out with no rebound .. it stays were ever i put it.. so turn it upside down with the piston pushed fullly in and let the excess come yes .. then put the end back on..am i right also the piston rod just slide down the shaft ok no resistence .. also i am useing 400 oil in both one works ok with it
  13. i have a ripmax pro peak varipulse .. also i charged them today just before i went out .. when i got to locaction i pluged them in and the power loss was loads half power i am gessing.. the 1400 tamiya was miles more powerfull.. i come back charged the 3000 mah and the power was there as fast as the 1400 tamiya ni-cad??? i am chargeing the 3000 at 3a max i can for the house hold plug connection
  14. refilled both front shocks on my super champ put new o-rings in them one is working ok and the other i just can not get it to work ..(no resistence at all or pushing back) what is up with it i must of done it right cause the other is ok... so am i doing somthing wrong or is the shock damaged/worn? thanks for reading .. whould like info thanks
  15. SAME HERE thats why i posted on here.. but thanks for help mate.. you told me more now than i new before post ..thanks (ie more than me) hopfully some one else willl post on here to tell use more
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