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  1. Can anyone tell me if the sticker sheets in this re-release are identical to the originals, or if there are any differences (no matter how small).
  2. I got these in a job lot of tamiya parts but not sure what they are from. Free to collector (Wiltshire area) or I will send for price of postage/packaging.
  3. Yes these are the same wheels but in chrome. The offset will be the same too (note you have a choice of 2 offsets depending on which way around you have the rim). If you want a much more extreme offset you'll need the other type of 2-piece rim, the one without holes. They are the ones on the ta01 celica and skyline.
  4. Those are 2-piece wheels? Tamiya makes 2 kinds of 2-piece wheel rim. (4 if you count wide separately). The amount of offset you get depends on which side of the rim you attach the wheel centres to, so with the 2 types of wheel, you get 4 choices of offset. If I remember correctly, one kind gives you very wide offset or none (the ones with a solid rim with a circle going through all the screw holes), while the other gives you 2 medium-sized offsets (the kind with the 5 round holes). So maybe you can get more width with the other kind of 2-piece wheel rim, depending on what you've got at the moment.
  5. Large supermarkets in use UK often have plastic bag recycling receptacles. Tamiya does this already.
  6. any reason why you didnt paint the black sections in the light buckets? it looks so much more real with this little detail. it seems quite a few people have left it all chrome for some reason the colour is very nice though
  7. 3 words: Walker Texas Ranger!
  8. does anyone have any information about the other cars in that photo? calsonic primera and datsun?
  9. Kure nismo is 4wd ta03 not ff01 i guess that chassis list needs updating. Edit: so is the 58209 vectra for that matter
  10. as above please for 1:10 (58207 and 58220) cheers
  11. HI, im after an unpainted Honda nsx bodyshell - preferably in the uk cheers
  12. Does anybody have the honda nsx #58207 Avex Dome mugen nsx? i need a scan or close up photo of the decals. cheers.
  13. Btw, whats the timetable for the day, i mean, when does booking in begin/close, when does racing start/finish.
  14. Hmm, to have this shell in 1/10 would require a chassis with extra low front suspension, so as not to protrude through the bonnet (hood) If only there was such a chassis, say with inboard suspension.......... im just speculating btw.
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