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  1. quote:Originally posted by FerrisAhh forgot to mention... There was another diff availible for SRB's at the time. Nodis (?) made a geared diff, I have a review in a old mag at home. id="quote">id="quote">You're spot on there Ferris. I used to use one 'back in the days'!
  2. Hi, Feel free to visit us (Telford Hot Trax) any Wednesday evening. Although looking at our site it appears to be 'gas' orientated, we are primarily a 1/10th electric indoor club who's aim is to have fun catering for all abilities. Pop down for a look, or even race. Especially as the first race night is free []
  3. Would you care to share your list with us Miramar? Might be able to add items to it.
  4. Make sure you get the right carb for your car though. There are two sorts... Slide and barrel.
  5. Daz, I thought it was Dave Baileys father Derek who repairs KO?
  6. Andy, First class everything mate, nice one. Steve
  7. Andy, can you put me down for two please. Steve.
  8. Put it through a Hungarian translator and this is what it came up with... "For you very teteszika car. Whore well plus there is make" [xx(]
  9. Marsy, What has actually gone wrong with the flywheel? Like MB190E says, the only problem newbies have is it coming lose. Always use threadlock on the nut, and don't be affriad to tighten it up good. Once tight, can you move the crank in and out a tad?
  10. Don't know about your wheels, but tell your tiler to use spacer next time... much neater job! []
  11. Hi all, Don't suppose any of you kind peeps have access to do a HPI check on a vehicle i'm thinking of purchasing? Well, just an outstanding finance check would do. Thanks in advance,
  12. Yep... I'll third that. Asked for this a while back. A must for a busy forum like this one.
  13. Hi Chris, You can run in on any fuel, but i would recommend using the fuel that you’re intending to use after. Steer clear of Model Tech stuff, especially the Quick fire. Blue Thunder isn't much better. You should be able to get O’Donnell or Byrons (both in 25%), which is a proven good quality race fuel local to you. After running in, it's advisable to change your plug and have some noisy, smelly fun!
  14. Hiya Stu, how's it goin over there? I'm not going to be much help to you in this post but like you i love polished floor electric racing on yellow mini-pins. Not sure of a set-up for your TC4, as i couldn't get my TC3 dialed! I blamed it on the naturaly tweaked chassis!! I've now managed to get a hold of a new MR4 Rally just for pure sideways fun, and like you say... I started off with soft springs, thin oil and no roll bars for max body roll. It's just great to see the chassis roll into corners and dive under braking etc. I'd just get a good looking shell instead of a performance one, then it'd look good and you'd probably still kick some butt ;-)
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